Lovey Dovey Cuteness: 25 Lovey Crochet Patterns

by craftyclub

Because what makes a better baby gift than an adorable lovey? Handmade gifts are wonderful, that’s why you’ll love these patterns. They are fun to make and suitable for any crochet level.

1. Puppy Lovey

Puppy Lovey – Free Crochet Pattern
Puppy Lovey – Free Crochet Pattern (from Loops and Love Crochet)

How cute is this puppy? Your child will definitely get attached to this cuddly puppy.

This pattern is easy and fast. The pattern description is very clear and because the bottom is made using double crochets, that part is rapidly done. To get started you would need a set of safety eyes and nose.

2. Foxy Lovey

Fox crochet lovey blanket
Fox Crochet Lovey Blanket (from Theodore And Rose)

Wow! This foxy lovey has so many great details, you don’t even know where to look first.

Even though it looks difficult, this pattern is perfectly suitable for the more advanced beginners. This 40 x 40 cm lovey is nice and big, so there’s lots to cuddle with!

3. Hug Me Bunny Lovey

Hug Me Bunny Lovey - Free Crochet Pattern
Hug Me Bunny Lovey (from Nicole Chase)

Loveys are one thing that a child can get attached to really fast. That’s why they are so perfect to make as a gift or for your own baby/toddler.

This huggable bunny is very cute, with the little bow on top, and can be made in any color you’d like. If you’re an amigurumi and crochet beginner, this pattern is easy to follow.

4. Katerina Kitty Lovey

Crochet Cat Lovey Pattern
Crochet Cat Lovey Pattern (from Christaco Design)

Another free pattern! If your child is a cat lover then look no further, this colorful and cute cat lovey is just lovely.

The colorful blanket part makes this lovey very playful and the lashes of the cat are a great detail. This lovey has a pattern that is very understandable for beginners. The embroidery on the kitty’s face can be made just the way you like.

Enjoy and play with it!

5. Moose Lovey

Moose Lovey Blanket
Moose Lovey Blanket (from Hooked by Kati)

How nice to give someone a forest animal to decorate their nursery (not for long, because the child will probably get attached once they’ve laid eyes on it)?!

The granny-blanket itself has a bright color scheme and does represent the forest flowers. These ‘flowers’ can be made in any color you’d like. The granny pattern of the blanket is a real classic, a must-make. The antlers are such a great detail!

6. Cute Giraffe Lovey

Cute Giraffe Lovey Pattern
Cute Giraffe Lovey Pattern (from Tilly Some)

This Giraffe lovey is such a modern pattern, really great to give as a gift nowadays.

Using a blend of acrylic and cotton, this lovey is lightweight and easily washable. This giraffe fits every nursery. The pattern is easy to follow and is written in US crochet terms.

7. Little Mary Lamb Lovey

Free Little Mary Crochet Lamb Lovey Pattern
Free Little Mary Crochet Lamb Lovey Pattern (from Daily Crochet)

Awwwh.. SO cute, you just want to go to sleep with it yourself.

This little cutie looks so peaceful, this would make every child happy. The velvet yarn makes this pattern a bit tricky, since velvet yarn requires some practice.

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It’s not always easy to see the stitches, but practice makes perfect and it’s totally worth it! Because look at it…

8. Crochet Monkey Lovey

Crochet Monkey Lovey | Free Pattern
Crochet Monkey Lovey (from Thoresby Cottage)

We love free patterns! This cutie is easy to make for any crochet level. When you’ve just started crocheting, this lovey is a great start because you will learn the ultimate classic granny pattern.

The head and arms of the monkey are beginner-proof as well. The eyes are embroidered on but you can also replace these with safety eyes.

9. Po The Playful Penguin

Po The Playful Penguin security blanket
Po The Playful Penguin Security Blanket (from Theodore And Rose)

Penguins are so cute and babies love them too!

This sleepy penguin lovey looks very cute and neat. The colors used in this pattern have great contrast so babies can look at it and be amazed. You only need yarn, a crochet hook, fiberfill, tapestry needle and a stitch marker and you’re good to go!

10. Sheep Lovey

Sheep Safety Blanket
Sheep Safety Blanket (from Elisa’s Crochet)

Sheeps are the best! They are sleepy and cuddly and make every child feel safe and loved.

This lovey pattern really stands out because it’s laying flat. The bobble stitch looks so cute and is easy to make once you’ve got the hang of it. The bobble stitch is described in a written pattern but also by using a visual crochet scheme. The amigurumi part of this lovey is suitable for beginner to advanced crocheters.

11. Rocketship Lovey

Rocketship Lovey: A Free Pattern
Rocketship Lovey: A Free Pattern (from Crowchet Creations)

Get ready for the launch! How playful is this rocketship lovey?! Every child would love this.

They can play with it and sleep with it, a multi-purpose lovey. By using the easy granny pattern with different colors, it looks like real fire and it’s easy to make at the same time. The rocket itself is made with single crochets and fiberfill to stuff it up.

12. Sleepy Baggy Lovey

Sleepy Baggy Lovey – Free Crochet Pattern
Sleepy Baggy Lovey (from Crochetpedia)

These loveys in different colors even have dresses on, how creative! If you already have some experience with crocheting then this pattern can up your game.

You can make a whole family to decorate a nursery and to feel loved. They are asleep, but you can also make their faces different by using safety eyes or another embroidery technique. You’ll make 9 parts that need to be sewed together.

13. Kitty Lovey

Kitty Lovey – Free Crochet Pattern
Kitty Lovey – Free Crochet Pattern (from Loops and Love Crochet)

Bright colors are child colors! This little kitty looks fun and playful.

This pattern is easy and fun to make. This little bow on kitty’s head is a great detail and lovely to make. The blanket has a hexagon shape which makes the blanket fall down in a natural and flowing way.

14. Ellie the Elephant Lovey

Ellie the Elephant Lovey
Ellie the Elephant Lovey (from A Purpose And A Stitch)

Ellie the Elephant looks adorable and sweet and even has fabric sewed onto her ears.

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The border of the blanket is made with shells, which makes this pattern even more sweet. It’s not difficult at all to make this cute elephant, but you need to be familiar (or willing to be) with sewing.

When sewing is a bit too challenging, you can of course leave the fabric out of the ears. Have fun with this one!

15. Mouse Lovey

Mouse Lovey Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
Mouse Lovey Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern (from Posh Patterns)

Awhhhh… Look at this cute picture. This is exactly what the purpose of a lovey is. Cuddle, cuddle and cuddle.

This mouse lovey is adorable and very suitable as a handmade gift for a nursery or baby shower. Everyone who understands crochet stitches can make this. No need to switch yarn since this is made with only one color and safety eyes/nose.

If you’d like to use your own creativity, of course you can vary the colors in the blanket part or use a bit of pink on the mouse’s head.

16. Crochet Owl Lovey

Crochet Owl Lovey Free Pattern
Crochet Owl Lovey Free Pattern (from The Loopy Lamb)

This Owl doesn’t even look like it is handmade, right?! Well it is, and it’s done by using faux fur yarn. This blogger even made video’s showing you how to make this owl.

It looks quite difficult but these videos are really well explained. This bright blue color of the blanket is very well chosen. It really looks like a snow owl. When you have crochet experience this pattern might be something new and challenging for you!

17. Octopus Lovey

6 point star baby lovey
6 point star baby lovey (from Alyssa Ziesmer)

This hexagon or 6 point star lovey is available in different color schemes and animals. And it’s totally free!

This star pattern is a classic crochet pattern which can be adjusted to any size you’d like. The border is fun and playful and your kid will be so happy with the cute and happy octopus on top of the blanket.

Every child would love a family of those cuties, right?

18. Lion Lovey

Lion Lovey Puppet
Lion Lovey Puppet (from Ekayg)

“Roarrrr” or should we say “Zzzzzzzzzz”? A sleepy lion just looks so peaceful and cute, every child will love this.

Because the head of the lion is a 2D type of head, you don’t even need fiberfill to stuff it up. The head of the lion still has relief and that’s what makes it stand out. The manes of the lion’s head are nicely done and easy to make!

19. Crochet Baby Owl Lovey

Crochet Baby Owl Lovey – Free Pattern
Crochet Baby Owl Lovey (from MJ’s off the Hook Designs)

Gotta love owl’s! A lot of nurseries have owl-themes so if you want to give a gift to someone who’s pregnant, then this is great.

These funny owls are best given in a set, as shown on the image. The star pattern blanket is playful because of the vivid colors and the heads with the little feathers on the ears look so funny.

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20. Rupert the Duck Lovey

Rupert the Duck Lovey
Rupert the Duck Lovey (from Auburn Elephant)

Every child loves duckies. We feed them together with our children and we love looking at them swimming and walking funny.

This pattern is easy to make and can also be made in different colors, such as green or yellow. The eyes of this duck are embroidered on with yarn and the feathers on the head make a fun statement.

21. Stella Lovey Blanket

Crochet Stella Lovey Blanket
Crochet Stella Lovey Blanket (from The Crochet Space)

There’re so many songs and books about elephants for children, therefore this elephant lovey is always a smart gift when you’re unsure what to make.

The blanket is made with a star pattern, that means it’s easy to make with lot’s of double crochets and it falls down in a wavy and flowy manner. The amigurumi head is just so cute and easy to make as well.

22. Bernat Sleepy Sloth Lovey

Bernat Crochet Sleepy Sloth Lovey
Bernat Crochet Sleepy Sloth Lovey (from Yarnspirations)

Sloth’s are so cute! And this lovey is just so cuddly because of the yarn that is used.

You can download this pattern but also buy it as a kit. That means you will receive all the yarn etc. that’s needed to make this lovey.

This sloth is also a great decoration for any nursery, but of course it’s best suitable for cuddling with your child. When you’re unsure about the pattern, there is also a YouTube tutorial available to clarify or to crochet along with.

23. Teddy Bear Lovey

Teddy Bear Lovey
Teddy Bear Lovey (from Knit Paint Sew)

The ultimate children’s toy is of course a bear! This cute lovey is a must for every nursery and makes a great baby shower gift that will blow everyone’s mind.

The detailing on the face is so nice and the blanket is made with an outstanding crochet pattern that is not seen in every lovey. Just too cute to handle!

24. Red Heart Raccoon Lovey

Red Heart Raccoon Crochet Lovey
Red Heart Raccoon Crochet Lovey (from Yarnspirations)

This Raccoon looks like a tiny little bandit! That’s why this is the perfect toy and cuddly lovey in one.

The blanket part has lots of colors to make it playful and the head is more calm. The lovey might look difficult due to the bold color scheme, but it’s actually quite easy to make by using lots of basic crochet stitches.

Every crochet addict will enjoy this pattern for sure!

25. Bear Lovey

Bear Lovey Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
Bear Lovey Blanket Free Crochet Pattern (from Little Crochet Farm)

Last, but certainly not least! A cute and sleepy bear.

A cute and easy to follow free crochet pattern with a YouTube tutorial available as well. Patterns such as these are really nice to work on when you’re on your maternity leave and you want to create something special for your baby, or you want to give a loved child something that they will cherish and love.

Calming and easy to follow. Have fun!

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