How To Remove Stickers From Your Glasses

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How To Remove Stickers From Your Glasses

Is there stubborn adhesive residue or sticker residue on your glass? Here’s how to remove ugly muck without leaving scratches or damage behind. 

Nothing is more aggravating than attempting to remove stubborn stickers that don’t peel right off from your new or used glasses and give you a hard time. 

The glue just won’t come off, leaving shredded paper and a gooey area of adhesive behind. You could be tempted to use something sharp and aggressive but this will do your glasses more harm than good.

This is because a sharp and harsh object can easily scratch and ruin your glass surfer and destroy its beauty and value over nothing but an annoying sticker. 

Instead, here are a few quick and easy ways to remove stickers off the glass using ordinary home objects or carefully specialized treatments.

Make Use Of Home Cleaners

When utilized correctly, this procedure is dependable to remove stickers from the glass while causing minimum harm. 

Allow window cleaner to seep into the sticker for 10-30 minutes. Then, scrape away any remaining sticker and residue using a razor blade.

This procedure may take some time because you will likely need to spray, scrape, and repeat several times while pulling the sticker from the glass until it is entirely gone. 

If you don’t want to use something as harsh as a razor blade, consider replacing it with an old credit card and utilizing the edge as a “scraper”.

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Use Masking Tape 

Using extra adhesive, believe it or not, will remove tenacious sticky from a glass object. 

Take a strip of masking or other strong tape and wrap it around your fingers backward, sticky side out, as if you were attempting to put a parcel together without the tape showing. 

Apply pressure on the adhesive side of the tape firmly against the sticker to be removed, then peel away rapidly as if removing a band-aid. The tape should remove some of the stickers and glue. 

Repeat as needed. Make a new tape loop whenever the tape appears to lose stickiness; this procedure works similarly to a lint roller.

Employ Cooking Oil

Another option for fuss-free sticker removal is to use cooking oil. Because they function in the same way, these oils are equally effective. 

Because oil dissolves oil, they will aid in the breakdown of the oil-based adhesive that makes the sticker stuck and make it easier to remove.

For the best results, spread your favorite cooking sauce around a teaspoon onto the sticker’s surface and let it soak in for 10 minutes. 

Then, remove the sticker by gently peeling or rubbing it off with your fingertips. Once the glue has broken down, the paper portion of the sticker should peel off easily. 

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To avoid stains, clean the glass afterward with warm water and dish soap.

Make Use Of Some Soap

Soak the area with hot water for 10 to 20 minutes is the simplest and most basic technique to remove stickers and adhesives from a glass surface. Boiling water may cause the glass to break.

The heat of the water and the chemicals in the soap will help break down the adhesive, and you should be able to easily scrape the sticker away after a few minutes. 

The sharp edge of something like an old gift card will suffice. If the glass surface is bigger than you can immerse, wet a large sponge or soft cloth and place it over the sticker.

Natural Approach To Removing Stickers

Eucalyptus oil naturally breaks down stubborn sticky and goopy messes, making it ideal for removing window stickers.

Scrub the sticker and residue with a wet towel and a few drops of eucalyptus oil until the sticky residue peels off the glass.

Grab The Alcohol

After applying rubbing alcohol to the sticker, wait a few minutes before softly peeling it away from the glass. You can use the acetone in nail polish to dissolve the adhesives found behind stickers. 

Use it similarly to rubbing alcohol or to remove very hard nail paint – dab it on a cotton ball, apply it to the sticker, wait a few minutes, and then peel or wipe off the sticker and any leftover glue.

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Multipurpose Your Hair Dryer

Do you have a hairdryer? Pull out to remove stickers off the glass. If soaking in hot, soapy water does not remove the sticker or adhesive mess, use a hair dryer to blast the area with hot air. 

To avoid burning your fingertips, keep the glass object away from the region where you apply the heat. Blast the sticker’s surface with hot hair from your ordinary hair drier to make it function. 

When the glass surface begins to heat up, swiftly scrape off the sticker before it cools. The hair dryer’s heat will melt the glue, allowing it to separate from the glass without harming it.


Avoid using harsh means or too much pressure to remove stickers off of glass surfaces such as sharp razors or scouring pads. 

These are all slightly too aggressively abrasive and can easily create permanent scratches on your glass that won’t come out. 

If everything else fails, you may discover that removing the stickers is more difficult than it is worth. Rather than “simply putting up with” the stickers, discover local window repair and replacement pros who will leave your windows sticker-free and crystal clear.

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