14 DIY Bed Fan Projects To Try to Try This Summer

by craftyclub

Did you know that temperature has a strong relationship with sleep? Many people who have trouble falling asleep realize that by slightly lowering their body temperature before going to bed they get a peaceful sleep.

Today is the world of b fans. The revolutionary cooling fan design of the b-Fan dissipates the heat your body produces and traps it inside your bed (your sheets, comforter, and mattress). You can sleep cooler and longer at night. Thanks to the innovative night bed cooling technology, this also helps you avoid paying for air conditioning.

In this article, we’ve got you some creative bed fan ideas that you can try at home and make your cooling bed system without spending too much money. Let us dive straight into the DIY creations!

1. DIY Bedfan

DIY Bedfan
DIY Bedfan (from HootOfAllTrades)

A bed fan is necessary if you frequently take off your blankets to stay nippy. This bed fan will keep you cool all night long while quietly dispersing warm air beneath the covers so you can get a good night’s rest.

The Internet is full of these creative DIY bed fans’ ideas so you can make one for yourself at home!

All you need to assemble this budget-friendly bed fan is a 3-inch PVC pipe with an elbow on it, a regular bathroom fan, and a Styrofoam cooler.

Essentially, you only need to determine the pipe’s diameter and the bathroom fan’s outlet size around the Styrofoam. Then, drill multiple half-inch holes along the whole tube. It ensures that the pipeline sits on the bottom of the cooler and supports itself.

Use a regular extension cord and snip off the plug-in portion to wire the bathroom fan. Just add some ice to the cooler to get some cold air.

There you go! Enjoy the fresh air blowing on you while you rest peacefully.

2. How to Warm Up Your Bed

How to Warm Up Your Bed
How to Warm Up Your Bed (from Instructables)

Does your home lack central heating? If that is the answer, no worries at all. We are here to get you through the chilly winters with these mind-blowing DIY bed heaters. 

It is an all-time solution for the tough cold days which leave your home all day warm.

All you need is an oil funnel, fan heater, PVC cable, a dryer vent hose, and a zip tie.

Create a hole in the funnel with a diameter equal to the vent hose’s diameter first, and then connect the two.

Make two holes on one end of the PVC cable channel to form a pole for the hose to stand up straight, then zip and connect the support to the hose.

With the help of a zip tie loop, this funnel’s little handle may fix it to the fan heater.

After adhering to the PVC cable channel to the bed stand, you are all done!

3. Adjustable Bed Fan

DIY Adjustable Bed Fan/Bedjet substitute under $150
DIY Adjustable Bed Fan/Bedjet substitute under $150 (from Andy Shank)

Try this project if you have an adjustable bed and want to make a bed fan to go with it. Once it is done, you will have a bed fan that is both practical and affordable. Say goodbye to sweaty feet, restless nights, and excruciating discomfort if you experience night sweats.

initially, this design includes an extendable hose with a funnel attached to improve the airflow through the bed, a short tubing and a six-inch inline fan with a vent cover at the end of it to act as an input and a six to four-inch reducer in the middle of the pipeline to adjust accordingly.

To power, it, just run it to a power strip under the bed and a smart plug to turn the fan on and off with your phone and an app, and you can also set it on schedules. Let me tell you it works well!

Best of all it costs you only 130 dollars which is incredibly inexpensive compared to that of a bed jet!

4. Built a Bed Fan out of an Air Purifying Fan and Ducting

Built a bed fan out of an air purifying fan and ducting
Built a bed fan out of an air purifying fan and ducting (from Reddit)

Are you looking for a bed fan that is air-purifying too? Well, we have a simple solution to your big problem.

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This DIY fan pumps cool air under your bed sheets to help relieve night sweats while sleeping. The fan sits at the foot of your bed and fits around the mattress, using its low-wattage motors to blow a cool breeze into your bed.

To make a purifying fan, you need to buy a regular fan. It must have a flat front or back so you can strap the HEPA filter and attach it. Buy a HEPA filter. Pull the grating off the front of the fan and strap on the HEPA filter.

Now, couple it with the hose and a power supply and use it to feel a cold breeze in bed.

5. Homemade Bed Cooling System

DIY Homemade Bed Cooling System
DIY Homemade Bed Cooling System (from My Son’s Dad)

Are you sick of the heat under the blankets or the sweltering summer nights? Then perhaps it’s time for you to build a bed fan or bed jet yourself. You can create your bed fan with fewer materials if you’re having trouble locating what you want at the shop.

To may want to buy a hose and a fan to get started with this project.

The hose should be shaped to travel from the floor-mounted fan up and under the covers. The end should be bent so that it faces the bed’s head.

Place the fan near the hose’s base. It works wonderfully when held together with hot glue. To make sure it is functioning properly, tape it initially. That’s it. Plug in any timers or remote controls you may have. To improve the appearance of your bed, you might be able to run the power wire underneath.

Even if this project is straightforward to recreate, make sure you’re comfortable with the room it occupies and won’t cause any further concerns.

6. Easy and Cheap Bed Fan

Bed fan quick easy to build and cheap
Bed fan quick easy to build and cheap (from Adam78994)

Nothing makes it more difficult to fall asleep than sweating under the covers. We created the ultimate bed fan guide and looked for the top choice to help you feel comfortable at night. Of course, a cool bedroom won’t inevitably result in a chilly bed. A bed fan cooling system is much more practical in this situation. These gadgets blast cool air into your bed.

So let’s embark on the journey to build this stripped-down bed fan. All you require is a foam cooler, a 3-inch drain pipe, a blower, a keyhole saw, and a razor blade.

So the basic idea is that the bent portion of the pipeline is the part that will poke underneath your covers, at the foot end of your bed, and the fan pushes the air throughout your blankets. Moreover, with these foam coolers, you can freeze gallons of water, so the air coming out is much colder than the air in the room.

Cut the foam to the size of the fan and try to cut it to make it snuff so that you get good air pressure that blows throughout your blankets. Now, snug in the punkah and make holes for the exhaust pipe to be placed on the corner. Scrap your fan until it fits in there nicely and snugly.

It’s all there is to it! That is ready to go.

7. Homemade Bed Fan

Homemade Bed Fan (from Lauren and Lloyd)

Even a powerful air conditioner and ceiling fan won’t be able to keep your bed cool when the ambient temperature is high enough. By pushing cool air under the covers, a bed fan cooling system gives comfort. 

These gadgets often stand alone and have a funnel that fits into the foot of your bed. Your body heat and moisture buildup are dispersed by the cool air being fanned into the bed.

A piece of thin plywood of roughly 20 inches by 20 inches and two long, narrow strips of 20 inches each may be required. You need to get the miter saw out and make some form of a hook. Instead of making a large hole, create a tunnel for the tiny fan. Additionally, create an interior duct to aid with air direction.

At best, there is poor air output. It would be wonderful to have air blow on your feet, and this bed fan likely has a stronger breeze.

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8. DIY Bed Fan with a 4” Inline Fan

DIY Bed Fan with a 4” inline fan
DIY Bed Fan with a 4” inline fan (from Jobew7)

Although the options may appear confusing, choosing a bed fan cooling system is not too difficult. B-Fan ought to do the trick for the majority of users. However, you might want to consider investing in an inline fan if you want something more advanced.

Air from the inside and outside of the house is drawn in by inline fans that are mounted in line with the ducting. A remote-mounted fan is another term for an inline fan.

Being a hot sleeper, finding a solution to cool off at night has never been easy. Since this fan blows so much air, turning it past the first three levels is difficult since the air becomes too frigid. There is an EC infinity cloud line for a series inline fan and it has duct tape and a four-inch irrigation flex line.

 It is one-button access which makes it quite handy. The total cost is around $120 pretty decent bucks.

9. DIY Bed Fan from Plastic Pipe

Summer Cooling With This DIY Bed Fan Hack
Summer Cooling With This DIY Bed Fan Hack (from GeekDad)

We all understand how uncomfortable sleeping on a humid night can be. But did you realize that temperature has a strong relationship with sleep? Many insomniacs discover that by lowering their body temperature by a few degrees, they may fall asleep. And that is the reason you need a bed fan!

For added comfort, you may opt for an app-controlled fan to send warmed or room-temperature air under your bedding.

It uses an inline duct fan designed primarily for ventilation, but it may be applied to a variety of other similar purposes when moving air through ductwork is required. It moves a considerable volume of air while being moderately quiet. At the foot of our bed, a floor-level air pump is fastened to an 8-inch piece of flexible tubing. It functions rather well, although the hose’s end would move at the night, causing some inconsistency in the chilling process as a whole. Therefore, you need a mechanism to disperse and maintain the cooled air.

PVC pipe serves as the fix. Put a cover on one end, duct tape the flexible hose’s open end to the other, and then make holes down the pipe to create an air sprinkler sort of design.

10. Mini Bed Fan

How to make a mini bed fan at home (from Let’s make your own creation)

Having a hotbed is one of the life situations that are difficult to deal with most of the time. Although there may be several causes for this, the result is always the same. Angry and worn out, we wake up. You can experiment with numerous DIY bed fan ideas in the comfort of your home. Most of the time, they take little time and effort and require fewer resources. If you desire a pleasant breeze at night but can’t afford a costly air conditioning system, these projects can help.

This project is quite simple and enjoyable, but you might only benefit from it if you have a background in electrical work. Its flexibility allows for optimal comfort because it may be moved and held in the hand. It might also be used in conjunction with other surfaces to give you cool air as you go about your everyday activities. Fan beds are convenient when you need to cool down since they direct your body’s energy from the bottom to the top. 

You will need a fan blade, dc motor, battery, hot glue, spoon tips, and soldering iron.

With a pair of scissors, trim the ends. Use a hot glue gun to attach the spoon tips to the fan blades. Fit the blade onto the motor after connecting it to the battery. glue the battery snap’s black wire to the motor’s red wire. Next, use glue to attach the red wire from the battery snap to the button and the black wire to the motor. Lastly, use hot glue to attach the switch to the battery’s side so that it is facing away from the blade.

11. Cheap Way To Stay Cool While You Sleep

Cheap Way To Stay Cool While You Sleep
Cheap Way To Stay Cool While You Sleep (from Instructables)

Have trouble drifting off to sleep at night amid a heat wave? You are not by yourself. It sometimes seems impossible to lower your body temperature to the point where you can finally fall asleep peacefully and comfortably, no matter how many blankets you kick off or how loud your fan is. To deal with this situation, get a glass of water and read this.

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Collect the materials needed that include a box fan, two cloth pins, glue, a bed sheet, and a chair.

Start by taking your two cloth pins and using hot glue to attach them to the box fan’s top. Place the chair at the foot of your bed. Take the box fan and place it on the chair. You should probably fix it in some way, such as with tape or zip ties, to prevent it from toppling over if you kick it.

YOU’RE DONE NOW! Rather than air conditioning the entire room, sleep beneath a blanket of cool air! Plus, saving you money on cooling seems good—like it’s resting on a cloud. Now that it’s summer, you can sleep tight under the covers.

12. Diy Bed Fan

Diy bed fan
Diy bed fan (from Xavier Ramirezz)

The summer nights don’t seem as intimidating now that you have so many fun bed fan ideas to try out, and you’d be able to look forward to your sleep time again. Be aware that most of the projects involve electricity, so safety rules must be exercised before you start.

This DIY bed fan is the talk of the town as it is simple to construct yet gives you comfort while you rest.

Start in the usual manner. Collect the raw materials and draw markings for the pipe and the blower on the box. Measure the diameters carefully. Then, drill appropriate holes through the cardboard box to fit in the exhaust fan and the PVC piping. Connect it to an on-and-off switch and a battery to power it.

That’s pretty much of it. Now that you have the cooling setup you may enjoy a peaceful sleep.

13. DIY Bed Jet

Homemade Bed Jet (from Lyn perk)

The device is just a fancy heater or fan for a bed. You can control it with your phone or a remote, and you can program it to vary the temperature at night, for example. It circulates air beneath your sheets by your feet to keep you comfortable all night long.

 The Bed-Jet blows air underneath your top sheet and over your fitted sheet. Consider the Chili-Pad as a mattress pad that regulates temperature, but the Bed-Jet is essentially a fan that directly preheats or cools your bed linens.

You need to attach the vent hose to the air conditioner and tape it with aluminum to divert all the air through the pinholes. Make sure to scotch-bright all the parts before using them. This makes sure that the surface is roughened up for the attachment.

And here you are! It is all set to give you a nice breeze at night!

14. Keep Cool in Bed

Keep Cool in Bed
Keep Cool in Bed (from Instructables)

if you are suffering from restless nights, kicking your blankets off, or keeping your windows wide open the whole night to get some cold breeze, then you do not have to worry about it for we are here at your help!

Create a straightforward plywood trunking with a hole for a small PC fan at the bottom. Use a wall wart power supply (12 volts) and, if possible, a switch by the bed to control the cooling breezes on/off status as needed. 

It is easy to make; all you need is a box made of 6 mm thick plywood that is shaped like an S and is the right size for the fan you intend to use. The upper section of the box should stick over the edge of the bed and under the covers. The sizes you choose must fit the height of your bed.

A hole with a PC fan or something similar mounted in it is located in the lower part.

In the end, what you get is an individually designed air-conditioned bed!

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