19 Adorable Home-Prep Tips For Your Baby’s First Christmas

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The arrival of your first baby always turns out to be a life-changing experience. Every day feels like a new one.

Even your baby’s first Christmas doesn’t feel like the ones you’ve celebrated before. It doesn’t matter if your kiddo is big enough to notice everything you’ve done for the Christmas celebrations or not, yet as a parent, everything is ought to be perfect and memorable.

However, sometimes, our imaginations don’t turn out to be as smooth and beautiful as we wanted them to be. The same is the case when you’re preparing to make a baby’s first Christmas special. Your baby’s first Christmas ideas can possibly turn into a mess if not articulated or acted upon mindfully.

So, to help you make the upcoming Christmas special yet free of exhaustion, below are some toddler friendly Christmas decorations ideas that you can use for home-decore.

19 Adorable Home-Prep Tips For Your Baby's First Christmas

1. Decorate as Much as You can Clean Afterward

This is the most crucial part. Christmas doesn’t become special by decorating your home only but by enjoying it also.

Similarly, it’d be better to be mindful of the decorations for the baby’s first Christmas, especially If you’re the only one to prepare everything for Christmas.

Days like Christmas mean celebrating with your family and not just worrying about the preparations till the last minute.

So, the first answer to “how do you make a baby’s first Christmas special” is to plan and then decorate as much as you can clean after the party.

2. Try Family Photos as a Christmas Tree for Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

It is absolutely fine to be skeptical of everything, even the Christmas tree, when it comes to your baby’s safety.

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So if you’re not feeling okay with having a giant Christmas tree at home this Christmas, try your family photos.

This idea will not only make the Christmas tree look unique and adorable but will also be perfect for child-friendly Christmas tree decorations.

3. Display Your Kid’s Toys

A new member of the family means new ways of celebrating occasions. And that’s what makes days like Christmas more lovely.

So why not try putting kid-friendly and entertaining toys instead of fancy decoration pieces?

These toys will make Christmas with a toddler safer, and you won’t have to fret over his safety also.

We hope you’d like this suggestion for your baby’s first Christmas ideas.

Display your kid's toys

4. Get Creative for Your Baby’s First Christmas Ideas with Chalkboards

A handwritten note always looks beautiful regardless of what day it is.

Bring your chalkboards to life this Christmas by using them in home preparation for the celebrations.

You can write a memorable note that will remind you of your baby’s first Christmas and adorn it anywhere that is safe and looks coordinated with the rest of the decorations.

5. Decide a Theme to Make it Memorable for Your Kid

It is always the little details that matter the most, right?

So go for a specific Christmas theme this year that you can relate to your kiddo later, instead of the traditional one. Plus, you can use the photos of the party as your baby’s first Christmas keepsakes

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6. No Scented Candles for Your Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

Scented candles might be in your home-prep-for-Christmas list, but you need to think twice before you go for buying them.

The advice from experts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital reads as “It is generally advised to avoid the use of fragrant products inside your newborn’s nursery or sleeping environment. Their lungs are still developing, and exposure to aerosol irritants won’t provide any benefit.”

So it’d be wise not to use scented candles at all.

7. A Big no to Lightning a Fireplace for Baby’s First Christmas

Another suggestion to the list of baby-safe Christmas decorations is not to light a fireplace at all.

You can say hello to fairy lights instead. In this way, the aesthetic of your Christmas decorations will be maintained along with your baby’s safety in consideration.

8. Use Unbreakable Tableware

Tableware is one of the most important parts of your Christmas decorations. Secondly, when you have a kiddo, you have to be careful of every little thing in your home.

It is advisable to replace your fancy and breakable tableware with one that does not harm your kid even if it hits the ground.

Use Unbreakable Tableware

9. Say No to Plastic Decorations for Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

Plastic is no good for anyone, especially the little ones. It will be a whole lot better if you swap your old plastic decorations with those of baby-safe Christmas decorations.

These can include paper decorations, tassels, fabric bows, candy canes, etc.

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10. Coordinate Bedding with Your Kid’s

How adorable does it look when you and your kid wear matching clothes?

Just like that, coordinated beddings or your kiddo’s sleep sack will add the tint of cuteness and love to your baby’s first Christmas ideas.

11. Don’t Ignore the Allergies at Your Baby’s First Christmas

This is yet another point that you should be cautious about.

While you want to add every kind of variety to your baby’s first Christmas decorations, make sure that none of the plant or garland or any other product is going to activate your kid’s allergies, if he has any at all.

12. Try the Paper Lanterns as Christmas Ornaments

Paper lanterns are an attractive alternative to breakable Christmas ornaments. These will keep up with the beauty of Christmas celebrations and be safe regardless of where you hang them.

Plus, you can have them made customized from any shop to make them more personalized for your baby’s first Christmas ideas.

13. Make More of Your Baby’s First Christmas Ideas with Pom Poms

If you’re wondering how to decorate major parts like windows of your home besides keeping it in line with your baby’s first Christmas, try pom poms.

Pom Poms will not only turn out to be kid-friendly ornaments but also align with the theme you will have this Christmas.

You can use them as garlands or Christmas wreaths and adorn any part of the home you like.

Make More of Your Baby’s First Christmas Ideas with Pom Poms

14. Keep Everything Cozy

This is another essential part of your baby’s first Christmas decorations.

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As you prepare to make everything look elegant, don’t miss out on keeping things cozy.

Try pillows in your living room that are designed for Christmas festive. Also, add other things that can add up to your cozy Christmas vibe.

15. Re-design the Pinecone Ornaments for Your Baby’s First Christmas

Test the creativity of your inner artist while you are already on the motherhood journey.

Try pinecones differently this Christmas. They can be made into baby-safe Christmas decorations by just being a bit more creative with them.

You can wrap fabric ribbons around them, paint and decorate them using pearls of different sizes. This will definitely add bling to the Christmas decorations.

16. Cut Out Tinsel from your Christmas Decorations

No matter how attractive some decorations may look, sometimes they are simply not good for you.

Similarly, tinsel should not be included in your baby-safe Christmas decorations.

They are generally made of a material that can turn out to be choking for your kiddo, which no mother wants at all.

17. Spruce Up Your Baby’s First Christmas Ideas with Santa Hat Ornaments

Try adding Santa hat ornaments to your list of baby-safe Christmas decorations; you will love it.

These are not ordinary Santa hats and are also not harmful to your little one. You can simply make them at home using craft sticks and cotton balls.

18. Go for Easy to make Food for the Christmas Dinner

Taking care of a baby doesn’t always turn out to be easy. And sometimes it can become hard to manage when you have celebrations coming up.

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So, it is advisable to add easy-to-make food to your baby’s first Christmas dinner menu. This will save you from Christmas burnout, and you’ll be able to enjoy the eve with your baby more cheerfully.

19. Make Your Own Wall Hangings for Your Baby’s First Christmas

The final tip for the list of your baby’s first Christmas decorations is to make your own wall hangings.

Everything handmade adds a touch of personalization to it, plus you can shape it according to what you need.

So to add a tint of beauty to your baby’s first Christmas ideas, use a rustic branch and paper stars to hang them below.

You can also replace paper stars with family photos and adorn your front door with the wall hanging instead of a regular Christmas wreath.

Make Your Own Wall Hangings for Your Baby’s First Christmas

Final Thoughts

Every parent wants to celebrate special days with their little ones in an extraordinary way. And there’s no doubt that it is exactly how it should be. But things get complicated when you’re supposed to take care of even trivial matters.

So, for that, hopefully, now you’re well-acquainted with all the creative tips and ideas for your baby’s first Christmas that are absolutely safe for your little angel too.

If you’ve got any suggestions to make or liked any idea a lot, then feel free to drop them in the comments sections below because it is never too much to have a mama-discussion!

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