Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: 19 Fun Horse Amigurumi Patterns

by craftyclub

If you’re into amigurumi and horses, then look no further. These patterns will make you want to start crocheting right away. But which one to choose first?

Amigurumi is suitable for everyone who likes crocheting. The fun thing about amigurumi is that it makes a perfect gift, toy or decoration piece. There are so many patterns and varieties, the sky’s the limit. Be sure to always use a high-quality crochet hook and yarn, that makes your life so much easier. The basics are important.

1. Heidi the Horse

Heidi the Horse Free Amigurumi Pattern
Heidi the Horse Free Amigurumi Pattern (from Jess Huff)

This free crochet pattern “Heide the Horse” by Jess Huff is quite simple to make, which makes this perfect if you’re a beginner at amigurumi.

This cutie will make you addicted to amigurumi. You only need a crochet hook, yarn(needle), fiber fill and safety eyes to get started.

2. Cowgirl

Cowgirl Crochet Pattern
Cowgirl Crochet Pattern (from Sweet Oddity Art)

This lovely lady is waiting to be made! This elegant horse can be made in different color schemes to make a whole family. Because look at her, she cannot be left by herself.

She can sit up and is not difficult to make, the tricky part is her hair but a little practice makes perfect.

3. A Collection of Small Animals: Horses

Small Animal Collection: Horse
Small Animal Collection: Horse (from Jen Hayes Creations)

Jen Hayes Creations gave us the perfect amigurumi pattern to create little and fun horses.

These horses would make a lovely gift or you can create a collection of animals for your child to play with. You can vary with colors and hairstyles, it’s such fun!

4. Hessy the Happy Horseattern

Horse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Horse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (from Craft Passion)

Just sitting in the grass and enjoying a nice and breezy spring or summer day. That’s exactly what Hessy the Happy Horse is doing.

When you’re looking for a few nights of boundless crocheting, together with a nice cup of tea, then Hessy the Happy Horse will make you so happy. To start you would only need two colors of yarn (unless you’d like to use a different color scheme) and your crochet hook.

5. Summer Horse

Crochet Pattern For Summer Horse
Crochet Pattern For Summer Horse (from Violets and Heather)

No surprise that this beauty is a bestseller.

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A horse with flowers in her hair, that’s the ultimate summertime feeling. With pretty nice details. Look at the cute flowers or the curly manes, these details make this horse really fun and challenging to make.

6. Mini Horse and Donkey

Mini Amigurumi Horse and Donkey
Mini Amigurumi Horse and Donkey (from Grace and Yarn)

Again, a pattern for mini cuties. A Horse and a Donkey, who have some similarities but differ as well. Look at those eyelashes of the little horse and the hair of the donkey.

These details make these mini amigurumis stand out. Prepare yourself for a new addiction!

7. Cute Pony

Pattern: Pony
Pattern: Pony (from All About Ami)

Another small, but very cute pattern! When seeing this pony you instantly want to cuddle it, right?

If you are looking for a fairly easy but different pattern, then this is the one for you. With only a tiny bit of embroidery, it is only crocheting using single crochets.

The perfect gift for a baby, as you can also put a little rattle in the head and it has safety eyes.

8. Hooded Horse Blanket

Hooded Horse Blanket
Hooded Horse Blanket (from MJ’s off the Hook Designs)

How original is this? Wow! Give your child, cousin or yourself something to snuggle with. If you’re more into long nights on the couch crocheting blankets, but also like using a creative pattern then this would suit you very much.

Playful, warm and fun!

9. Farm Horse

Farm Horse crochet pattern
Farm Horse crochet pattern (from Amigurumi Today)

Farm life, fun life! These cuties are waiting to be made. Described in a neat and very understandable way.

The details of the horse and cow are impressive but since it has been described very clearly, it is not hard to make. Invest in some high-quality cotton yarn and these amigurumis will turn out just as lovely as the ones showing on the picture.

10. Haybelly Horse

Crochet Horse: Haybelly
Crochet Horse: Haybelly (from The Burgundy Basket)

Haybelly Horse is a big and colorful horse that would really lighten up your nursery or living room.

It is a cartoon-style horse with lots of colors. Of course, you can choose to pick your own color scheme, but the charm of this horse is the playful color scheme. Lot’s of fiberfill and love and this beauty will never leave your side!

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11. Rattle Horse

Rattle Horse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Rattle Horse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (from Amigurumiday)

Baby on the way? A handmade gift is the best gift. You would need to purchase a teething ring, rattle and your yarn and you are good to go.

This pattern does require a bit of experience since it is all very small and the rings around the wooding ring are quite tricky. But when you master this, it looks very nice. And of course, practice makes perfect!

12. Yellow Horse

Crochet Horse Pattern
Crochet Horse Pattern (from N Tucker Creations)

This amigurumi horse is very realistic. The way the neck flows right into the back has been done very accurately. Also the legs and hooves are considered.

This horse would also be really nice in a brown or white color. When looking at this pattern it looks like it’s perfect for starters at amigurumi.

13. Horse Bundle: Horse, Donkey, Zebra

Horse Bundle: Horse, Donkey, Zebra Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – Free Crochet Pattern
Horse Bundle: Horse, Donkey, Zebra Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (from Stringy Dingding)

Do you like using the same patterns but each one with slightly different detailing? This is the blogpost for you!

You can thoughtlessly crochet the pattern a few times and pay attention to the detailing of each individual horse. That’s what makes these horses great to make. One crochet hook, one pattern, one type of safety eyes and a challenging part with details. Go you!

14. Amigurumi “Filip the Horse”

Cute Amigurumi Horse Crochet Pattern
Cute Amigurumi Horse Crochet Pattern (from Hookabee)

Filip the Horse is not your typical amigurumi animal! Filip has different textures, which makes him really cuddable and great for baby sensory play.

Using single crochets for his snout and feet as normally (through both loops), but using single crochets only through the back loops for his body. Therefore Filip has so much to offer!

15. The Callie Horse Hat

The Callie Horse Hat: Free Crochet Pattern
The Callie Horse Hat: Free Crochet Pattern (from The Unraveled Mitten)

The Callie Horse Hat is a show stopper for sure! You would make your son, daughter or relative so happy with this hat and you’ll be keeping them warm at the same time during windy and cold days.

The little bow, button eyes and hairs are great details that make this hat pop! Stitches that are used are: single crochets, double crochets, half double crochets and treble crochets. And the best part: it is totally free and available in different sizes!

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16. Crochet Horse

Crochet Horse
Crochet Horse (from Lucy Kate Crochet)

Easy breezy. This horse is just chilling and lying in the grass. Isn’t that what we all want?

This pattern is very accessible and clear. You can of course vary in colors but also stick with the original, free, pattern that is offered. The most fun part is the manes, they look very complicated but are only a series of chains. Who would have thought?

17. Flip Flop Horse

Flip Flop Horse Crochet Pattern
Flip Flop Horse Crochet Pattern (from DarlingMaple Designs)

Flip Flop Horse is so soft and velvety that you just want to cuddle and don’t let go. That’s why children would love this horse to cuddle and take it with them for a nap.

Velvet takes a bit of getting used to while crocheting but when you’ve mastered this type of yarn it looks great. When you’ll be using velvet for the first time then pay attention when using black, it might be hard to see the stitches.

18. Free Crochet Horse Pattern

Free Crochet Horse Pattern
Free Crochet Horse Pattern (from Cuddly Stitches Craft)

If you’re a horse lover then you need to try this pattern! Look at the details and clean appearance… So lovely.

If you’d like to put your own creative touch to this pattern then you can play and vary with the hairstyle of this horse by using other colors or techniques. All basic amigurumi techniques are used in this pattern, that’s why you can put your own touch and flavor to it.

19. Crochet Horse Amigurumi

How To Crochet Horse Amigurumi
How To Crochet Horse Amigurumi (from Ami Saigon)

Last but, definitely, not least! This Youtube video on how to crochet these horses/unicorns, using the same pattern but with slightly different details and different color schemes.

Youtube is one of the best mediums to learn how to crochet amigurumi. Especially this video: where all steps are explained clearly. And look at these cuties…They melt your heart!

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