22 Free Crochet Cactus Pattern Ideas to Try Right Now

by craftyclub

The cactus is a plant that you find in the desert areas, dry areas. The Cactus will hurt if you are poked with the spiny tines. Although they are truly gorgeous plants, it could be troublesome having some in your home.

With these patterns and crochet plans, you will be able to DIY your own Cactus plants and other items all cactus related for your own home.

1. Crocheted Cactus Pin Cushion

Crochet Cactus Pincushion
Crochet Cactus Pincushion (from Whistle & Ivy)

What more could you want in your sewing room? This cute little DIY cactus sits in a little pot on your sewing table. You can use this to put your stick pins in as you are done with them.

They will always be at the ready when you need the pins again. This DIY project will keep the pins in a safe spot so no one steps on any accidentally.

2. Cute Little Cactus Friend

Free Crochet Cactus Pattern: A Quick Plushie to Love
A Quick Plushie to Love (from Winding Road Crochet)

This little man is an adorable DIY project. When you need a friend, like during a stormy evening, this little guy will sit with you and keep you safe.

He sits in a cute little blue plant pot and he sports the classic mustache. He will not remove his hat when he enters your home though. This is a great project that is easy to do.

3. DIY Cactus Throw Pillows

Crochet Cactus Pillow
Crochet Cactus Pillow (from Yarnspirations)

Everyone loves to keep at least one throw pillow on their sofa. Those times you want a quick nap, it is always available for you.

You can easily follow the directions on the DIY project. Either one of these colors will impress friends and family, as they come complete with Cacti ridges.

4. DIY Cacti Succulents

Crochet Succulents
Crochet Succulents (from DMC)

This project that is available to order contains all the DIY patterns for different succulents. Simply purchase the colors recommended and begin your own DIY Succulents.

This is a good variety of patterns available just waiting for you to begin to crochet them.

5. Crochet Cacti DIY

Lily Sugar'n Cream Crochet Cacti
Lily Sugar’n Cream Crochet Cacti (from Yarnspirations)

These are small versions of very pretty cacti that not many of us are able to see. This DIY project will be done in a short time by you, in the colors recommended or a choice of your own colors.

The little cacti will look great in any room you place them in. They will add a splash of color and make you feel proud knowing that you did this yourself.

6. DIY Cacti Garden in a Bowl

Crochet Cactus Garden
Crochet Cactus Garden (from Spotlight)

This is on the intermediate scale for those who crochet. This DIY pattern includes a bowl and multiple cacti.

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This DIY project includes the pot, soil and five different cacti to crochet. Suggested colors and needle recommendation included in the plans. This project may take a slight bit longer than others, but it is worth it to have the full garden of cacti.

7. Ball Cactus DIY Project

Ball cactus
Ball cactus (from Nuria Álvarez)

The ball cacti is probably the most popular cactus that those who crochet like to do. It is a basic pattern that is easy to follow.

The yarn colors are simple, or could be switched up to your choice. The DIY pattern also includes a flower for the very top of the cactus. Another three dimensional project that is here for you. This also includes the pot and the dirt for the pot, in crochet form.

8. DIY Crochet Succulents

Crochet Succulents
Crochet Succulents (from Picot Pals)

These cute little succulents can be made so quickly that you could actually make a full garden in one day. The pattern will walk you through the steps to make a DIY succulent.

The yarn colors and size is suggested, but you can obviously make them in the color you want. The more stitches you make, the larger the succulent will become. This is a great project if you are waiting for Spring.

9. Valentine’s Cactus Buddy

Valentine Cactus Free Crochet Pattern
Valentine Cactus Free Crochet Pattern (from Elisa’s Crochet)

There is more than one day to say I love you to your favorite people. The little DIY standing cactus holding a red heart can be made for all your special people in life.

These are great for boys or girls. This does not come with a pattern for a pot, but you can use your own pot and fill it with gorgeous glass pieces to hold your loving cactus in place.

10. The Cutest Cactus Beanie

Crochet A Cactus Beanie For Your Baby!
Crochet A Cactus Beanie For Your Baby! (from Raffamusa Designs)

This pattern is for those who enjoy crocheting beanies and stocking caps for babies and toddlers. The DIY project turns a cute cactus into a warm hat.

The pom pom on the top can be made any color that your little one loves the most. This will not only warm the heart but also keep the head warm. This beanie pattern comes with the prickly points on the cactus also.

11. DIY Crochet Cactus in a Cup

Crochet Cactus In A Cup – Free Pattern!
Crochet Cactus In A Cup – Free Pattern! (from Paper and Landscapes)

A cute little cactus in a cup that can sit in a window and continue to look pretty.

With the ability to DIY crochet these, you can make as many of these as you want. Decorate all the windows in your home. These can be “planted” in spare coffee cups to help the environment.

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12. Cactus Bunny DIY Pin Cushion

Cactus Bunny Pin Cushion
Cactus Bunny Pin Cushion (from Momomints)

These little pincushions are not only gorgeous to look at, they are also beneficial to those who sew.

The pins get put into the cactus bunny and not on top of a desk where they can fall onto the floor and be stepped on. This little cactus bunny could be planted in a miniature pot or in another object that can hold plants of sorts.

13. Pals DIY Crochet Buddies

Agave And Aloe Crochet Cactus
Agave And Aloe Crochet Cactus (from Yarnspirations)

These two friends go together like Peanut Butter and jelly. They like to hang out together no matter where they are. Aloe and Agave can be made quickly when you follow the steps given to you in the pattern.

Cacti should be green in color, but go ahead and make them any color. As long as they are together that is all that they want, and for you to enjoy this DIY project.

14. Cactus Pillow Crochet Project

How To Crochet A Cactus Pillow- Free Pattern With Video
How To Crochet A Cactus Pillow (from A Crafty Concept)

This delightful DIY pillow is yours to make. It is an eye catcher that will sit on any piece of furniture and even a table.

The pillow has cactus ridges and looks very realistic, but it is much softer than a real cactus. You can follow the pattern you receive, it has very easy to understand directions and also includes the pattern for a succulent flower at the top of the cactus.

15. Crochet Cactus In A Pot

Crochet Cactus
Crochet Cactus (from Repeat Crafter Me)

This is a great DIY project for a rainy day. The cactus is made by following the instructions.

There are cactus spines crocheted into the cactus. But, fear not, these will not hurt when those little ones grab the plant to look at it. This cactus is a good size to dress up any table or stand in your home. The cactus stands 22 inches in height.

16. DIY Cactus Throw Blanket

Crochet Cactus Blanket Free Pattern
Crochet Cactus Blanket Free Pattern (from Nana’s Crafty Home)

This colorful throw blanket is the perfect size for a nap, along with your crochet pillow you have made also.

The colors are exactly to match what the desert would look like in Sedona. The bright light of the sun, the colors of the land, dark green for the cactus. This DIY project is so much fun to work on, you will want to make a few of these throws for your home.

17. Crocheted Dancing Cactus

How To Make A Crocheted Dancing Cactus (from Eman Fetyan)

This cute little dancing cactus will fit in the palm of your hand. He has a sweet and innocent goofy look on his face, jiggly eyes, just enough to put a huge smile on your face each day.

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He comes complete with a pot that you will also crochet, so he can stay put and dance the night away. Be sure to give him the prickly spikes on his body to look authentic.

18. Crocheted Cactus Handbag

Crochet Cactus Bag
Crochet Cactus Bag (from Adele Daisy Crochet)

This is a bag that all women and men should have. This crochet bag is super strong to hold your phone and wallet and also your keys.

The bag is not over-sized, it measures 8 inches if you count the cactus arms. The bag itself is 7 inches in length and 4 inches in depth, on the inside. Make it green, design it with a flower on the arms.

For those who like to be unique and stand out, this is the DIY project you must try.

19. Beginner Cute Cactus DIY Project

Cute Little Cactus Crochet Pattern
Cute Little Cactus Crochet Pattern (from Hooks&Sunshine)

These are so adorable everyone is going to be asking you to make them. They look like they belong in the desert in Arizona. They can be dressed Western Style to represent the desert.

These little cuties make perfect pin cushions though. One has a cute Western style hat, one has a flower on top. The third is plain but even more gorgeous.

20. Crocheted Cactus Keychain

How To Crochet Mini Cactus Keychain
How To Crochet Mini Cactus Keychain (from A Crafty Concept)

Ideal to hold all your keys and remind you of your favorite place of all. If Cacti are a type of plant you like, get this pattern so that you make your own cactus keychain.

This is a miniature of a classic cactus. It has a flower crocheted on top also. A simple project that would make great gifts.

21. DIY Succulent Plant

Succulent Plant
Succulent Plant (from Sabrina Boscolo)

Bring your own pot to plant your DIY succulent in when you are done crocheting it. A small, yet adorable round cactus with a flower at the top.

The flower crowns the cactus perfectly. This DIY cactus is simple enough to make a garden full of these beauties.

22. Cactus Ice Cream Cone

Cactus Ice Cream Cone Free Crochet Pattern
Cactus Ice Cream Cone (from Crochet For You)

Such a sweet dessert for someone you love! The pattern will include an ice cream cone that is also crocheted.

You will crochet and attach your cactus ice cream to the cone and enjoy looking at it on a warm day. Of course, you may want to run and buy some ice cream while you look at this cactus ice cream cone.

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