19 Fun DIY Ideas For Kids and Family Tree Projects

by craftyclub

If we have learned anything over the last year and a half, it is that kids need to be occupied or they manage to find some sort of trouble.

This DIY Family Tree Project is a great way to do just that. The kids may also learn more and become greatly interested in family history.

1. Potted Family Tree

Family Tree Project
Family Tree Project (from Project Kid)

A super easy project that will occupy the busy hands of children. All you need are some craft sticks, pictures of the family on both sides, pop or water bottle caps, glue and some ribbon. A fine tip marker will be needed to write on the ribbon.

Once you “plant” the long craft stick into a pot, the tree can then begin to grow. One family member’s picture to a cap and then attached to a branch. Soon your tree will be blooming with your family.

2. Family Tree Craft Paper Tree

Family Tree
Family Tree (from Focus On The Family)

This is a great DIY project to do with the kids. You will need some colorful craft paper for the leaves, some brown yarn or wire to wrap around a craft stick, a small pot with some florist moss. Make a pattern of a leaf for the kids to trace and cut out of craft paper. Then they can paste a picture of a family member on the leaf and then place it on a corresponding branch.

Accordingly, you will want the youngest members of the family as the newest leaves, and the elder generation up top on the tree. The leaves come off the branch according to the family place.

3. DIY Nature Lesson Family Tree

Home School: Our Family Tree Project
Home School: Our Family Tree Project (from Life with Baby Kicks)

This is a great project for children to learn the different types of leaves.

Allow them to cut out leaf patterns and then color the leaf. They will then write the family member’s name on one leaf and glue the leaf to the tree. Simply print out a sheet of leaf patterns, let them draw and color the tree trunk and branches.

4. DIY Designer Family Tree

Family Tree
Family Tree (from Tracyfish)

This may be a project for the older kids or mom and dad can do the more difficult work. Brown contact paper will work great for the tree and branches.

Little leaves can be cut from green paper and then rectangles with a picture of a family member glued on, then decorate the outer edge of the frame with yarn or ribbon. Write the name of each person under their picture.

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5. Large Wall Art Family Tree

Crafting with Kids: Family Tree Wall Art
Crafting with Kids: Family Tree Wall Art (from Fiskars)

This cute DIY art project entails some drawing and some nice craft paper.

Use a variety of crafting paper to build a scene with a tree in the center. The leaves can be made out of craft paper also. Cut out some circles, enough for all the family members that will be put on the tree. Draw a picture of each person on a circle. The circles can then be placed on the branches.

6. DIY 3D Family Tree

Family Tree For Kids School Project (from Ruhi & Eva’s channel)

A delightful project to teach the kids about family. This DIY project will be a 3D tree with hand prints, cut out of paper, a tall candy box and cute pictures on the tree.

Trace the children’s hands and have them cut them out. The handprints will become the branches on the tree. The leaves will be shapes cut out, such as an apple or other fruit. Glue pictures of family members on the fruit and ‘hang’ on the tree.

When it is all done, the branches will wave with the breeze and the project will be a 3D DIY Family Tree.

7. Family DIY Tree Project

The Family Tree – Tips & Reasons To Make Your Own!
The Family Tree – Tips & Reasons To Make Your Own! (from Super Simple)

This project is good for the older set of kids. They will first make a cut out picture of a tree using brown and green construction paper. They will make little leaves of different colors to be placed on the tree.

Using small squares of tagboard, they will draw or design human shapes, then names of who it is can be written on the tags. The shapes could be shadow shapes or actual pencil drawings of people. You could also use actual photos.

Glue the Family onto the tree, with Grandparents on the top and the kids towards the lower branches.

8. Hanging DIY Family Tree

Fun for Kids Family Tree
Fun for Kids Family Tree (from Plaid)

Here is a cute smaller version of a hanging DIY Family tree. This will be made on a regular sheet of construction paper or a pressed cardboard tray, if you have one.

The tree is drawn by hand, using crayons, markers or pencils. Small pictures are attached to a bottle cap and then glued onto the branches. On the back, you will attach a piece of yarn so the DIY Family Tree can be proudly hung up and displayed.

9. Felt and Fun DIY Family Tree

Felt Family Tree – Interactive Activity for Kids
Felt Family Tree – Interactive Activity for Kids (from Family Locket)

This is a little more intense of a project and will need the guidance of an adult.

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Using felt, the pieces for the tree, leaves, sun, and anything else you decide, such as bees, will be cut out and glued onto the cardboard covered with felt. Next will be cutting circles or other shapes out of felt that will hold the family pictures. Finally, those are placed in various spots throughout the tree. With the older generation beginning at the top of the tree.

10. Simple DIY Aluminum Family Tree

How To Make A Family Tree For Kids  Aluminum Foil Craft Ideas
How To Make A Family Tree For Kids (from Pravitha Sicily Varghese)

This one turns out rather pretty. Using aluminum foil, twist pieces to form a tree trunk and the branches.

Then cut out small leaf shaped construction paper and place it along the branches in the tree. Label the leaves with the names of family members.

11. Chunky 3D Standing Family Tree

Family Photo Tree Craft
Family Photo Tree Craft (from Simply Stacie)

Using cardboard, help your child cut out the shape of a tree trunk with bare branches.

Trace and cut out leaves from colored paper and glue a picture of one family member on the leaf. You can use additional leaves with meaningful words such as “family”, “love”, “memories” or any others.

The tree can have another smaller piece of cardboard that intersects with the base of the tree. This will allow the tree to stand on a table.

12. Shadow Box DIY Family Tree

Diy Family Tree Shadow Box
Diy Family Tree Shadow Box (from The Sits Girls)

This is great if you find an old shadow box that is no longer used. It can be turned into a lovely DIY family tree.

On the back you will need to design with paper or drawing, a tree trunk with the branches. Then using paper edge scissors, you will cut out leaves for your tree. On the leaves can be written the names of family members. Then put the shadow box together and enjoy how nice this project looks.

13. DIY Family Tree Template

Memory Keeping: Free Family Tree Template
Memory Keeping: Free Family Tree Template (from Modern Parents Messy Kids)

What a great idea to have available. Design and cut the tree out of crafting paper, and make leaves of all shapes with colored paper.

On those leaves, place pictures of family members such as the grandparents, if you have full family pictures as the offshoot branches this will be ideal. Grandparents at the top, each of their kids in a pic with their immediate families, and so on.

14. 3D Colored Family DIY Tree

Family Tree 3d Pen
Family Tree 3d Pen (from KiD Rose)

This DIY project follows the basics of a family tree.

Using colored paper create a tree trunk with branches. Then create leaves, some big enough to hold pictures, Glue member’s pictures onto the leaves and using a 3D pen, outline that leaf to make it stand out.

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15. Realistic DIY Family Tree

3D DIY Family Tree
3D DIY Family Tree (from eHow)

Send the kids out looking for small branches that could be used as a tree. Many times, the ends of a branch are perfect.

Plant each of their “trees” into a small pot and line it with rocks or florist moss. Help the child to cut round or leaf shaped pieces that they will use to glue a picture on of each of the people in their home.

16. Painted Family DIY Tree For Kids

A Family Tree for the Kiddos!
A Family Tree for the Kiddos! (from Fun With Genealogy)

The kids can have a blast using paints outside on a sunny day to paint their own family trees.

They can glue small twigs onto the top of the tree, add some paper leaves and write the names of “Mommy”, “Daddy” their siblings and the grandparents onto these leaves.

17. Printed Page DIY Family Tree

The Pages Of Our Lives
The Pages Of Our Lives (from Thistlewood Farms)

Your older children may understand and be able to do this one without your assistance.

Using an old book that is no longer read, cut out a page or two. This can then be cut into smaller pieces and placed onto a covered piece of tagboard. These pieces should come together to form a tree.

Family members can be placed in the tree using a black marker, shadow shapes of people or by cutting leaves out of colored paper.

18. DIY Sewn Applique Family Tree

Family Tree Raw Edge Applique
Family Tree Raw Edge Applique (from Red Pepper Quilts)

Adult assistance is required, unless your youngster is great at sewing.

Scraps of material can be used for this applique. Carefully cutting out the tree design as well as leaves. These pieces should be laid out so that a pattern is made and then those pieces can be sewn around the tree branches. Names can be written on leaves with fabric markers.

19. 3D Family Tree DIY Shadow Box

My Family Tree Shadow Box
My Family Tree Shadow Box (from Crafty Sisters)

This idea does entail more complicated crafting. You will need a shadow box, small pictures of family members, and a tree made out of cardboard and painted.

Then you will place a couple pictures around the top, place the tree in place, then add more pictures of family over the cardboard. To finish a 3D appearance, place a couple family pictures on the inside of the glass.

This will bring together the 3D DIY Family Tree Shadow Box.

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