17 Adorable and Beautiful Crochet Sloth Patterns

by craftyclub

Sloths have become one of the top crochet patterns for the year. These adorable critters do not take much time to make, it definitely goes faster than a sloth itself.

The DIY patterns are easily ordered and once completed, will make adorable gifts or stocking stuffers, just in time for the Holidays!

1. Amigurumi Sloth DIY

Free Crochet Sloth Pattern - Amigurumi Tutorial
Free Crochet Sloth Pattern (from Grace and Yarn)

This cute little guy can be made using two shades of brown, a little white yarn and some black buttons for eyes. Stitch on a mouth and nose in black thread and you have an adorable little friend to give to someone you love.

You can stuff this sloth with some cotton filler and set him up about anywhere so he can watch the world go by.

2. Sammy Sloth Crochet Pattern

Sammy the Sloth - Crochet sloth pattern
Sammy the Sloth – Crochet sloth pattern (from Theresas Crochet Shop)

Sammy is your little one’s new friend that can teach him all about hanging from trees.

This pattern will need three shades of brown or tan yarn, some black threading for the mouth and buttons or plastic knobs for the eyes and nose. To allow Sammy to hang from the “tree”, stitch some velcro onto each of his four paws and they will wrap around and hold tight to the branch.

3. Spike Sloth DIY Pattern

Spike the Crochet Sloth: Free Pattern
Spike the Crochet Sloth: Free Pattern (from Winding Road Crochet)

This guy looks so realistic it is funny. You will even get to crochet the claws on his paws that he uses to grip onto those things that try to get away from him.

This Spike has blue eyes and comes in three shades of brown or tan. Absolutely fascinating with the claws! The pattern is simple enough for beginners to follow.

4. Comforting Sloth Pattern

Sloth Comforter, crochet sloth
Sloth Comforter (from Olives Toy Box)

This is the perfect sloth for a little one to hold when they do not feel well or are a little sad.

The pattern is super easy to follow, the comforting sloth comes out fluffy and flexible, so he can be squeezed and held super tight. The comforting sloth can be squeezed and cuddled all day long.

5. Sweet and Simple Sloth DIY Pattern

Sloth Crochet Pattern
Sloth Crochet Pattern (from Loopy Pattern)

Super sweet little sloth that will rest on your arm and let you carry him around. He is a dark-colored sloth with a bright white face and rosy pink cheeks.

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There will be fighting over this guy so you may want to make a few. This sweet looking sloth has claws on his paws, and a few tufts of hair right at the top of his head. Little ones are going to love holding him. Color choices can be mix and match or go wild and do some tie dye colors.

6. The Little Sloth DIY Patterns

Little Sloth Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Little Sloth Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (from LovelyCraft)

This sloth wants to prove that there is no right or wrong way to be. She sits on her backside, smiling at whoever glances her way.

A super easy pattern to follow and create a dreamy sloth! Fill him and her with a little stuffing or a lot. They are so cute!!! Choose the recipient’s favorite colors to make their new partner in crime, they will be thrilled.

7. My Friendly Sloth DIY Project

The Friendly Sloth
The Friendly Sloth (from The Friendly Red Fox)

Sitting so pretty, just begging to be picked up is what your little ones will see once you DIY this sloth. Follow the pattern using colors of choice, attach some eyes and make her smile.

Not a single child will walk past without picking this friendly girl up for a quick hug. So soft, so friendly, so cuddly!

8. Dell the Baby Sloth Pattern

Dell the Baby Sloth
Dell the Baby Sloth (from Hooked by Kati)

Wow! Who won’t want to find this in their stocking on Christmas morning? A very simple pattern will allow you to create this fluffy and happy baby sloth for anyone, including yourself.

The huge tufts of fur just beg to be held, the tiny claws promise no scratching will happen. Dell just wants a hug! The pattern is quick, it is easy and you will want to make more and more once you see how easy it is.

9. Miniature DIY Sloth Friends

Sloth amigurumi Pattern
Sloth amigurumi Pattern (from Underground Crafter)

Once you order the pattern for the miniature Amigurumi patterns, you can make these adorable little sloths. They are just too cute to ignore.

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Taking less than a half hour to make each, you could be ready for any gift giving time to come for the future. You could make some to donate as gifts, for school parties or Church parties. These can be made in any color or all colors.

10. Pals Bruno and Betsy DIY Crochet

Red Heart Betsy & Bruno Crochet Sloth
Red Heart Betsy & Bruno Crochet Sloth (from Yarnspirations)

Like two best friends hanging out in the desert together, you can create a set of friends playing on a cactus in the home.

They come with a pattern that is simple, you will use only three shades of brown and one green. They will sit on their plump bottoms or stick them up on the cactus and let them have fun.

11. Easy Crochet DIY Sloth

Easy Crochet Sloth (Amigurumi Style)
Easy Crochet Sloth (from Instructables)

Done in a matter of minutes by those in the know, this cute sloth is a little bigger than most patterns. The pattern is not hard to understand, has very few stitches involved and can be completed quickly.

She is a happy gal showing off her smile, holding onto the leaves in one hand, after making her way down from the tree. She needs a place to sit in your home.

12. Slocombe The Sloth DIY Project

Slocombe the Sloth - Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Slocombe the Sloth – Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (from Moji Moji Design)

Slocombe wants you to know he means business! His fur is sticking up for anyone to pet and cuddle him. He has his claws so he can hang on tight.

Due to his appearance, he looks like it may be more difficult, but he is far from a difficult design. You will purchase the yarns of this type so he will look as fuzzy as you want him to look. Follow the pattern and be ready for Slocombe to come out and play.

13. Sloth DIY Amigurumi Carry Me Sloth

Sloth Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Sloth Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (from Craft Passion)

A larger pattern, more lovable and so easy to create as a friend or toy for boys or girls.

This pattern will use a combination of tufted yarn and regular yarn. The choice of colors is yours, as is making the stripes. He is large enough to carry around without accidentally dropping and losing him.

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14. Chilly Crochet Sloth

A Cute And Chill Crochet Sloth Pattern
A Cute And Chill Crochet Sloth Pattern (from Tiny Curl)

She or he comes complete with a scarf pattern in the order. This can be made in the colors of choice, but looks positively perfect in the very light colors with a matching hat and scarf.

This chilly sloth is ready for the cold weather wherever you live. Now he needs a place to call home so he can be warm. Chilly is also designed where when you stitch on some velcro, he can hang from a tree or your fingers. You can give Chilly sloth a hat and matching scarf in virtually any color you like.

15. Baby Sloth, Oh Baby!

Baby Sloth
Baby Sloth (from The Knit Show)

These are super sweet little ones. The patterns come with very detailed and easy-to-follow directions.

The pattern also has a couple different variations for creating the face on your baby sloth. The same pattern can be used to make a larger version simply by purchasing bulky yarn.

16. DIY Crochet Sloth Plant Hanger

Crochet Sloth Plant Hanger
Crochet Sloth Plant Hanger (from Silent Owl Creations)

Definitely a little more complicated than creating the miniatures for children. But, for those who love sloths, and have the crochet technique, this makes an absolutely ideal plant hanger for any type of plant.

Imagine your own hand created sloth holding a plant that happens to be the favorite food of a sloth! How perfect would that be as a gift? As you will see when you get started creating this gorgeous DIY hanger, the Sloths belly is wide open to hold any size of flower pot or smaller tree in a pot.

17. Malcolm The Sloth Pattern

Malcolm the Sloth
Malcolm the Sloth (from Hookabee)

Here is Malcolm, he personifies what sloths are actually like. He looks like he is trying to move, but you can’t tell. In actuality, he sits on the back of a sofa, the back of a chair, basically anywhere you put him.

There is no worry that he will run off, he will just lay around waiting for someone to move him so he doesn’t exert the energy. The pattern for Malcom is written in simple steps and clearly defined.

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