20 Stunning Examples Of Diy Shadow Boxes To Inspire You

by craftyclub

Shadow boxes are one of those items that everybody needs and wants, but never says so. They did certainly go through a trend at one point, and now that they are making a comeback, I am going to give you some ideas to create your own shadow box. One that fits your style and your decor.

Creating a shadow box is not difficult, it is a project you could complete in half a day. Take your time, measure twice, cut once and be sure to paint before you hang it up.

1. Shadow Photo Box

How to Make a Travel Shadow Box Photo Frame!
How to Make a Travel Shadow Box Photo Frame! (via Tatertots and Jello)

We all should have at least one of these in our homes or offices. They are ideal to hold pictures.

You could grab the best photos from a trip and make a shadow box. You could do one for each trip you have taken.

This one has a thin fiberboard backing, thin strips on the front to make the frames and you can make a hanger out of anything you want.

2. Simple, Yet Pretty

DIY Shadow Box Using Cardboard
DIY Shadow Box Using Cardboard (via Instructables)

Even kids can get into the action with this cute shadow box.

All you need is a flat piece of cardboard, maybe 10 x 10. Then cut strips of cardboard about ½ inch thick and attach on the outer edges, and throughout the center to make single photo frames.

3. DIY Thrift Store Shadow Box

DIY Shell Shadow Box Made With a Thrifted Find
DIY Shell Shadow Box Made With a Thrifted Find (via What Meegan Makes)

Most thrift stores will have a section where you can find frames. Many times you may find a used shadow box within.

These are the type to buy and take home to make it your own style. A fresh coat of paint and you have the perfect shadow box for your shells from all your travels.

4. DIY Holiday Shadow Box

How to Make a DIY Shadow Box
How to Make a DIY Shadow Box (via The Spruce Crafts)

This one is fun to make. Most of us have scrap wood laying around our garages. Find four equal size pieces and then a couple to make a back with. Attach one of the four on each side of the wood bottom.

These make super cute shadow boxes for holiday settings, such as sleigh rides on snow.

5. Savings Shadow Box

DIY Shadow Box Bank for Seed Money
DIY Shadow Box Bank for Seed Money (via Birds&Blooms)

Are you saving money for a vacation? I have a sweet diy shadow box here.

Find a picture that is of where your vacation will be. Tape or glue it to the inside back of a picture frame. Carefully cut a slot in the top frame strip wide enough to put money through. This will give you a reminder each time you go to put change in.

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6. Shadow Box Display DIY

DIY Lite: How to Build a Shadow Box Display
DIY Lite: How to Build a Shadow Box Display (via Bob Vila)

For collectors of tiny objects, small cars or trucks, thimbles or even shot glasses, this one’s for you.

Get some wood, whatever size you would like, a sheet of glass and some decorative trim. Get a couple pieces of wood to use as shelves on the inside. Glue the trim pieces on the glass for a door. Connect a couple of hinges and there you have it.

7. Paper Flowers In A Shadow Box

DIY Shadow Box with Paper Flowers | Shadow Box Tutorial
DIY Shadow Box with Paper Flowers (via Paper Luv)

For those who are the crafty sort, the ones who can create flowers from paper, this idea is right up your alley.

You can use an old photo frame, cover the back piece of cardboard to fit whatever you need. Whether it is a light blue sky, a green field, anything.

Create your flowers, glue them to the back and attach the frame. It is a beauty!

8. Picture Frame Box

Easy Shadow Box From A Picture Frame
Easy Shadow Box From A Picture Frame (via My Repurposed Life)

If you are lucky enough to find a thicker sort of photo frame, then you can design your own shadow box. Everything is basically there already, just put your treasure on the inside.

9. Vintage Shadow Box

This DIY shadow box is the best cottage exhibitor
This DIY shadow box is the best cottage exhibitor (via Cottage Life)

All homes have windows, these windows need to be changed out once every few years. If you can find an old window, at a yard sale or thrift store, grab that baby!

All you need to do is build a box for the backing. A few pieces of trim, a piece of fiberboard and line up where the window frames fall. When you have that, you can attach pieces of trim wood to hold items to show off.

10. Fill It With Confetti!

Diy Confetti Filled Shadow Box
Diy Confetti Filled Shadow Box (via Lemon Thistle)

Did you know if you have an old, small drawer laying around, this can be used as a shadow box?

You will need to remove the handle or drawer pull, and any other hardware, paint it up. Glue your favorite picture on the back part, design and build a little bench that will make it appear as though your picture subjects are sitting on it.

With four pieces of trim, a small pane of glass you will have a gorgeous display. When all dry, dump in some confetti to give it a celebratory feeling.

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11. Simple DIY ShadowBox Framing

How To Make A Simple DIY Shadow Box Frame For Large Artwork
How To Make A Simple DIY Shadow Box Frame For Large Artwork (via Addicted 2 Decorating)

Many of us have that one piece of artwork that needs something to make it pop! This shadowbox frame is just the thing. This would take very little work on your part. Some trim pieces and a sturdy backboard. Paint it up and attach your artwork carefully.

12. A DIY Storage Shadow Box

DIY Art Shadow Box Frame With Storage
DIY Art Shadow Box Frame With Storage (via The Diy Nuts)

This is the perfect plan if you have kids, or grandparents whose grandkids visit.

You need four pieces of wood about 3 inches wide, a backboard in the size you choose and a pane of glass with trim and hinges. When the kids are over, they can keep their crayons inside this box and you can show off the most recent picture that they colored for you.

13. DIY Butterfly Shadowbox

DIY Faux Butterfly Shadow Box Art
DIY Faux Butterfly Shadow Box Art (via I Spy Diy)

For an easy DIY decorating project, pick up a few old frames from a yard sale. Cut some thin strips of trim from cardboard and attach to the four outer edges of a frame backboard.

Then attach the butterflies inside and replace the frame cover. Then hang and let the world admire your work.

14. Shadow Box For Newborn Mementos

DIY Newborn Shadow Boxes – a Memorable DIY
DIY Newborn Shadow Boxes – a Memorable DIY (via The Crazy Craft Lady)

This involves a thicker piece of backing and a frame that is roughly an inch thick. If you cannot find one that size, you can pick up the items from the lumber store and they will help you with sizes.

All you will need is to put the mementos on the backing and then attach them together.

15. Cricut Shadow Box DIY

DIY Shadow Box Using My Cricut Maker
DIY Shadow Box Using My Cricut Maker (via Modern Flower Creation)

The good old cricut machine. You can print anything you want with it. So use that to help make a DIY shadow box.

For this one, you could use a small sturdy box, some strips of wood or preferably use more cardboard. A small plate of glass with some cardboard trim and that special saying printed out and put onto the glass.

A lifelong treasure.

16. Springtime DIY Shadow Box

Spring Decor Idea: DIY Rosette Shadowbox
Spring Decor Idea: DIY Rosette Shadowbox (via Crafts Unleashed)

A small drawer that is not being used, some paint and some pretty flowers made from paper.

Actually, you could have pictures of anything spring, make it an Easter setting. Paint it up, attach the hanger or allow it to set on a table. Spring is the best time to put smiles on faces.

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17. Making A DIY Shadow Box

How to Make a DIY Shadow Box
How to Make a DIY Shadow Box (via Making Joy And Pretty Things)

It may seem like a difficult task, but it really is not. Purchase some thin wood, trim pieces, and paint.

You could use an antique photo frame, paint it up pretty, Make a small box out of the thin wood, line up and attach some shelves out of the same wood. Put cute little keepsakes on the shelves and let everyone see your handiwork.

18. Succulent DIY ShadowBox

Shadow Box Succulent Decor
Shadow Box Succulent Decor (via Pretty Providence)

For this one, you probably want a sturdy small drawer. Take measurements and purchase some trim.

Some yard fabric is helpful also. You could also attach some small plant pots and then put the plants in. Paint or stain the wood, attach some small pots and plant the succulents inside. Attach the trim and you can have this hanging, setting on a table or laying flat.

19. Seashell ShadowBox DIY

Simple Seashell Shadowbox
Simple Seashell Shadowbox (via Lovelyetc)

This shadowbox will need a sturdy base and backing. You will need to get some trim wood also and framing strips.

Build your box the size you want, fill it with all types of seashells that you have collected and washed. Cover it with a pane of glass glued to framing strips and use hinges and a small decorative eye latch to keep it closed.

20. Shadow Box WildFlower DIY

DIY Pressed Flower Wall Art
DIY Pressed Flower Wall Art (via Design Sponge)

I love wild flowers, I am constantly collecting them. The problem is they turn brown and look terrible. No longer with a shadow box built for wildflowers that you have DIY’d.

Your purchase will include a sturdy piece of paneling or fiberboard. Four pieces of 1 inch wood strips, some thin shim wood or trim pieces that are flat and thin. Glue the box all together, or use staple guns or small brads with a hammer. Make sure that it is painted. The best bet for your flowers is to seal them with polyurethane, epoxy or something along those terms.

Once they are dried, glue them to the backing. Be sure to use some as a 3D effect, where it looks like they are standing straight up and still growing. Attach the glass pane to trim and the trim to your box.

This is a gorgeous setting for flowers you want to keep. Such as wedding flowers or baby shower flowers.

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