21 Stylish Crochet Backpack Patterns

by craftyclub

One of the greatest joys of crochet is making functional projects. This selection of crochet backpack patterns gives you the full range of options.

From big projects to small and simple to elaborate, the hardest part will be choosing which one to create. Then, once you create it, you might struggle to decide if you want to keep it or gift it away!

Choose one, choose several, but don’t forget to always add your own touch of personality.

1. Tassel Drawstring Backpack

How To Crochet A Drawstring Backpack
How To Crochet A Drawstring Backpack (from Mama In A Stitch)


This classic silhouette is not just an enjoyable pattern to make, but turns into a bag, a timeless piece that you’ll enjoy wearing again and again. Simple enough for newbies to make, this is a quick project that is a great stylish gift.

2. Over-the-Shoulder Drawstring Backpack

Crochet backpack pattern, drawstring backpack pattern
Crochet backpack pattern (from Wool Fans Patterns)


This drawstring backpack pattern comes in three sizes, giving you flexibility to design it just how you like. There’s also the flexibility to wear it as you like – it’s a 2-in-1 piece that can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag. 

3. The Wildrose Backpack

The Wildrose Backpack
The Wildrose Backpack (from All About Ami)


For a little extra detailing, try this wildrose backpack pattern. It’s a relatively easy project to make, but you might still need a little experience with some stitches.

For the experienced or the adventurous, this project will give you the instruction to make puff stitch, extended single and double crochet, and crab stitch.

4. Cruise Crochet Backpack

Crochet backpack pattern Cruise backpack
Crochet backpack pattern (from I Love Create)


This fold-over backpack style is one of the most common and popular looks for a small crochet satchel.

The pattern gives you careful details on crocheting the bottom of the backpack, the body, and then the handles and harness – and a helpful video tutorial can help walk you through the steps. It calls for a glasp in the front, but the crafty among us can get creative with this process. 

5. Modern and Stylish Multicolored Backpack

Modern and Stylish Backpack
Modern and Stylish Backpack (from Passionatecrafter)


This modern and stylish backpack gives you the classic backpack look with a fun and diverse color pattern.

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Of course, this pattern gives you the option to make it in any color scheme you like, but you’ll want to follow along closely to really nail the bottom portion.

6. Crochet Bumble Bee Backpack

Crochet Bumble Bee Backpack Free Pattern
Crochet Bumble Bee Backpack Free Pattern (from Crochet For You)

Some of us like a straight-forward backpack, some of us like to add a little buzz. This adorable crochet backpack pattern will have you feeling like a queen bee.

It’s a classic shape that’s made in stripes with the addition of wings and a friendly face. The best part of this project is that it’s really a two-in-one. Keep it simple by leaving off the wings, or go in another color to create a whole new creature.

7. Bohemian Crochet Backpack

How to crochet backpack
How to crochet backpack (from Handmade by Raine)


This is a fairly sizable crochet backpack with a bohemian style. It’s 11 inches wide and 11 inches long, so it can fit a surprising amount of items. Whether you take it to class or take it on a picnic, the drawstring and flap combo ensure your belongings are safe inside.

8. Crochet Backpack with Star Drawstrings

Backpack Crochet Pattern Free
Backpack Crochet Pattern Free (from Knitsi)


Sometimes, the bigger the better. If you’re looking for a crochet backpack that not only holds a lot inside, but expresses a lot of personality, too.

The final project stands over 16 inches tall and is complete with stuffed stars on the drawstrings.

9. Bunny Backpack

Bunny Backpack
Bunny Backpack (from Maggie Harrison)


Cute doesn’t even begin to cover it! Your little ones will love this bunny backpack so much they’ll actually be excited to fill it with books and nick-nacks.

At its core, it’s a very simple backpack pattern, and the addition of easy-to-do ears and a bunny tail transform it into something truly special.

10. Wanderlust Chevron Backpack

Wanderlust Chevron Backpack
Wanderlust Chevron Backpack (from A Crocheted Simplicity)


The travelers, the boho-chic, or the nature-lovers will love this crochet chevron backpack pattern.

The body is very simple to do, as it’s more or less just a square with added drawstrings. The simple design really pops when you work in the spike stitches that help create the chevron. You can learn how to do it by watching the included tutorial.

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11. Easy Mini Crochet Backpack Pattern

Mini Crochet Backpack – Easy Free Crochet Pattern
Mini Crochet Backpack (from Nickis Homemade Crafts)


Sometimes it’s best to get back to basics. This easy crochet backpack may be tiny, but it’s still very sturdy with the help of thermal and waistcoat stitches.

Don’t let them deter you. Beginners will still be able to create this backpack.

12. Honeycomb Crocheted Backpack

Honeycomb Crocheted Backpack
Honeycomb Crocheted Backpack (from Wecrochet)


The textured stitch of this bag helps create a truly natural-inspired bag. It’s accented with pom-poms and completed with leather handles–but that leaves you plenty of room to add whatever sort of accented handle you’d like. 

13. Sand Bucket Crochet Backpack

Sand Bucket Backpack Crochet Pattern
Sand Bucket Backpack Crochet Pattern (from Kind Of Knit)


For the beach lover, this bucket bag is a great crochet project. It has all the colors of a sea and sand setting, and leaves plenty of room for your beach necessities.

Even if it’s your first project, it’s an easy to do pattern that leaves plenty of room for your own creativity. 

14. Easy-to-do Crochet Backpack

A Crochet Backpack Pattern Anyone can Make
A Crochet Backpack Pattern Anyone can Make (from KnitcroAddict)

For another crochet backpack pattern that’s simple to follow, try this. It’s specifically designed so that any skill level can complete this project.

It’s finished off with leather straps, but you can easily create crochet straps to make a full crochet project.

15. Little Green Adventurer Backpack

Little Green Adventurer Backpack
Little Green Adventurer Backpack (from The Philosopher’s Wife)


For the little adventurer in your life, you’ll love this crochet pattern. It’s the perfect size for the tots in your life and will make them feel ready to take on their day or go out to play.

16. Mochila Bag

Mochila Bag
Mochila Bag (from Croyden Crochet)


This crochet pattern walks you through the steps of a tapestry pattern in a crochet backpack design.

The back-loop only crochet helps to give it some extra texture while the interchanging colors create a lovely pattern. It might take a little bit of experience to get just right, so we recommend an intermediate skill level.

17. Crochet Carry-All Backpack

Crochet Bag Pattern
Crochet Bag Pattern (from Frisian Knitting)

If you’re looking for a larger-sized backpack that can carry everything you need, try this pattern. Not only does it carry all that you need, but the design also interchanges stripes of color, giving it plenty of personality.

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18. The Inselberg Backpack

The Inselberg Backpack Pattern
The Inselberg Backpack Pattern (from February Sky Designs)


This pattern is also very easy to do, but has a couple of added twists. You’ll use (or learn) to make invisible slip stitch, thermal stitch and crochet i-cord. Once you have those down, this bag is a breeze to make. 

19. The Mudcloth Bag

The Mudcloth Bag
The Mudcloth Bag (from Yarn and Chai)


This sort of style is wonderfully reminiscent of trips to cultural places who love textile work. Fool your friends into thinking you just got home from a trip to South America with this mud cloth bag.

It cinches together at the top and uses thin easy-to-make straps. Overall, it’s a simple design, it’s just the detailing (which comes later) that will require some extra time and effort.)

20. Kiersten Mini Crochet Backpack

Kiersten Mini Backpack
Kiersten Mini Backpack (from Cosmaudi)


Backpack or bucket bag, this crochet pattern is easy to do and can transform into whichever style you need it to be.

It’s recommended for an advanced beginner, likely to be able to get the holes right for the drawstrings. Otherwise this pattern is very accessible to new crocheters.

21. Crochet Drawstring Bag with Pom Poms

Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern with Pom Poms
Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern with Pom Poms (from KnitcroAddict)


This absolutely adorable free crochet pattern comes together quickly and easily. It’s amazing to use as a clutch or a gift bag, and is topped off with pom poms for a touch of extra personality. With simple stitches, any level crocheter can learn to make this beautiful bag.

Final Thoughts

All of these crochet bag patterns give you a chance to learn something new and offer something to be inspired by. Pom-poms are a fan-favorite, but a simple method of color switching can also be a lesson learned in these projects that you take with you to many other crochet projects.

The sky’s the limit, and you’ll be able to take on any journey once you complete one of these beautiful crochet backpacks.

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