26 Diy Puzzle Box Plans You Can Make Yourself

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Have you ever thought about what is a puzzle box and how it works? Puzzle boxes are a fun and challenging way to keep your valuables safe and your mind sharp.

These intricate boxes can be tricky to open, but with a little bit of know-how, you can make one yourself!

In this article, we’ve rounded up 26 DIY puzzle box plans that you can make using a variety of materials and tools. From wooden boxes with hidden compartments to boxes with complex locking mechanisms, these plans have something for everyone.

Get ready to put your skills to the test and make your own puzzle box today!

1. Crazy Wood Puzzle Box

Make a CRAZY Wood Puzzle Box
Make a CRAZY Wood Puzzle Box (from Newton Makes)

This crazy Japanese-fashioned wood box is all you need to give a jump start. It is a 12-step box with a hinge of maple interior and a slightly darkened exterior. It is made precisely in a zigzag manner.

The whole design is outstanding and requires numerous woodworking methods. The finishing of the product is done by applying wax for the smooth movement of the pieces. Now, all you need is to set your mood, play some soft and calm music and start opening the box to see what’s inside!

2. Can You Open It Puzzle Box

DIY Puzzle Box - Can You Open It
DIY Puzzle Box – Can You Open It (from Tuan Djeems)

DIY puzzle box plans are always fun to make and might turn out as great gifts for your friends and family.

It may sound unbelievable how inexpensive the materials are. All it demands is some creativity and effort. This puzzle box is a tricky one and opening it is indeed a brainstorming activity.

All the parts are accurately cut and assembled. The entire making process is done in a way to ensure frictionless sliding of the fragments. It is to be kept in mind that the box can only be opened if you know the secret hold and who else would know it better than the creator himself?

3. Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box

Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box
Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box (from Instructables)

You might have heard of the puzzle boxes but this one’s quite extraordinary.

It involves a series of steps and some hidden tools and elements that once unveiled are used in an unanticipated way to open the box and so solving the puzzle becomes an escapade. This tiny piece requires the opening of a drawer that can only be done once you know the concept of decoding the hints carved on its top face. The most crucial steps are laser cutting and placing magnets in the right way if not all the effort goes in vain. The last steps involve sanding the parts and waxing for effortless moving. 

There you go! The puzzling puzzle box is all set to amaze your friends.

4. Puzzle Box Safe

Puzzle Box
Puzzle Box (from Instructables)

This one is a pretty, simple constructed puzzle box, yet capable of testing your friend’s IQ.

The manufacturing method is pretty straightforward and traditional. All the parts are cut to the perfect dimensions, put together nicely, sanded to prevent interferences, and colored using a red oak stain. The overall appearance is that of a segmented board but your part is to unlock the drawer amidst the fractions which is no easy task. 

5. Faux Lid Puzzle Box

Faux Lid Puzzle Box
Faux Lid Puzzle Box (from Jeffrey Sodemann)

This decorated box within a box style is quite deceptive in a way that when it seems done, there is still much work to be done to solve the puzzle.

Poplar is chopped into a box form with six sides and the sides are glued together. The exterior is made from a couple of inches of oak. After the box is made it is lubricated with paraffin wax and sanded nicely using a belt sander. To create the appearance of a typically secured box with a flip lid, it makes use of the hasp, hinges, and lock. It is to be noticed that the brass metal drawer is well disguised within the structure.

Now, it is your luck to find out!

6. LEGO Puzzle Box

Build Your Very Own LEGO® Puzzle Box
Build Your Very Own LEGO® Puzzle Box (from Art of Play)

LEGO puzzle boxes are the talk of the town. These have attracted people from around the globe for their uniqueness and mechanical tricks.

To make this puzzle box you will need Lego elements that include a concealed drawer, a tool, and a chamber to hide the tool. To make the drawer a 4 by 4 plate is used along with bricks to act as the symmetrical walls. Now, a layer of bricks is added that shrouds the locking mechanism for the drawer.

Interestingly, the top of the box consists of layers of plates and tiles. When all the pieces have been assembled, you can begin the puzzle’s solution by attempting to fit every piece within the box. After that, you can try the challenging mode by removing two or more pieces and reassembling them by just sliding them between your fingertips.

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7. Dovetail Puzzle Box

Dovetail Puzzle Box
Dovetail Puzzle Box (from Woodarchivist)

Although this puzzle box might appear simple, it is a work of outstanding craftsmanship. For those who want to start learning about woodworking, it works well.

Its three primary parts are the bottom, the lid, and a lock that opens up using two keys. The keys determine how the bottom fits the cover, making it the most crucial component. The pieces fit together easily thanks to the wooden hinges and straightforward dovetail design.

 This puzzle box can be solved by applying a small amount of adhesive at the proper location to the ends of the keyways and keys. By doing this, you can be confident that your joints will move freely.

8. Secret Lock Puzzle Box

Build Your Own (Secret Lock) Puzzle Box
Build Your Own (Secret Lock) Puzzle Box (from Ken Feltwell)

This fantastic and distinctive Creative Craft house puzzle box can be ideal for storing presents or surprises inside. On the outside, a name or message may also be attractively laseretched. Each end of the box includes five slidings “keys.”

To enable the lid to unlock, you must arrange these keys precisely in the proper orientation. Although difficult, it is possible with perseverance. The box’s external measurements are 5 1/8″ “x 3″ x 3″. The box’s internal dimensions are 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ x 2 1/8”.

9. 4-Step Puzzle Box

How to Make a Simple 4 Step Puzzle Box (Out of a Log)
How to Make a Simple 4 Step Puzzle Box (from Secret Stash Bros Builds)

Even though it takes around 15 minutes to finish, this puzzle box has been the easiest of all the ones we have so far cracked. But overall, this box’s construction is straightforward.

The main box’s general design follows a common pattern.

Before you nail and glue everything together, you will need to do these two tasks. The first is that to slide in the two locking panels that you will be building; you will need to create some dadoes along the long edges of your box. The other is that you must maintain one end of the box apart from the remainder. This is necessary because the end piece will need to be divided into two sections to conceal one of your box’s locking mechanisms.  The right knob must be turned to align the peg below the panel with the pre-drilled hole and open the box. Once the peg is aligned, you can pull up the knob to fully raise the panel. After doing this, you can slide the second panel back toward the first panel to reach the box and remove the end piece.

10. Puzzler Puzzle Box

Puzzler Puzzle Box
Puzzler Puzzle Box (from Diy Puzzles)

Hang in there, people! You won’t know where to begin unfastening this puzzle box with this Chinese-inspired puzzle box.

The layout is straightforward to design, however, the opening mechanism is a little challenging. Six detachable panels are housed in this substantial wooden box, which is secured with wooden pegs and magnets.  Because this works so well as a storage box, you won’t have to worry about where to place your treasures.

11. Wooden Puzzle Box

Wooden Puzzle Box
Wooden Puzzle Box (from Instructables)

This puzzle box is distinctive since it is not made in the same way as a regular box and lacks hinges, lids, and latches. Some people call these boxes Chinese puzzle boxes since they have Chinese ancestry.

This puzzle box is the coolest you’ll ever see. Anyone would adore receiving it as a present. All you have to do to open the box miraculously is a pinch or pinch diagonally in and then pull out and there you go, you have solved the puzzle!

12. Nail Puzzle Box

Nail Puzzle Box
Nail Puzzle Box (from Instructables)

Do you know somebody who likes to solve puzzles? The 3D wooden block puzzle and the unlucky horseshoe may be some of the other puzzles they already own, but this one would undoubtedly be a favorite.

All you need is some long hobby wood, some screws, and nails. The box’s sides are sanded after being cut to the proper lengths and widths. The inside lids are constructed from the same 1/2″ thick wood and secured with glue, screws, and nails.

Finally, the components are put together by carefully inserting the knob into the hole.

Let’s see how your friends handle this one!

13. Cargo Boat

Cargo Boat
Cargo Boat (from Diy Puzzles)

This box features a simple but entertaining project. It appears to be a little wooden boat. However, there is a secret compartment within when you open it!

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There is a ship’s chimney, side cabinet, central station, and hatch cover. First, pull out the chimney, then take the side cabinet, slide it to the side, unscrew the central station, and remove the hatch cover. Open the box by turning the lid. Finish it up by oiling it with boiled linseed oil.

14. Cube Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box making and solution
Puzzle Box making and solution (from Progress)

This cubic puzzle box has a 21-step opening mechanism that is a bit painstaking task!

However, this is a wonderful project to polish your woodworking abilities, and the end product is a lovely box that you may cherish for a very long time. This wooden puzzle treasure chest is made to store valuables like jewels, coins, or other collections. The puzzle box is simple to put together and take apart and has a high-quality wood stain finish. It is a fun task for individuals who wish to keep their treasure in a fascinating puzzle box, making it the perfect present item to keep or give away.

Great for woodworkers of any skill level. Using grooves and bevels, you must solve the puzzle of how to assemble the six components.

15. Puzzle Box with Changeable Combination

Puzzle Box - With Changeable Combination
Puzzle Box – With Changeable Combination (from Instructables)

The box can be found in a dungeon and after that, players can spend the rest of the adventure looking for signs that lead to their help. It is created in a way that the combination may be altered, creating a brand-new adventure each time it is found.

The box’s simple design relies on three rotating cams with flat edges. The numerals are represented by symbols. The cams are made from a cam wheel and collar. By carefully drilling a small hole through the side wall of the box, the lid is fastened to the center of the box. Masking tape is used on the drill. And there you go! All that’s left to do is sand and decorate your box. 

16. DIY Escape Room Locked Box

DIY Escape room LockBox puzzle
DIY Escape room LockBox puzzle (from Inspire To Make)

Here is the puzzle box meant for an escape room. To uncover it, you must align all the pieces in the right combination.

To solve the puzzle box inside, the team must first open the hasp and lock it outside the box using the supplied key. This kit includes a medium-level puzzle box that creates a lifelike image of a phoenix and easy openers to help with the more challenging puzzles. 

The puzzle box is substantially lighter than the original ones because the scarab is constructed of plastic resin. With this version, openers will never get stuck! Each opening tool fits into the scarab with ease.

17. Old Movie Camera Puzzle Box

Old movie camera
Old movie camera (from Diy Puzzles)

Puzzle gamers are fairly familiar with this Japanese-inspired puzzle box. Two panels – the top and bottom – make up the camera. While some components are fixed, others can be removed and utilized as decorations.

If you’ve made boxes before, this project won’t be too hard for you. It can be beneficial to make the cubic box using the most recent software so get your hands on it since cutting the box to the proper proportion is an essential step in the process. Once the box is made, you can shape it into various structures.

18. Cool Wooden Handmade Dice Puzzle Box

Cool Wooden Handmade Dice Puzzle Box
Cool Wooden Handmade Dice Puzzle Box (from Think Make Share)

Discovering what’s inside this nasty wooden box doesn’t entail any element of luck.

If you enjoy playing dice or are a gambler, you must own this puzzle box. It is beautifully constructed and requires 29 moves to open.

This appealing die-shaped puzzle box is trickier than it appears. Can you get the box open? Set the box with the “1” side facing up, and rotate it to “2,” “3,” and finally “6,” and you’ve solved the puzzle. You will be able to slide the top from this side and unlock the puzzle box when it reaches the number “6.”

19. The Red Stone Puzzle Box

The Red Stone Puzzle Box With Plans
The Red Stone Puzzle Box With Plans (from Instructables)

In addition to the Red Stone, there are 8 blocks utilized in this puzzle. There are just four distinct shapes with one- and two-inch thicknesses apiece. The cutting of the blocks was made incredibly simple by the accuracy of my new crosscut sled.

It has dimensions that are 1 1/2″ thick and 3/4″ thick. The blocks are finished with Tung Oil, paste wax, and 220-grit sanding. These feel good in addition to looking good. The natural color and grain of the wood are only enhanced by tung oil. The Red Stone’s natural-looking red tint. The wood looks like cocobolo. 

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Although it is not a particularly challenging puzzle to solve, it does make a very appealing gift. one that will make the audience gasp.

20. Mini Puzzle Box

Mini Puzzle Box
Mini Puzzle Box (from Induku Design)

Want to amaze your friends? This mini box is great to work to trick your mates!

All you need to prepare this unique and handy piece is some wooden sheets and a laser-cutting technique. Colored cardboard is used, and the pieces adhere. By navigating the interior maze, you can find the hidden drawer. This puzzle box makes an exciting addition to your home and a thoughtful present for your friends.

21. Custom Puzzle Box

How to Make A Secret Lock Puzzle Box
How to Make A Secret Lock Puzzle Box (from Minnesota Cold)

You can create a unique puzzle box with code-locked, hidden compartments. You won’t find a secret compartment box with keys, magnets, combination dials, patterns, or secret codes that are more difficult, mysterious, cryptic, impossible, old, complex, and challenging than this one.

To make the dials drill the circles out of plywood. Small pieces of dowels keep the drawer from opening until the crank numbers are lined up with the arrows. To open the box’s top, use the hidden key. Until you acquire the right, the container will remain locked. Now, align these two dials with the appropriate shapes for the problems.

22. Rotating Maze Disc Puzzle Box

I made a Rotating Maze Disc Puzzle Box from Cardboard
I made a Rotating Maze Disc Puzzle Box from Cardboard (from AnimePlus)

This box includes a rotating maze disc constructed of 18 layers of cardboard (Kraft) sheets that have been adhered together. It has no keys and may be opened without a password or registered button if you can figure out the mind-boggling secret that is buried inside.

The four pieces on the left are all identical, but different from the two on the right. The two pieces on the right will make the maze appears impossible to navigate when these six parts are put together. However, if you trim the pin at the proper length, you can remedy the problem.

23. Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box
Puzzle Box (from Bagration)

This one is quite easy to make.

The dials were made from two pieces of board. One is used to remove the middle dial and the top portion of the box. To remove the outer and inner dials, use the other tool. Strong earth magnets are included in tiny tubular devices. In essence, there is a pin with a couple of magnets in the “door”, there are a few magnets in a void space that will turn with the outer dial, a void space in the middle dial for the magnets to travel through, and magnets in the inner dial to pull the whole thing back when all dials are lined up.

24. Unabox

Puzzle Box (Unabox)
Puzzle Box (Unabox) (from Instructables)

This condensed version of Unbox can be constructed using simple tools and knowledge.

Trim bottom to 8.25″ x 5.175″. Measure 8.25″ x 2.75″ on both sides. Add a blind hole to the end of the T. this will be the locking mechanism for the top. A blind A 3/8″ hole was added for the sliding top. To put it together, join the sides and ends to the bottom piece. You can accomplish this using glue, nails, screws, etc. Place pins and an inner block. You can attach the block however you choose. These pieces have pins stuck inside of them. As the last step, insert the locking pin.

25. Diy Safe Locker

Build an Amazing Puzzle Box from Cardboard
Build an Amazing Puzzle Box from Cardboard (from SKM)

The unlocking mechanism for this hexagonal-shaped puzzle box will leave you puzzled for the rest of your day. It is perfect for the safekeeping of your precious items.

The desired sketch drawn on paper is cut out of cardboard. Similar steps are followed for the components that rotate at the top. On a cardboard sheet, holes are drilled, and the components are then fastened. The box top can be opened when lined up in a certain order.

26. Wooden puzzle box plan

Wooden puzzle box plan
Wooden puzzle box plan (from Craftsmanspace)

This wooden puzzle box is entertaining in the way that it has two opening mechanisms.

Only a careful motion or pushing the right box components can be used to open these boxes. The dovetailed slider, shaped like a swallow’s tail, holds the box closed and keeps it from opening. The dovetailed slider passes through a groove that is identical in shape to that of the dovetailed side components.

To open the box, one dovetailed side must fit into the groove, which requires shifting the dovetailed slider.

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