7 DIY Garden Ideas That You Are Guaranteed To Love

by craftyclub

The time of year is coming up where you will want to be showing off your backyard and property. That is why you will want to beautify your garden, but the only hesitation you have is that you don’t have the funds to do anything fancy. And, the good news is, that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your garden attractive.

Now you may be thinking that in order to save money on fixing your garden up, you must implement some expensive DIY techniques in order to do that. The good news once again is, no, you don’t need to do anything complicated at all. You can beautify your garden inexpensively and easily by utilizing these 7 tips that are listed below! Let’s look at those right now!

1. DIY Mini Fountain

DIY Garden Mini Fountain
DIY Garden Mini Fountain (via Diy Enthusiasts)

Did you know that you can create a DIY mini fountain in your garden that you can create out of some old junk that you have?

Sounds hard to believe. However, if you have a galvanized water can then that is what you will need which you can turn into a mini-fountain.

You will need to get an electric pump that is installed in a pond where the water can be pumped through the hose inside of the can. And, what will happen is that the water will be pumped right through the spout that has the capped end. When the water goes right through the spout because of the cap, it will come out the way the water would from a fountain.

The water coming out would turn into droplets just like how it does when it comes out of a fountain. Just make sure that you remove the pump in late autumn so it does not freeze over the winter.

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2. DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones

DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones
DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones (via Diy Enthusiasts)

This DIY garden idea is a great one and an easy one. All you need to do is find some old ceramic dishes that you have no use for anymore. Break them up in a safe way by putting the plates in a cloth-covered shallow box. Take a large hammer and shatter the plates inside of the box, and make sure that the pieces are large. The shards will not scatter because of the cloth being in its place.

Be sure to buy some ready-made concrete stepping stones that are at least 4 cm thick so they don’t break. Once you have those in place, you will want to arrange which pieces of the plates by color and texture to add to the stones. You will then have colorful and unusual-looking stepping stones that you can put around your garden to jazz it up.

3. DIY Strawberry Rocks

DIY Strawberry Rocks
DIY Strawberry Rocks (via Pinterest)

This will be a fun project to do even with the kids! What you will do is take some large rocks that are shaped similarly like strawberries.

Get some red, black, and green glaze paint and paint the rocks red, just like how strawberries appear. Then add some green paint to the top of each rock. Then, add some black specs of paint throughout the rocks. Allow them to dry overnight, and then what you will want to do after that is to place these strawberry rocks all around your garden which will easily become eye candy.

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This is an easy, fun, and cheap DIY project to do that you will love!

4. DIY Rock Bucket Planter

The Rocky Bucket
The Rocky Bucket (via Centsational Style)

This is another easy DIY garden idea that you are going to love.

All you need to do is get a metal bucket that you can use as a planter. Get some mortar and collect some river rocks. The first thing to do is to take a hammer and thick nails to poke some holes under the bucket so you can create a planter for drainage. Then, put a thick coating of mortar all around the bucket, and clean away the excess mortar. Then you can place the rocks all around and let it dry overnight.

But once it is ready, you have a beautiful rock bucket planter that you can place in your garden!

5. DIY Rock Caterpillar

Rock Garden Caterpillar
Rock Garden Caterpillar (via Nellie Bellie)

Here is another DIY garden project that you can get the kids involved with, and they will simply love it as well! Collect some rocks, get some craft paint of various colors, and E6000. Don’t forget the markers and sticks as well.

Start painting the rocks, and allow them to dry thoroughly so you can draw smiley faces with the markers on the painted rocks. Glue two or three rocks together so they appear like caterpillars, and glue two sticks on their heads because those will be the antennae.

Allow them to dry overnight and then after that, you can place those rock caterpillars all around the garden and that will add instant appeal!

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6. DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Vertical Herb Garden
Vertical Herb Garden (via Good Housekeeping)

Do you have some basil or other spices you want to grow in your own garden?

You can grow it in an appealing way because you can create your own herb garden. What you will want to do is get yourself a freebie wood pallet and screw on some hose clamps on it. Let the backboard of the wood pallet lean against a railing on your deck or fence and then you can grow some fresh herbs on it.

This vertical herb garden is not only appealing to the eye but is useful if you want to grow some spices that are easily accessible.

7. Tire Of Flowers

Tire Of Flowers
Tire Of Flowers (via Recaptured Charm)

You will need two old tires which you will attach to the shed well.

First, take a drill, and drill some holes at the bottom of the tires for proper drainage. Attach the tires at the side of the shed wall with some washers and large screws so they are secured. The next step is to fill the inner part of the tire up on the bottom with potting soil, and flowers will grow.

Here is a bonus, this DIY garden idea is eco-friendly because tires hold the heat and there the flowers will be protected on nights when it gets cold!

Final Thoughts

Now you know about these awesome 7 DIY garden ideas and not only are they easy to do, but they are cheap, and are fun to make. You can get the kids involved with all of them if you would like. Have fun beautifying your garden and your backyard!

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