25 Free Blanket Chest Plans To Build Your Own Storage Solution

by craftyclub

Do you need a place to store your blankets and pillows? If so, you should consider making a DIY blanket chest! This is a great project to do with woodworking beginners, and there are many different plans that you can choose from.

In this article, we will share 25 DIY blanket chest plans that you can make at home. Most of the plans that we have included are completely free so there is something for everyone no matter your budget!

1. Simple Diy Storage Chest

Simple Diy Storage Chest
Simple Diy Storage Chest (from Woodshop Diaries)

Don’t let the word “simple” fool you into thinking this chest is anything less than stunning! Yes, this chest is simple to make but it doesn’t look like it and that’s the beauty of it!

You will need some basic DIY tools that most people already have or can grab cheaply online and of course, the great free plans from Woodshop Diaries to make this one. There is also a very reasonably priced PDF version of the plans available that you can print to make the whole building process easier.

2. Aromatic Cedar Blanket Chest

Aromatic Cedar Blanket Chest
Blanket Chest out of Aromatic Cedar (from Reddit)

This blanket chest made from Cedar wood is a little more complex but the result? A great storage chest that will be used for years to come and wouldn’t look out of place in any room!

The great DIY plans can be found on Reddit. You are going to need quite a few woodworking tools for this one so this may not be the set of plans for you if you have a limited DIY tool budget.

3. The Instructables Blanket Chest

The Instructables Blanket Chest
Blanket Chest (from Instructables)

This chest is made using a simple frame and panel design that anyone with a little DIY experience can do, and yet it still looks great! The DIY plans for this can be found on Instructables and you will need a few simple power tools like a jigsaw and drill to complete it.

4. Upcycled Pallet Wood Blanket Chest

Upcycled Pallet Wood Blanket Chest
Pallet Wooden Blanket Chest (from Pallets Ideas)

Upcycling pallets is the in thing right now but everyone is making benches, why not do something different and create this unique blanket chest using old pallet wood?

This chest is so simple you don’t need plans! Find out more about this one on Pallets Ideas and build a blanket chest for less than $15!

5. The Shaker Blanket Chest

The Shaker Blanket Chest
Free Plan: Shaker Blanket Chest (from Finewoodworking)

If you’re looking to test your DIY skills, the shaker blanket chest is a bit more of an advanced project but the completely free PDF plans from Finewoodworking are easy to read and follow, you will need all the normal DIY tools for this one, as well as some varnish, hinges and handles.

The result is a great piece of furniture that can be passed down to the family for generations to come!

6. Dovetailed Blanket Chest With Hand Forged Hinges

Dovetailed Blanket Chest With Hand Forged Hinges
Dovetailed Blanket Chest (from Instructables)

If you are familiar with the dovetail joinery technique you know it can be quite difficult. This is not a beginner project but the instructions for this are of the highest quality and even teach you how to forge your hinges!

Don’t worry if you are not up for that tho you can always follow the chest plans and buy some hinges to add.

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7. Pottery Barn Inspired Chest Coffee Table

Pottery Barn Inspired Chest Coffee Table
Pottery Barn Inspired Chest Coffee Table (from Shanty2 Chic)

If you like your DIY projects to be multifunctional then this is the blanket chest for you as it doubles up as a coffee table!

If you have the right tools for the job this is an intermediate project that anyone can have a go at. The full plans are available for free which is great if you’re on a tight budget! This chest is made using the popular woodworking method of pocket hole’s that allows you to hide the screws on the inside and cover them with wooden caps if you want to!

8. DIY Blanket Trunk

DIY Blanket Trunk
DIY Blanket Trunk (from Hometalk)

Making a DIY blanket trunk couldn’t be easier than with these free plans from Hometalk. They are well-written and include a cut list and material list so you have everything you need before you start.

This chest is made using tongue and groove boards which give the appearance of advanced joinery techniques without years of learning!

9. DIY Wooden Storage Chest

DIY Wooden Storage Chest
Wooden Storage Chest DIY (from DIY Montreal)

This DIY wooden storage chest is made from Plywood and looks great in any room. The DIY video for this one is very easy to follow and gives you everything you need in a visual format perfect for people that don’t like written instructions!

This one is very straightforward and would make a great quick weekend project for any DIY enthusiast!

10. Personalized Hope Chest

Personalized Hope Chest
Personalized Hope Chest (from Rogue Engineer)

This chest has a much more modern feel to it and would look great in a modern-themed bedroom. As a big bonus the plans show you how to easily personalize the chest with names or dates, this chest would make a truly great gift.

The plans from Rogue Engineer a very well-known DIY website includes your shopping list and cut list to make it easy to get started on your personalized chest project.

11. How To Make A Beautiful Blanket Chest

How To Make A Beautiful Blanket Chest
How To Make A Blanket Chest (from Woodworking Corner)

Woodworking corner has put together this great set of free plans for a blanket chest that is perfect for DIY beginners that have a little experience with simple power tools and woodworking techniques. The plans include lots of helpful pictures with labels to make every step as easy as it can be and they are played out in an easy-to-follow way allowing you to complete your blanket chest build in just a few hours!

12. How To Build A Pocket Hole Blanket Chest

How To Build A Pocket Hole Blanket Chest
How To Build A Pocket Hole Blanket Chest (from Jay’s Custom Creations)

This is another chest project that uses the popular pocket holes method, if you have a pocket hole jig and are looking for your next project we would highly recommend giving this stunning blanket chest a go! It has an old-fashioned expensive look to it but is one of the more budget-friendly projects on this list!

13. Diy Blanket Storage Chest

Diy Blanket Storage Chest
Diy Blanket Storage Chest (from Nick+Alicia)

The blanket storage chest that Nick+Alicia creates is exactly what you picture when you think of a bottom-of-the-bed storage chest. It’s just like the ones you see in movies and expensive hotels!

If you make this chest from cedar it will be a little pricey but you could always swap it for pine and follow the same plans we are sure you would still end up with a stunning result! The plans are great and easy to read and even a beginner could attempt this build.

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14. Diy Blanket Box

Diy Blanket Box
Diy Blanket Box (from ijessup)

This super simple blanket box from ‘ijessup’ has a sleek style to it and is one of the simplest projects on this list. All you require are a few basic tools, some screws, hinges and boards.

This blanket box would also be perfect for a kid’s bedroom to store toys! The plans are free, have loads of useful pictures and have easy-to-read text so truly anyone can make this blanket box!

15. Unique Finger Joint Blanket Chest

Unique Finger Joint Blanket Chest
Greene Blanket Chest Comes Together with Finger Joints (from Finewoodworking)

This one is not very beginner friendly but it’s perfect if you want to test your woodworking skills and create an expertly crafted blanket chest.

For this blanket chest Finewoodworking uses a joinery technique called finger joints which gives the box a unique look and a very sturdy design! Have a look at these plans and see if you think your woodworking skills are up to the challenge!

16. Handmade Storage Trunk

Handmade Storage Trunk
Diy Storage Trunk (from Love grows wild)

This storage trunk is a one-day build for an experienced woodworker but may take a beginner a couple of days to complete, it’s worth the time investment tho as the result is just stunning!

This DIY storage trunk from ‘Love grows wild’ is perfect for storing all your blankets and bedding in, the top can also be used as an additional seating area for a guest room. The plans have the shopping list and cut list as well as some useful diagrams to help you get started with this storage trunk.

17. The DIY Storage Chest

The DIY Storage Chest
DIY Storage Chest (from Terrace Place)

The storage chest from Terrace Place is perfect for those DIYers that want to make a blanket chest but are short on time and space.

This storage chest is designed for a modern style and isn’t overly large, on top of that the plans are simple and the size of the chest can be easily adjusted to fit in any space. The chest is finished with a varnished lid, furniture feet and then painted white so it goes with any color scheme.

18. New Hope Blanket Chest

New Hope Blanket Chest
New Hope Blanket Chest (from Popular Woodworking)

This chest is inspired by traditional Pennsylvania design and is made using the dovetail woodworking technique. Dovetail joinery is a difficult skill to master but once you have it down you can create some amazing pieces of furniture!

This is the perfect project to test your dovetailing skills. Just be sure to buy a few extra supplies in case you make a mistake. The plans from Popular Woodworking are of really high quality and there are PDF versions available too!

19. Dark Walnut Shaker Blanket Chest

Dark Walnut Shaker Blanket Chest
Dark Walnut Shaker Blanket Chest (from Terrace Place)

This Dark Walnut chest is stunning, it’s also not quite as pricy to make as you would think as it uses pine stained and painted to look like dark walnut! With walnut being one of the most expensive types of wood to buy it wouldn’t be practical to use it for this type of DIY project.

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This is the second set of plans from ‘Terrace Place’ that have made it onto this list as they are always of very high quality and super easy to follow.

20. Beginners Dovetail Blanket Chest

Beginners Dovetail Blanket Chest
Blanket Chest (from Reddit)

If you want to give dovetail joinery a go this one’s for you, it’s a beginner-level blanket chest project that incorporates dovetail joinery for the edging.

The plans are as easy to follow as the others on this list but if this is your first dovetail project we recommend watching a few youtube videos before you start!

21. Making A Unique Blanket Chest

Making A Unique Blanket Chest
Making a Blanket Chest (from Sawyer Design)

This video from ‘Sawyer Design’ is great even if you just use it for its entertaining motivation before creating one of the other blanket chests from the list. But if you are an experienced woodworker you may want to have a go at following along with this one to create something that is truly one of a kind!

22. Build a Blanket Chest / Toy Chest

Build a Blanket Chest / Toy Chest
Build a Blanket Chest / Toy Chest (from Jon Peters)

This one comes with the most comprehensive set of plans and videos on the list. The four how-to videos are free and the written plans are very affordable.

This wouldn’t be a beginner-friendly project if it wasn’t for the amount of detail and easy explanations included in both the written plans and the videos. This chest is truly stunning once built and the best bit? Anyone can have a go!

23. How To Make A Dovetailed Blanket Chest

How To Make A Dovetailed Blanket Chest
How To Make A Dovetailed Blanket Chest (from SimpleCove)

Here’s another great dovetail blanket chest project, this one is a video from SimpleCove which will help any beginners understand dovetail a little better. It is a simple project but does involve a couple of complex techniques and premium tools.

It’s a great watch for anyone who is thinking about making a blanket chest.

24. DIY Rolling Blanket Storage Box

DIY Rolling Blanket Storage Box
DIY Rolling Blanket Storage Box (from The Handyman’s Daughter)

This one is a very simple blanket box on wheels perfect if you want something easy to move around and not too heavy. The plans are great too and the build process isn’t a difficult one, there are no complex joinery techniques needed, just good old-fashioned wood glue!

25. Building a Cedar Blanket Chest MM 137

Building a Cedar Blanket Chest MM 137
Building a Cedar Blanket Chest MM 137 (from Memphis Applegate)

This cedar blanket chest video is easy to follow and doesn’t require too many tools to have a go at recreating. Cedar is a very durable choice of wood for making furniture as it is both insect-resistant and weatherproof so this DIY chest would make a great addition to any outdoor living space.

If you are looking for an easy DIY project with a professional finish then this DIY cedar blanket chest from ‘Memphis Applegate’ is exactly what you need!

Final Thoughts

No matter which plans you decide on, you can be sure that your DIY project will end up looking beautiful and will last for years to come. DIY blanket chests are a great way to add storage space and decoration to any room in your home, so get creative and have fun with them! Good luck and happy woodworking!

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