19 Stunning Crochet Hippo Patterns For Every Skill Level 

by craftyclub

Crochet was once considered the old lady’s hobby. It no longer is just for the elderly generation. Crochet has made a comeback and in a big way!

These cute DIY hippopotamus crochet patterns are simple to follow and will help you get started on gifting for the next year or even if you donate to a children’s shelter.

1. Amigurumi Hippo

Amigurumi Hippo Crochet Pattern
Amigurumi Hippo Crochet Pattern (from Craft Passion)

With this pattern of Amigurumi Hippo Crochet, this little lady will sit nicely on your table. Done up as a pink hippo, she is wearing a cute two-piece swimsuit.

You could make this gorgeous girl in any color that fits for the room. She would love to be carried to the nearest swimming hole to soak up the sun.

2. Crochet Hippo Pattern

Crochet Hippo Pattern - Amigurumi Pattern
Crochet Hippo Pattern (from Mels Crochet Hook)

Crochet Hippo Pattern is one that any child or teenager would love to receive as a gift.

This could be someone’s little brother. He does look as though he is ready to cause trouble. He sits off to the side looking so innocent, you know he is looking for something to get into.

3. Harriet Hippo

Harriet the Hippo Free Amigurumi Pattern
Harriet the Hippo Free Amigurumi Pattern (from Jess Huff)

Harriet Hippo comes as a pattern that is so easy to follow. There is the option of doing the suggested colors or choosing one that you like.

Harriet would like to have some friends sitting with her. You could go ahead and take this easy to follow pattern and make a herd of hippo, so Harriet is never alone.

4. Ideal DIY Baby Gifts

Baby Gift Crochet Pattern
Baby Gift Crochet Pattern (from A Crazy Sheep)

Ideal DIY Baby Gifts This is a cute set of friends. You could crochet one or two or make a whole set for your favorite little one.

The pattern is for smaller versions of the hippos, which means it takes less time to do each. You could make one in each color and hand it as the new favorite gift.

5. Cute Crochet DIY Hippo Amigurumi

Cute Crochet Hippo Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern
Cute Crochet Hippo Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern (from LovelyCraft)

Cute Crochet DIY Hippo Amigurumi will arrive as a PDF for you to print out. Follow the directions to obtain one of the most adorable hippos you will ever see.

Color choices are not mandatory, so go wild and make the nephews favorite colors! Create a multiple color one for the newest grandchild or even the oldest grandchild.

6. Free DIY Crochet Hippo

Free Crochet Hippo Pattern
Free Crochet Hippo Pattern (from Cuddly Stitches Craft)

Free DIY Crochet Hippo pattern comes with easy-to-follow instructions. They include the key terms and definitions so you know what each means.

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Which color you make is up to you and the ones that you crochet this cute hippo for. She is wearing a cute frilly top, that can also be made a color you choose.

7. Amigurumi Matching Professors DIY

Amigurumi Twin Professor Hıppo Crochet Patterns
Amigurumi Twin Professor Hıppo Crochet Patterns (from Amigurumim)

Amigurumi Matching Professors DIY done up in cute patterns, and appear to be twins. Maybe they are brothers or just co-workers.

They look highly intelligent and will win the hearts of whoever receives this set as a gift. Follow the patterns with easy to read instructions. Give them both a set of glasses, or just one, but do not forget those bowties!

8. Hattie Amigurumi The Styling Hippo

Hattie the Hippo
Hattie the Hippo (from Chai Coffee Crochet)

Hattie Amigurumi The Styling Hippo is a smaller version of the hippo patterns most often seen. This one still comes as easy to read instructions.

Hattie has a cute dress on and a matching bow in her hair. She is styling and Profiling! Hattie is a stout hippo, just as they should be. She loves that she can fit in anywhere.

9. The Twins DIY Hippos

Hippo Twins Pattern
Hippo Twins Pattern (from Tannias Craft)

The Twins DIY Hippos are an adorable set of twins that would be great for your adorable set of twins. Following the instructions, you can make them wear the same outfits for identical twins, or design them as fraternal.

The great part about this is you can make one boy and one girl. The instructions are for one of each, however, you can make them whichever way to fit that set of twins in your life.

10. Tiny Tots Hippo DIY

Free Pattern: Small Hippo
Free Pattern: Small Hippo (from Kristi Tullus)

Tiny Tots Hippo DIY Pattern is one for the ages. This little guy is small enough to work as a keychain, he will fit into a purse or a pocket, even into a bookbag for school kids.

Attach a zipper pull to the little fellow and he will go where you go. These cute little tots can be made to match the color of coats, purses, backpacks or anything else. Super easy and super cute!

11. Finn The Stylin’ Hippo

Finn the Hippo
Finn the Hippo (from Hobbii)

Finn The Stylin’ Hippo DIY Pattern is a laid back and very relaxed old fellow. He is wearing his favorite farmer bibs and has his cap on his head to protect from the sun.

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When you follow this pattern, you, too, will find Finn chilling somewhere in your home. After following the crochet pattern, you will be stuffing with a fiber fill. You can put in a lot or a little, depending on how chill you want Finn to be.

12. Irina The Ballerina

Irina The Hippo Ballerina Free Crochet Pattern
Irina The Hippo Ballerina Free Crochet Pattern (from Elisa’s Crochet)

Irina The Ballerina DIY Hippo pattern is so simple anyone can follow this one. Have you ever seen such a pretty ballerina?

Follow the instructions and Irina the Ballerina will be doing the ballet dances for someone special in your life. Be sure to make her matching Ballet slipper to be the same as her leotard. The pattern stays simple so no frustration when trying to crochet this one.

13. Hippopotamus Amigurumi

Amigurumi Hippopotamus Crochet Pattern
Amigurumi Hippopotamus Crochet Pattern (from Soft Toy For Joy)

Hippopotamus Amigurumi is one of those patterns you will wish you had long ago. It is so easy to follow, all done up in a simple gray color.

There is a beautiful bow attached to one ear, to let you know that this one is a girl. If you choose, leave the bow off and give the little one a boy’s name. As with all these patterns, they are easy to understand.

14. All I Want For Christmas DIY Pattern

Red Heart I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
Red Heart I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas (from Yarnspirations)

All I Want For Christmas DIY Pattern will place the song in your head for days to come. This hippopotamus is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, and comes complete with his own crocheted candy cane.

There is also a heart on his chest to remind you how loved you are by your new crochet friend. I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, go ahead, you know you are singing it.

15. DIY Hippo Teething Ring

Hippo Rattle Teething Ring- Free Pattern
Hippo Rattle Teething Ring- Free Pattern (from A Purpose & A Stitch)

DIY Hippo Teething Ring will be an ideal baby gift for the new parents. The DIY pattern is so easy to follow, all you need is the yarn and some teething rings.

The suggestion is wooden rings in the pattern, but you could find some rubber rings if you do not feel comfortable making them wooden. With this pattern, you will choose the yarn you want to use, and the color.

These can be made for boys and girls. They will likely be the one teething ring that is never lost.

16. Swimsuit Wearing Hippo

Hippo in swimsuit crochet pattern
Hippo in swimsuit crochet pattern (from Amigurumi Today)

Swimsuit Wearing Hippo DIY Pattern is an adorable design that is a very easy pattern to follow. This is the perfect pattern with the Olympics coming up.

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The pattern will teach you how to make the swimsuit, you just need to choose the colors. Choose the colors of your favorite country and let your DIY Swimming Hippo watch the next games with you.

The cute hippopotamus would even love going to the beach with you. She loves to have fun swimming.

17. DIY Crochet Hat Pattern

Crochet Hippo Hat Pattern
Crochet Hippo Hat Pattern (from Repeat Crafter Me)

DIY Crochet Hat Pattern is one of the most adorable animal hats I have seen recently.

It is sized for the younger kids, but with a little know-how, you can likely make this cute hat in any size. The hat comes complete with the patterns for the eyes, snout and even the hippos teeth hanging in front. No worries, the hat does have ties so it can stay in place. You can also just leave the ties hanging in place.

This DIY hat pattern is easy to make and is sure to keep your little one warm on those chilly days. Hippos are known to be certain colors, but for the hat, you can make your own choice of colors. The is self-explanatory so all answers you need are right there.

18. Sweet Tooth Lina

Sweet Tooth Lina crochet pattern amigurumi
Sweet Tooth Lina crochet pattern amigurumi (from Funnyhook)

Sweet Tooth Lina DIY Crochet pattern is so easy for anyone to follow.

Lina just looks like she is your best friend. She has a cute pair of shorts with cute socks to keep her legs warm. Lina has her own hair band, and is holding a sucker to soothe her sweet tooth. This little gal is sure to be your little girl’s best friend.

19. Ivy, the Incredible DIY Hippo

Crochet Hippo, Ivy
Crochet Hippo, Ivy (from Zita and Bunny Crochet)

Ivy, the Incredible DIY Hippo is the one hippo pattern you will want to do all the time.

She is a beautiful hippo that is the perfect size to fit on any desk or table. She loves to read, she loves to dress up and she is looking for her new best friend. Ivy has on a gorgeous outfit and a bow by her ear. There is even the perfect flower on the front of her dress.

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