11 Free Crochet Baby Cowboy Hat Patterns

by craftyclub

For some of us, crocheting is what we do. For others, it is what we want to do. Sometimes it is too difficult to follow a pattern to make the cute little items that you see. Well, no more. The time has come where you can look at these cute Cowboy Hats and even beginner’s will be able to DIY one or more of these gorgeous hats.

Whether it is just for playtime, or to wear outside once in a while, every child, male and female should own a Western hat!

1. Blue Cowboy

Cowboy Hat Free Crochet Pattern
Cowboy Hat Free Crochet Pattern (from Projectarian)

This great little set can be made in a short time. The pattern calls for blue, but yarn in any color would be perfect. Blue or pink, black or brown, make it yours!

The hat even has the upturned brim as seen on authentic Cowboys. The boots are so tiny and match the hat perfectly. Your infant will be styling and profiling in this great DIY Ensemble.

A DIY project that you will be able to accomplish with no problems, you will look at it and say I did that!

2. Child’s Cowboy Hat DIY Style

Child's Cowboy Hat
Child’s Cowboy Hat (from Rain Morrison)

This is a simple pattern that does not involve switching the type of stitches you are crocheting. That makes this a perfect DIY project for the beginner or intermediate crochet fan.

Easy stitching, beginner to intermediate, nothing too difficult. Your loved one is going to love the hat! Simple, yet delightful and this will make any child feel home on the range!

This is also available with the Sheriff Star, so the young one can feel large and in charge.

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3. Sombrero Style Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat/ Sombrero Vaquero
Cowboy Hat/ Sombrero Vaquero (from DIY Rosario Soto)

Not just a simple hat with this one. This will help you to DIY a diaper cover, boots and the hat.

No difficult stitches here. The hardest part will be settling on what color you want these to be. They can be made for boys or girls. To make them larger, you will just add a couple more rows where needed.

Imagine how adorable the baby will be when decked out in a full outfit! The boots have the classic star on the sides to make them look official.

4. Newborn Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat For Newborn Baby
Cowboy Hat For Newborn Baby (from Virkhaxan)

Imagine coming home from the hospital dressed as a cowboy. Well with this great pattern, you can place a tiny little DIY cowboy hat on your new little man as he leaves the hospital. What am I saying, you could bring home your little Cowgirl in a great little DIY hat also.

This cute little head cover includes the instructions to make the band that wraps around the hat also.

5. DIY Cowboy Hat and Boots

Newborn Cowboy Hat And Boots
Newborn Cowboy Hat And Boots (from Yarnspirations)

This need not be just for your brand new boy, or grandson. This wonderful DIY project can also be made for girls.

The pattern is meant for newborns sizes. This would technically mean 3 months or less. Again, when you follow the pattern, it would not be difficult to add a few more rows of crochet to enlarge this for a slightly older baby.

This is not just the hat, which looks comfy as can be. With this, you also get to DIY the matching boots. The boots have a miniature star on the sides also.

6. Brand New Baby Cowboy Crochet Hat

Baby Cowboy Hat
Baby Cowboy Hat (from Angela Bailes)

This pattern appears to be very small. It is for a reason! Newborn cowboys and cowgirls are not that big. They need just a tiny size hat to cover their heads.

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This is one of those patterns that is so simple to follow, you will wonder why you hadn’t done these DIY projects sooner. This hat has a curved brim with upturned sides, looks like an authentic Cowboy hat! This is made with soft yarn, and the hat is not stiff or scratchy, it will not cause any irritation on the head of your new little one.

7. A How To Cowboy Hat

How to Crochet Cowboy Hat for 0-3 mnths baby
How to Crochet Cowboy Hat for 0-3 mnths baby (from LovinglyNie)

There are not too many times that someone is willing to share the patterns for adorable items they have made. When it comes to crochet, this is especially true.

This hat will truly be for a tiny newborn, sized 0 to 3 months. The yarn color is your choice, you will likely want to pick up a soft pastel color, not a scratchy type of yarn either. The pattern is easy to follow, simple methods and easy to understand crochet language.

8. DIY Baby Cowboy Hat

Baby Cowboy Hat
Baby Cowboy Hat (from Mrs. H)

I look at this one and I can picture the cowboys on my new binge worthy show. This adorable DIY project is yours to learn and master with simple wording, easy to follow directions.

This hat looks like the floppy style hat that is the most popular of hats worn by cowboys and cowgirls today. When you put this on your tiny newborn, you will hear the oohs and ahhs from everyone around you. Your little one will be the star of the rodeo.

9. How To Crochet Child Cowboy or Cowgirl

How to Crochet Cowboy or Cowgirl Hat Pattern
How to Crochet Cowboy or Cowgirl Hat Pattern (from Amy’s Crochet Patterns)

We cannot let the older child go without one of these great styling western hats. With an upturned brim, a floppy top, and even a different colored band to go around the hat.

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Your older toddler will look absolutely stunning in this DIY project when you complete it. They will want to wear the hat everywhere they go to show it off. The directions walk you through each step that you need to take.

No difficult crochet language, just grab your yarn and start making a western hat for your boy or girl!

10. Wide Brim Style Western Hat

Wide Brim Cowboy Hat Crochet Pattern
Wide Brim Cowboy Hat Crochet Pattern (from KatiDCreations)

Done up in a floppy top style, a wide brim and the perfectly upturned brim, this DIY is the crowned glory of Western wear.

Whether it is for a boy or girl, you choose the color of yarn, follow the easy step-by-step directions and in a short time, you will turn your hyper little one into a real western superstar. The hat will be comfortable and lightweight for him or her to wear, they will want the pony for their next birthday.

Hope you are ready for that purchase!

11. Crochet Western Vest And Hat

Western Gear - Free Crochet Pattern
Western Gear – Free Crochet Pattern (from Cobbler’s Cabin)

This is it, the pattern I have been looking for. An adorable combination of a western hat and a matching vest.

What child is not going to be the star of the show wearing this great DIY project you have done? Simple and easy directions make light and quick work out of this DIY pattern. This could be an outfit for a doll or for a baby, that is up to you.

No matter who gets the honor of wearing it, it is priceless!

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