20 Cute Free Crochet Bee Patterns

by craftyclub

Crocheting is a classic activity done all over the world. Then you have those artists who can make more than an afghan or blanket. That is the talent, that is where it is at.

All of the projects in the list are available for free or purchase. The designers and creators of these patterns include the easy to follow directions. They also include notes of special interest if there is a tight area.

1. The Famous Tik Tok Bumble Bee

Amigurumi Bumblebee Pattern
Amigurumi Bumblebee Pattern (from Hooked by Robin)

This little dude was made famous on Tik Tok. Likely due to the simplicity and ease in which it takes to make this.

This cute little bee is the shape of an oval, with cute little bead eyes and a thin mouth, he is as harmless as he can ‘bee’. For this guy, you will want to use light chunky yarn and follow the directions set forth.

2. Free Crochet Bee Pattern

Free Crochet Bee Pattern
Free Crochet Bee Pattern (from Cuddly Stitches Craft)

Talk about winning your heart! This crocheted bee is a DIY project that you could do yourself. She has the shape of a real bee, she has cute beady eyes, antennae and a furry black stripe around her neck.

Top all that gorgeousness with a pair of wings and she is set to fly away. Keep her where you can see this beauty everyday and she will bring a smile to your face each time.

3. “Beeautifully” Plump DIY Bee

Tiktok Bee – Free Amigurumi Pattern
Tiktok Bee – Free Amigurumi Pattern (from Tiny Rabbit Hole)

This handsome or beautiful handmade bee is very easy to make. She too has become internet famous for her easy pattern and wonderful appearance.

This plump DIY bee has a set of small wings on her back, but don’t worry, she will not fly away far. She will steal your heart and make you want to make a few more of these cuties.

4. Chubby Bee DIY Project

Chubby Bumble Bee Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern
Chubby Bumble Bee Amigurumi (from Stringy Dingding)

This chubby little baby will be yours forever! He is just a small handful, but quite easy to make. He has a cute fluffy brown ring around his neck that resembles a scarf. So he is fashionable too.

He, too, has antennae and wings, but promises to never leave your side. He can be made with simple and easy to read directions and just a couple of colors of yarn. It is really hard to resist this little fellow.

5. Freebie Bee Pattern

Free Crochet Bee Pattern
Free Crochet Bee Pattern (from Grace and Yarn)

Another absolutely adorable bee! This girl is a little larger than others, which makes her the perfect companion for your kids or grandkids.

Considering this is an easy DIY project, you could be making many of these for all the kids in the neighborhood. An authentic-looking bee, larger, so she must be the Queen, a smiling and bright face will delight all who look at her.

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6. Three of a Kind DIY

TikTok Bee Crochet Pattern In 3 Sizes
TikTok Bee Crochet Pattern In 3 Sizes (from Crafting Happiness)

Imagine what a great deal this is with three cute little bees to please your heart. An easy to succeed DIY project that is almost out of this world.

You will be the “star” when you give this set to someone you love dearly. Yellow with black stripes to adorn the body, cute little wings to resemble flight, and cute little faces on each of these.

7. DIY Applique Bumble Bee

Crochet Bumble Bee Applique Pattern
Crochet Bumble Bee Applique Pattern (from Maria’s Blue Crayon)

A little decoration to make decor more fun. This is a DIY project that will continue to please day after day.

A simple Bumble Bee applique that can be attached to a jacket, towels, clothing or even a purse. This one is an amazing DIY project.

This applique has cute little safety eye buttons. There is no need to think that the safety eye will poke through any item it is attached to. The back of the safety eye can be melted down to prevent such an issue.

8. Free Amigurumi Crochet Bee Pattern

Amigurumi Bee Free Crochet Pattern
Amigurumi Bee Free Crochet Pattern (from Mohu)

If you know how to crochet, this is the pattern you would order first. This bee will be created from the tail end to the front.

You will sew on his wings and give him shiny eyes. This DIY pattern can be done in less than an hour for those who know how to crochet. Slightly more if you are a newbie to the art, but still will not take long.

9. DIY Crochet Bee Handbag

Crochet Bumble Bee Backpack Free Pattern
Crochet Bumble Bee Backpack Free Pattern (from Crochet For You)

This is the one! This bag is not only really cute and looks like a bee, but when you fill the purse, it will become a fat little bee.

He has a gorgeous set of wings and a very cute face on the front of the purse. This is an ideal size for younger kids, as an overnight bag to the grandparents, a bag to put dolls or cars in. This bag is perfect for kids, because they are always as busy as a bee too.

10. DIY Classic Bee

Crochet Bee
Crochet Bee (from Instructables)

This is a little cutie, who just wants a friend or two. This bee is plump and pale yellow with stripes. A set of cute little wings and shiny black eyes complete the bee.

This one has an easy to follow pattern along with the directions. Simplicity at it’s finest. This bee pattern is also adjustable to make it even better.

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11. DIY Bee Hat and Bum Cover

Crochet Bumble Bee Hat And Tushie Cover Pattern
Crochet Bumble Bee Hat (from Repeat Crafter Me)

This set alone is so absolutely incredible and adorable, but put it on a little baby, and Oh my! You have something so precious and perfect!

This sweet little bum cover for the baby has an appropriate sized stinger, and the hat has the matching antennae. What little baby would not look cute wearing this set? This pattern also includes the pattern for larger-sized hats also.

12. Super Cute Tiny DIY Bumble Bee

Crochet Bee
Crochet Bee (from Crochet 365 Knit Too)

A super cute and tiny version of a DIY Crochet Bumble Bee. The Bumble Bee is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet big enough to sit alone on his own.

A tiny little way to put a huge smile on the faces of those you love. Yellow and black, with cute eyes and antennae. A pair of tiny wings to help him imagine flying.

13. DIY Soft Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee Free Crochet Pattern
Bumble Bee Free Crochet Pattern (from Spin a Yarn Crochet)

Time to take a rest and lay your weary head down on this cute little DIY Crocheted Bee.

This gorgeous crocheted Bumble Bee could be a child’s cuddly friend, it could also serve to decorate the room of a babies’ nursery room. An easy to accomplish pattern gives you simple directions to make your own Soft Bumble Bee.

14. Impish and Soft DIY Bumble Bee

Amigurumi Bee Free Crochet Pattern
Amigurumi Bee Free Crochet Pattern (from Asmi Handmade)

This little guy looks like he is all confused. He has such an adorable cartoon-like face that just makes one want to smile at him.

This guy comes complete with arms, legs, cute facial features and antennae. Bright yellow body with thin black stripes make him a realistic appearing soul.

15. Teeny Tiny Amigurumi DIY Bee

Tiny Bee Amigurumi
Tiny Bee Amigurumi (from The Wandering Deer)

Not even the size of a handful for this cute little DIY bumblebee. As a matter of fact, the size of this cute little bumble bee is perfect for a keychain. This would also help to not lose your keys.

No one would want to misplace this cute little Bumble Bee. This could also be used as a zipper clip on a jacket, purse or bookbag. Careful though, you will likely receive requests for many more. The designer has included easy-to-follow directions so that you can make your own teen Tiny Amigurumi Bumble Bee.

16. Baby DIY Bumble Bee Toy

Bee Stuffed Toy
Bee Stuffed Toy (from Raffamusa Designs)

This will make a great little toy for your baby to hold onto when they are small. You can add this to a soft stick or rattle as the baby gets older.

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Such a super cute face, little stinger on the bum and antennae to show you he means business. Let this little one age with your baby, when they are an adult, you can turn this into a keychain so they can carry it everywhere.

17. DIY Snuggle Sack for Infants

Bernat Bumble Bee Crochet Snuggle Sack
Bernat Bumble Bee Crochet Snuggle Sack (from Yarnspirations)

An adorable snuggle sack to place your infant in. The sack makes a baby feel secure. For those rough and wily little ones, with this snuggle sack they cannot kick the blankets off during nap time or sleep time.

This adorable Bumble Bee Snuggle Sack that you can make yourself is perfectly suited for an infant. The snuggle sack comes complete with a complete set of wings and a tiny little stinger on the bottom of the sack.

18. Chunky Bumble Bee Slippers DIY

Chunky Bee Slippers
Chunky Bee Slippers (from Ribblr)

A perfect gift for any teen or adult in your life. Especially if you live in the cold regions. A pair of cute and chunky bumble bee slippers that will keep their feet warm and toasty.

The slippers can be crocheted in whatever color is the favorite for the person you are giving them to. At least the main color. Stripes can still be black, and there is still an adorable face stitched onto the face of the bumblebee. There is a set of wings that go along with this pattern also.

This pattern is available in multiple sizes so you could DIY a pair for everyone you know. Just think about how many toes you would be keeping warm next winter.

19. DIY Soft Bee Pillowrochet Bumble Bee Pillow

Crochet Bumble Bee Pillow
Crochet Bumble Bee Pillow (from While They Dream)

This pillow is the perfect size to keep on your sofa or on a chair. It is great to take a nap and lay your head on this one.

Done up in gray and yellow for this pattern, the colors could be changed up and made the classic black and yellow. Crocheting a pillow may be one of the easiest DIY projects you do, especially when you have these easy to follow directions.

20. DIY Bumble Blanket

Busy Bumble Blanket
Busy Bumble Blanket (from Bella Coco Crochet)

This is the perfect blanket or throw you could set on your sofa or chair. A large honeycomb appearing blanket that not only keeps honey warm, but will also keep you warm and cozy.

Adorned with a few separate busy bees in different stages of flight. No worries though, this blanket will not fly away from you, it stays in place and does the job astoundingly.

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