10 Genius DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas

by craftyclub

No matter what size your yard is, you will want to add more style to it and benefit from its space as much as possible.

A raised garden bed is a clever idea to not only use your yard optimally but also recycle your old furniture for increased utility.

What makes raised garden beds an amazing addition to your yard is the fact that you can design in it any shape you want. From small boxes to large circles, the choice is completely up to you.

Our diverse suggestions below will give you a hint on how to get started on creating your garden with some very simple designs we picked especially for beginners.

1. Small 4×4 Raised Bed

Small 4x4 Raised Bed
Easy DIY 4×4 Raised Garden Bed (via Welcome Back)

If you are looking to add flowers for a touch of beauty to your garden, or you simply don’t have enough space for your plants, this size of raised beds would be ideal for you.

What is great about this type is that they don’t need a lot of material to get started. By using minimal tools like a table saw, a drill driver and a miter saw, you will be able to design a wonderful garden bed.

However, it might get slightly harder if this is the first time you are using these tools.

2. Built-In Raised Bed 

Built-In Raised Bed 
Back Garden Seating Area (via Miles Garden Design)

This one is for owners who have larger yards. A built-in bed means you will be able to grow your plants in a separate soil.

This gives you the advantage of controlling your soil composition according to the needs of each type of plants, which will generate a healthier harvest.

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Besides, the frame you will need for this built-in garden bed can be made of any material you choose, be it wood, stone, or whatever type that you can afford.

3. Raised Bed Arbor 

Raised Bed Arbor 
Raised Bed Arbor (via Blueberry Hill Crafting

For any type of plants that usually sprawl on the ground, a raised bed arbor would be a great solution to make your plants clean and safe from getting damaged on the floor.

A raised bed arbor also works as a smart solution to avoid letting the plants invade and fully cover the little yard space you have, thanks to vertical planting.

4. The Loop Garden

 Raised Bed Gardening Ideas: The Herb Spiral
Raised Bed Gardening Ideas: The Herb Spiral (via Millcreek Gardens)

This spiral garden is one of the most stylish raised bed gardens there are!

Whether you choose to place it in the center of the yard, or any other free space, you can rest assured that it will catch the attention of anyone around. It can be easily built either by using stones, bricks or forming layers of soil.

The additional advantage about it is the fact that it doesn’t take up much space either since it is layered.

5. Layered Garden Bed

Layered Garden Bed
Layered Garden Bed (via unknown)

A layered garden bed is more than just an innovative design idea, it is highly efficient as well.

For those of you with tiny gardens and limited space, this raised bed with multi-levels will work like magic for you. It occupies much less space, protects your plants from stray animals since it is set high, and gives you the opportunity to plant many vegetables all at once, even those that require different sun conditions.

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Could it get any better?

6. Square Foot Raised Garden Bed

How To Build A Square Foot Garden
How To Build A Square Foot Garden (via Remove And Replace)

Using the square foot gardening method that is gaining more and more popularity nowadays, this raised bed is the perfect fit to create a separated small garden for different types of plants.

It is easy to build, either by using bricks or stones for the squares, and also simple to design. Just make sure you make the right calculations to maintain squares of the same size.

7. Garden Beds With Fences

 DIY Raised Bed (Removable) Pest Gate
DIY Raised Bed (Removable) Pest Gate (via Vegetable Gardener)

Got uninvited visitors in your garden that often ruin your plants?

A raised bed with a fence will make you forget about these worries. The height of the raised bed will provide the protection your plants need from any stray animals, or even kids playing around.

Moreover, the fence will prevent these predators from damaging your garden, so you can take care of your plants at ease!

8. Tiered Herb Garden

Diy Tiered Herb Garden Tutorial
Diy Tiered Herb Garden Tutorial (via Decor And The Dog)

Another amazing raised bed to consider if you are looking for a decorative and functional garden.

The Tiered herb garden will be your go to if you are interested in renewing the look of your yard or porch without taking up much space. It is most convenient for flowers and small herbs that would require your gentle care.

9. A Garden in A Tire

Used Tired Raised Garden & Tree Ring
Used Tired Raised Garden & Tree Ring (via Instructables)

Want to have a raised bed garden and got a tire you no longer use?

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Make the most out of it and keep your budget intact with this genius recycling hack. The cooler part is that it can be done in a single step: Place your tire where you would like the raised garden to be, simply fill it with soil and start placing your seeds inside!

You can even paint the tires before use to give a more colorful look to your yard!

10. Herb Garden With Legs

How to Build a Raised Herb-Garden Planter
How to Build a Raised Herb-Garden Planter (via This Old House)

A leggy herb-raised garden is an authentic planter that will give your yard a more personalized look.

Instead of throwing your old table away, put it into use by transforming it to a raised garden for herbs, small plants, and flowers. You can even paint it for a fresher look, all while keeping the plants elevated from any potential harm.

Final Thoughts

The shapes and sizes of your raised garden bed are countless. From raised beds with legs, without legs, to layered or simple, it all depends on your preferences, the type of plants you are planning to have, and the space available in your yard, porch or patio. Although the process may seem complicated to you if you are a beginner, the experience and final result is surely worth it.

You will enjoy building it on your own or with the help of a loved one. And the confidence you will feel when you tell someone who asks you about it that you built it on your own is going to be incomparable. So, take the shot and start designing your raised garden bed today!

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