Crocheting vs. Knitting: Which Is Easier?

by craftyclub

It might be challenging to decide which yarn craft to do. This article will cover aspects like which craft is faster, which requires more yarn, and, most importantly, if crochet is better than knitting to help you decide.

What Is Crochet? 

What Is Crochet? 

Crochet is a needlecraft in which you use a hook to make cloth out of yarn loops. You may use crochet to create various items ranging from blankets and scarves to caps and garments.

Crochet may be the right pastime for you if you’re searching for a fun, creative way to spend your leisure time!

Nobody knows when or where crochet began, although it is said to have originated in either Arabia or China. Crochet as we know it now spread to Europe in the 1800s and has grown in popularity ever since.

What Is Knitting?

What Is Knitting?

Knitting is a fiber craft in which a yarn thread is woven into a sequence of loops to form cloth. Knitting is one of the most accessible types of textile craft since you can do it with just two needles and a ball of yarn. 

Because there are several styles of knitting, the knitting definition is broad. It is also a very adaptable craft capable of producing a broad range of final products.

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Knitted materials have been found dating back to the fifth century CE. Some of the oldest knitted items were discovered in Egypt, but while archaeologists are unsure where knitting started, they believe it originated in the Middle East. 

Crochet Vs. Knitting

Which Is Easier?

Crochet is generally simpler than knitting. The crochet requires only one hook, no stitch movement between needles, and is less prone to unravel. 

Crocheters will notice that their projects go more rapidly after mastering the five fundamental crochet stitches.

Crocheting and knitting both feature simple stitches, but crochet has more depth. As with everything worthwhile, you learn some understanding and motor control of the necessary abilities.

Knitting is frequently the favored method for manufacturing garments since the finished fabric is more elastic and drapey than crocheted fabric, and the textures are finer. 

If you’re considering whether to knit or crochet a blanket, many individuals choose to crochet larger sections since crocheting is faster than knitting.

Yarn Usage

In general, you will require 1/3 or 33% more yards while crocheting than when knitting. The size of the needles and hooks, the sort of project, and even the crocheter’s tension make a difference.

Many people believe that one type of yarn is only good for one form of craft. However, this is not always the case.

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Some people believe that most yarn store proprietors are knitters, but they are more informed about their art than the consumer.

Crocheters sometimes rely on major retail firms to obtain what they need because they aren’t always as skillful as they should be.

Many yarn manufacturers give information on both knitting and crochet. The label describes how the yarn will behave, the needle or hook that is best suited for it, and the number of stitches that you may make every 4 inches.

Stitching Patterns

Knitting and crocheting are distinct in two ways. First, stitches are normally knitted from left to right across the row on the needle. When crocheting, the stitches travel from right to left on the chain.

The second major distinction is that when you knit, your work remains on the right-hand needle as you work on it. 

In crochet, your work is transferred to a new hook every time you add new row and return to the right needle for knitting.

Which One Should You Study?

We recommend crochet for beginners. The materials and procedures are simple, making learning easier than other crafts. It’s also a relatively simple self-taught pastime. 

Knitting or sewing are good places to start if you want to learn more about textiles. Children who begin knitting as early as possible might develop more complicated abilities. 

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The nice part about knitting is that it allows for more elaborate patterns. Some projects employ many approaches. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 



  • Pieces that you make by crocheting are firmer, making them perfect for thicker pieces like blankets or any other material or pieces that don’t need a drape effect
  • You use one hook instead of two needles, which means fewer tools to drop or misplace
  • Crocheting is less prone than knitting to unraveling by accident. This is a great advantage of crocheting over knitting when learning how to crochet
  • Crocheting is sometimes easier to learn than knitting since you don’t have to shuttle the stitches back and forth between needles


  • Crochet designs are more difficult to find than knitting patterns
  • Crochet crafts utilize more yarn than knitting tasks and might be more costly



  • Advanced knitters can make apparel that resembles high-quality knits sold in stores
  • Knitting is easy for many individuals to learn (but this is also individual)
  • Knitting designs for sophisticated tasks are widely accessible
  • Knitted goods can be fairly stretchable depending on the stitch pattern utilized
  • Knitted clothing has a greater drape, which many people find more appealing


  • Some individuals dislike the sound of knitting needles clicking against one another
  • Knitting demands a lot of patience because the procedure may be time-consuming
  • Dropping stitches is a serious issue while knitting, and it may ruin a whole project if you’re not cautious

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