19 Adorable Crochet Pig Patterns

by craftyclub

It gets tougher and tougher to find unique and unusual gifts to give our loved ones each year.

I came across these super cute DIY projects to share with you. These prove that pigs are not always ugly and filthy. These are some truly gorgeous little pets you can DIY.

1. Miss Paisley Crochet Pattern

Paisley the Pig Free Amigurumi Pattern
Paisley the Pig Free Amigurumi Pattern (from Jess Huff)

Paisley is an adorable little girl who will sit on the shelf and watch you do your thing. She is made with a light pink yarn and dark brown feet.

The pattern is simple to follow and is versatile enough to allow you the freedom to choose the colors you want. So you could use darker colors if you choose.

2. Chubby DIY Piggy with Fluffy Yarn

Chubby Piggy Amigurumi with Fluffy yarn
Chubby Piggy Amigurumi with Fluffy yarn (from Amigurumi Forge)

Chubby is not an insult with this adorable Amigurumi made with fluffy yarn. She is just the way a piggy should look.

Chubby has a DIY pattern that will allow you to make this adorable critter for someone you love. By adding the stuffing, you give Chubby the ability to stand up and watch over all things. You attach the eyes to Chubby’s face and she will smile at you with her eyes.

3. Poppy Pig Crochet Pattern

Crochet Poppy Pig Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern
Crochet Poppy Pig Amigurumi (from LovelyCraft)

Poppy is a handheld sized little crochet piggy. She is positively precious and is looking for a friend. Follow the pattern and give her to someone special in your life.

The PDF is a printable pattern, is easy to follow and walks you through this step-by-step easy-to-crochet pattern. Poppy comes complete with the pattern for a scarf for the chilly weather to help her keep warm.

4. Amigurumi Realistic Piggy Pal

Amigurumi Pig Crochet Pattern
Amigurumi Pig Crochet Pattern (from CraftPassion)

One of the most realistic Pig crochet patterns you will find. This pattern is simple and allows for added design of gray markings on this pig pattern.

This little girl is not a small pig, yet she is not oversized like many Amigurumi Pig patterns. A slightly loose fill will complete this gorgeous girl with just enough filling to make her a happy pig.

You will love the way the hooves even look on this little gal.

5. Little Lucky Pig

Little Lucky Pig
Little Lucky Pig (from Lucy Ravenscar)

Who could ask for anything more than their own little lucky pig?

The pattern gives you some easy to follow directions with suggested colors that can be used. But, I say to make this lucky little pig in any color when you crochet this DIY pig. For instance, red yarn if you want to give it to someone you love, green if you want to prosper and yellow if you want peace.

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6. Crochet Pig DIY Pattern

Crochet Pig Pattern
Crochet Pig Pattern (from Tranguyenami)

This little fellow looks like he may be ready to head off to school or his job. Dressed smartly in a dress shirt, he is ready to go.

The intelligent looking guy is yours for the making. The simple pattern is yours to follow. The steps are clear and easy. You could make this great-looking gift in one afternoon or evening.

7. Mini Mine DIY Pig

Mini Noso Pig Crochet Pattern
Mini Noso Pig Crochet Pattern (from Supergurumi)

This is a teeny tiny beauty! So small and wanting to give so much love to her new friend.

Follow the simple to follow pattern, in the color you want, we all know pigs are not always the same color. You can feel free to make this beauty in the color of your choice. This teeny tiny pig will be a treasure for someone in your life or keep it for yourself.

8. Pocket Piglets Crochet Pattern

Nobu The Pocket Piglet Free Amigurumi Pattern
Nobu The Pocket Piglet Free Amigurumi Pattern (from AmiguruMei)

Imagine the look in the little child’s eyes when you hand them a few of these cute little piggies.

These would be perfect for mothers and grandmothers to toss in the purses or pockets and keep handy for the little ones to play with when they become bored. Little treasures like this can be the difference between a crying child and a happy child.

These little guys are the perfect size for pockets.

9. Amigurumi Bookmark Pig

Amigurumi Pig Bookmark Crochet Pattern
Amigurumi Pig Bookmark Crochet Pattern (from Heart Hook Home)

The smile each day when you open the book and see this little friend waiting for you to read to him or her each day. This is a very easy to follow pattern.

The cute little pig head will sit on top of the book when waiting for you. You can set him next to you as you read. The long body will sit between the pages and keep your spot safe. This is one of those simple patterns that you could change the color for, make it something special.

10. Amigurumi How To Pattern

How To Crochet Pig Amigurumi
How To Crochet Pig Amigurumi (from Ami Saigon)

This is one special pig that fits into the palm of your hand. You can learn how to make this little guy simply by following the directions.

There are cute little shorts as a pattern to go along with the pig. You change the colors and make it male or female, whichever makes it your way. When you are looking for a great gift idea, this is the one!

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11. Stuffed Pig Pattern

Free Pig Stuffed Animal Amigurumi Plush Crochet Pattern
Free Pig Stuffed Animal Amigurumi Plush Crochet Pattern (from Ollie+Holly)

This is one pattern you do not want to be without. The pattern is self explanatory and super easy to follow. The pattern will take you through how to make a cute palm sized pig that is adorable and sweet.

Pigs can bring a smile to anyone’s face. When you are done, this pig will have the cutest smile and bright shiny eyes. Make him as plush as you would like him to be.

12. Crochet Piggy Pattern

Free Crochet Pig Pattern
Free Crochet Pig Pattern (from Cuddly Stitches Craft)

Wouldn’t you love to give a sweet little piglet to someone you love? This little DIY pig certainly reminds me of a piglet from Winnie the Pooh.

The bow around the little one’s neck is super cute and can be made any color you would want. The DIY pattern is free and you can use colors you like or choose favorite colors of the little one or older friend that you want to make this for.

13. Miniature Piggies for Your DIY

Miniature Piggies
Miniature Piggies (from Furls)

You can have your own miniature pigs from the farm at your place. This pair can be made easily by even a beginner.

The pattern is simple to follow and walks you through each step. With this pattern you can make one boy pig and one girl pig, or two of the same. This pattern appears to involve some thin yarn and is easy to work with. Their size makes them easy to carry anywhere you go. They may be an inch or two big, or small, depending on how you look at it.

They are sweet little friends to have forever.

14. Kenny The DIY Pig

Ken Pig
Ken Pig (from Mai Thi Phuong Dung)

Do you know someone who loves pigs? Someone aiming for college with a mascot of a pig? This Kenny Pig will be the perfect companion for students or college or high school.

The elementary students may like them and want to give them to their friends. Kenny is dressed up and ready to go. He looks so studious carrying his little bag. He could be ready for work or school, make his clothes any style that you want. School colors? Your favorites?

15. Your Own Winnie Piglet

Piglet Crochet Pattern (Winnie the Pooh)
Piglet Crochet Pattern (from Namsompan)

This is your chance to make the famous little piglet for yourself.

The pattern is simple to follow, easy steps choice of yarn and colors, which you make. If you recall, piglet is Winnie’s best friend and always will be your best friend. Piglet is a small size that is adorable and will fit in anywhere.

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There is no other pig that quite matches up to Piglet, now it is your choice to do the DIY piglet.

16. Chinese Zodiac Pig Crochet Pattern

Quick and Easy Chinese Zodiac Crochet Pig Pattern
Quick and Easy Chinese Zodiac Crochet Pig Pattern (from Anvi’s Granny)

This is one of those simple patterns that are so simple that anyone can learn how to do them. They are tiny little porkers who fit well into the palm of your hand.

This pattern is small enough that only thin yarn is the one you will need to use for these little gifts. You will admire the little eyes, ears, snout and hooves, and feel even prouder that you made them.

17. DIY Pig Applique

Pig Applique – FREE crochet pattern
Pig Applique – FREE crochet pattern (from Yarn Over)

Finally, a pattern that is easy to follow and allows you to make your own DIY applique of a pig. Making an applique pig gives you the ability to place this little girl wherever you want to as a final place.

You can stitch the pig applique onto a jacket, a school bag or virtually any place you want to be able to look at your pig on a daily basis. The measurement is about 3.5 to 4 inches in height. The perfect size for an applique.

18. Piper The Pig Amigurumi

Piper the Pig: Free Amigurumi Pattern
Piper the Pig: Free Amigurumi Pattern (from Nea Creates)

Piper is the best little guy to make as a DIY project. The pig is stout and filled to the brim as he should be to be a proper pig.

Piper comes with the cutest little twirly tail. Piper is bright pink and you may want to keep him that way. Pretty in pink, that is definitely Piper! The pattern is not a difficult one, they have considered this carefully and made the pattern as easy as it could be made. You will not have a hard time doing this.

19. DIY Peppa Pig Amigurumi

Peppa Pig Amigurumi
Peppa Pig Amigurumi (from Sabrina Boscolo)

There is only one Peppa Pig! However, with this DIY pattern you can make as many as you want! Peppa is a prize pig that everyone loves or will love once they receive one from you.

She is in the classic blue dress that she always wears, her cheeks are just as rosy as always. She loves to have fun and she shows it. She will teach you and anyone else to have fun with her.

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