10 Creative Diy Planter Ideas For Your Patio

by craftyclub
Chandelier Planter Tutorial

It’s undeniable that greenery is the protagonist of outdoor decorations. Regardless of the type you prefer, it’s clear they make a difference in the beauty and aesthetic pleasantness of your patio and garden.

But plants and flowers alone are not enough.

Taking this into consideration, you must never neglect another fundamental element in outdoor decorations – planters.

Beyond providing sturdy support for your preferred type of houseplant, planters are also a perfect creative outlet – they allow you to customize your spaces and add your personality in every area.

The best part is that they don’t have to be expensive – keep reading to discover the best DIY planters for your patio.


Chandelier Planter Tutorial
Chandelier Planter Tutorial (via DiyShowOff)

The elegance of a chandelier mixed the rustic charm of an outdoor planter – it may sound like an oxymoronic combination, but nothing further from the truth.

Transform your patio and give it an innovative touch by designing a planter chandelier from scratch. Other than being breathtaking in its beauty, it allows you to maximize the use of available space in your patio by taking an aerial approach.

All you require is a spare, cheap chandelier and some creativity—let your imagination fly alongside your plants!


DIY Floating Planter for Water Gardens and Ponds
DIY Floating Planter for Water Gardens and Ponds (via Garden Therapy)

If you have a backyard water feature or a pond – why not add some bright color to it? You can do that with a brand-new floating planter made at home in no time.

This tutorial instructs how to create a buoyant planter, the type that will give your water garden an extra touch of creativity without much effort. The only materials you need are readily available everywhere, and you can complete the project in a few hours at most.

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Diy Vertical Planter Garden
Diy Vertical Planter Garden (via Helpful Homemade)

When it comes to decoration, it’s essential to make wise use of the available space. Such a truth is fundamental even when it comes to gardening and outdoor areas – and this is precisely the main reason behind the rise in popularity of vertical gardens.

Keeping that in mind, we have brought forward an incredibly creative and fun project for you to try. Make use of stair risers and average planter boxes to create an innovative stair-like vertical garden – it will give a rustic-chic air to your patio, and you will get extra space for all your green thumb needs.


DIY Concrete Hand Planters
DIY Concrete Hand Planters (via DIY Fun Ideas)

Make it seem as if Mother Nature’s own hands nurture the wellbeing of your plants at home by creating these delightful hand planters and bowls.

All you need to make it work is a concrete mix and plastic gloves, that’s it! Pour the cement inside and shape the glove as you see fit, then leave it overnight so it will dry in the preferred position.

Sounds easy? That’s because it is, so make sure to check the tutorial to get your hands to work on these hands.


Birdcage Succulent Planter
Birdcage Succulent Planter (via Garden Therapy)

If you have a damaged or spare birdcage you no longer use, consider bringing it back to life by turning it into a planter for succulents or any other type of plant you want.

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This tutorial, in particular, focus on succulents as the centerpiece of a beautiful birdcage planter. Pick your favorite ones and get a hold of coconut coir – it works as a nest to hold the soil and your plants.

Your resources condition your limits, but your creativity is endless – give it a try!


DIY Pallet Planter
DIY Pallet Planter (via 2 Moms And A Startup)

Do you happen to have a forgotten pallet lying around? Possibly more than one? You’ll be delighted to know that with some minimal work and a lot of creativity you can transform it into the most charming of planters.

Equip yourself with some soil and weed-blocking fabric, then follow the steps indicated by this lovely tutorial. The final result will be a charming planter with a certain rustic charm that will entice anyone around, not to mention its vertical feature allows you to have more plants without using extra space.


DIY Solar Light Planters
DIY Solar Light Planters (via Average Inspired)

Patios and backyards tend to be locations meant for the sunlight—their beauty is hard to appreciate in the dark of the night.

This original tutorial has the perfect solution for this common predicament: solar light planters. All you need is a group of terra cotta pots, solar lights, and miscellaneous items you already have at home.

Not only will they add elegance, height, and structure to your regular planters, but they will also light up your patio during the darkest hours.


Diy: Modular Geometric Concrete Planters
Diy: Modular Geometric Concrete Planters (via A Piece Of Rainbow)

Wouldn’t you like to have a planter that changes shape to whatever you prefer, in an instant? The possibilities would be endless.

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This tutorial, while not a step-by-step guide on how to perform shapeshifting, is the second best thing available for you – geometrical concrete planters.

Each of these lovely small planters is a perfect equilateral triangle, meaning you can make as many as you’d like, and arrange them into any position you desire. Change the look of your patio without any effort -or extra expenses.


Chalkboard Planters With Folkart Stencils And Pain
Chalkboard Planters With Folkart Stencils And Paint (via Tried And True)

Growing herbs is rewarding – they can bring out the best flavors in any dish, and also make fantastic decorations for patios and outdoor spaces.

But there is a problem – those herbs look so similar to one another. How to tell them apart? You get adorable chalkboard planters, of course!

Get hold of some terra cotta pots, chalkboard paint, and our handy tutorial. You will have, in a single afternoon, delicate-looking planters that will save you the headache of mixing flowers again.


Raised Patio Planter
Raised Patio Planter (via Lowes)

Small planters are not for everyone.

For example, some prefer a large centerpiece for their patio – a single planter that will draw everyone’s eyes at first glance.

This Raised Patio Planter is tailor-made for those that seek more elaborate constructions. It is a bit more expensive than other items on this list—not to mention it requires a weekend of hard work – but it’s nothing your woodworking skills and talents cannot handle with some woodworking skills and resources.

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