15 Amazing Diy Drafting Table Ideas You Can Build Right Now

by craftyclub

Drafting tables can be a multi-use piece of furniture.

For those who work at home, are draftsmen or designers, and need to have a drafting table, included are many choices of DIY drafting tables that will not take you long to make. Creating one of these on your own will give you a sense of pride.

Your friends will also give many compliments.

1. The Hiding Drafting Table

Hideaway Drafting Table
Hideaway Drafting Table (via Instructables)

With just a few pieces of wood and a few wood planks, you can make your own hideable drafting table.

You can paint the outer part that you see when the table is folded up, to match your living area. Decorate the outside with a painting you like or one of your own. The inside of this drafting table will hold all tools and other items you need. You can use ropes or sliding latches to move the table into an upright position when you are not using it.

A design such as this will look utterly amazing with very little work.

2. Basic Adjustable Drafting Table

Adjustable Drafting Table With Basic Tools and Materials
Adjustable Drafting Table With Basic Tools and Materials (via Instructables)

This is a simple and very basic table. With some 2×2 and just one sheet of plywood, a few pieces of hardware and you can make this beautiful table in a very short time.

This table has a lifting top and with the right hardware, you make it adjustable to the angle you prefer. When it folds down, it can double as a sofa table or entry stand. This is a DIY project that will not dent the budget very hard at all. After building, you could stain the table or paint it to match your interior decor.

It is truly a double-duty piece of furniture.

3. Folding Drafting Table with Adjustable Angles

DIY Drafting Table, Foldable Table, With Adjustable Angles
DIY Drafting Table, Foldable Table, With Adjustable Angles (via Modern Homemaker)

There is not much to this table that you can not find at your local home improvement store.

For this handy DIY Drafting Table you need half of a sheet of plywood, two 8 foot 2x2s and some 1x1s, along with the hardware and the correct hinge hardware for adjusting. This drafting table will fold up and can be stored away until it is needed.

Other options are to stain it and use it for a plant stand on your all-season porch. Out there, you have natural sunlight when you are using the table for drafting purposes.

4. Basic Drafting Table

$50 Drafting Table
$50 Drafting Table (via Instructables)

This awesome Drafting table is an easy DIY project that you will not spend hardly any money on. The total cost comes in at less than $50.00.

You could get by even cheaper if you find a used folding table that you can take parts from. All you need to do is take the end legs that fold off a previously used table unless you prefer to purchase new ones. You can order a 2×3 piece of plywood to place on top of the 4×2 sheet that is going to be the main top.

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The smaller section can be made so that it can be raised and lowered when you want. Simple varnishing and you have a gorgeous spare table or a super frugal drafting table that you made yourself.

5. Pipe Fitter DIY Drafting Table

DIY Drafting Table Built with Kee Klamp
DIY Drafting Table Built with Kee Klamp (via Simplified Building)

You will not find a DIY Drafting Table any sturdier than this beauty. Run to the Plumbing department and pick yourself up about a dozen Kee clamps and also the piping strips.

Be sure to have a metal cutting blade and eye protection. Depending on how big you want your drafting table, one sheet of plywood would do the trick. When cutting the steel pipes, be sure to measure twice and cut once!

Making the rear Table legs higher than those in front, so you have an angled table.

6. Standing Drafting Table Desk

How to Build a Standing Desk / Drafting Table
How to Build a Standing Desk / Drafting Table (via Tommy Tompkins)

Today many people are getting out of the chairs and standing at the desks to do their work.

If you are one of these healthy choice people, this drafting table desk is for you. This desk does not take up a lot of space. It is compact and sturdy. When you visit the hardware and lumber stores, pick up some nice 1×2 planking, a 2×4 and all the hardware needed to put this sharp standing desk together.

Be sure when you put the joints on to attach some swivel hardware for the tabletop. With this you can make the angle as high or low as you want.

7. Recycled Desktop Drafting Table

How to Make a DIY Adjustable Drafting Table from Any Desktop
How to Make a DIY Adjustable Drafting Table from Any Desktop (via Curbly)

Rather than taking the old desk to the dump, reuse the parts from it to make your new diy desktop drafting table.

This may take a little work to remove the desktop from the old desk, along with the corner legs if possible. Run to the home improvement store to pick up what you could not take off to repurpose. Buy any screws, nails and other hardware, as well as two 2×2 strips for the legs.

While you help to design new spaces, you can be proud you are repurposing old items with your DIY Repurposed Desktop Drafting Table. Give it just the right facelift to live another decade and help save the planet.

8. Simple Styled DIY Drafting Table

How to make your own drafting table (simply)
How to make your own drafting table (simply) (via Life Design Edit)

There are many ways that you could use repurposed items for a simple and basic DIY drafting table. An old Fish Aquarium stand would work favorably for this style.

You will still need to get the sliding hardware and a few small pieces of wood. But, in all reality, this would take a short weekend for you to accomplish. Actually, any older table that can be recycled should be used. It will save you loads of money and get you a self-made and unique drafting table that you can be proud of.

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All drafters like the idea of the angled desktop and this would be the perfect size for you.

9. DIY Art Desk or Adjustable Drafting Desk

DIY Art Desk with adjustable height and angle
Diy Art Desk With Adjustable Height And Angle (via Eyeball Plant)

It is not likely that you have salmon ladders hanging around already. These are not hard to locate though.

While you are there picking those up, grab some 2×4, 2×2 and some 1×2. This can be done when you decide how large of a desk you would like to have. You will also need some dowel rods in the length and diameter of your needs. Measure twice to save an unnecessary trip to the store twice.

Once you assemble the products in the plans, you will be able to raise and lower your desktop to any height you need. Unlike shown, you would not need an 8 foot salmon ladder. You could do this with a four-foot ladder.

10. DIY Backlit Drafting Table

How I Made a Backlit Drafting Table. Building My Mom's Drafting Desk
How I Made a Backlit Drafting Table (via Neally)

This is the drafting table everyone needs. It is an awesome DIY backlit drafting table.

This is not going to take very long for you to make. A few simple items that you need and following the directions and Voila, you have a backlit table. You will need some 1×2 and 2×4, some sturdy plexiglass and a small electric light. Shop for some sliding hinge hardware so that you can work at the desk while you work.

You can make the edges as fancy or plain as you want them to be. If you are capable of creating a DIY Drafting table, you can make it lit up and with some decorative edging.

11. Ikea Look-ALike DIY Drafting Table

The IKEAhacked Adjustable Angle Drawing Table
The IKEAhacked Adjustable Angle Drawing Table (via Instructables)

Yes, it may be easier to visit a store and buy a drafting table, however, it will cost so much more.

Besides, the satisfaction you get each time you look at or use this DIY drafting table is worth the small amount of work you will need to put into it. Not only is this table adjustable, but you can also make it as a backlit Drafting table. Visit the big name and take a long look at the desk they have set up. You will notice how it is not all that sturdy.

By building this DIY Adjustable drafting Table, you can ensure that this table is extremely sturdy, so you will not have to return to a store and complain. A good sheet of plywood, some planking and then of course the 2×2 for the legs, plus the hardware.

Once you measure twice and then cut, you will have a designer-styled drafting table that is your DIY.

12. Drafting School Table DIY

Old School Drafting Table
Old School Drafting Table (via Tom Ford)

Many will remember the drafting tables from college or Vocational Trade Schools. These were made to last.

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There were many students who needed to use these, they had to be strong. This DIY drafting table may be old-school styled, but it will hold up for what you need. This DIY project includes making two super sturdy side legs, an adjustable angled tabletop and strips of wood to hold your drafting pencils and other tools.

You could choose a single sheet of plywood or use strips of different colors to give it a classy look. A layer of polyurethane to seal it and you are good to go.

13. Traditional Style Drafting Table

How to Build a Drafting Table
How to Build a Drafting Table (via Got It Made)

Your DIY Drafting Table does not need to be classy or fancy. The table is not what makes the drafting design.

That is you. This is a classic style that allows you to be comfortable as you use your DIY drafting table. This Traditional Style DIY Drafting Table does not have frills, it is made with simple wood pieces, an adjustable set of hinge slides and your ingenuity.

Once done, you can stain or varnish it, maybe just a clear coat to seal the table and keep it nice. Attach an edge guard to keep pencils and pens in place, make a simple bench-type stool to match your table.

14. Straight Edge and Parallel Drafting DIY Table

Build a Parallel Straightedge Drafting Table
Build a Parallel Straightedge Drafting Table (via Instructables)

Here is a gorgeous Straight Edge Parallel Styled DIY Drafting Table. The table has a vintage appearance to it, but it is all drafting.

There are the required four straight edges on the table top, it has an angled drawing table and it has a storage area inside to hold all your equipment needs. The table requires a small amount of plywood, some 2×2 strips and hardware.

This table will make a great weekend DIY project. The table can be finished off with a dark stain, or you can leave it with just a simple coat of clear varnish. Any way you finish it, this will be a joy to have in your home.

15. Simple and Straightforward DIY Drafting Table

DIY Drafting Table
DIY Drafting Table (via Whisk0r)

This is a no-frills needed drafting DIY table. This involves no fancy scroll cutting, no extra fine wood.

You can make this table using plywood and simple boards. The back legs can be made so that the desktop is adjustable. There are edge guards along all four sides, simple and to the point is what this is. In actuality, the back of this table can sit on a wrought iron stair rail, or you can make the legs and full-frame for the desktop.

The corners are made sturdy by using corner cut wood pieces, no table can be sturdier than that.

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