20 DIY Audio Rack Ideas for Your Home Studio

by craftyclub

If you are planning to set up a new audio system or home theater, then you must have audio racks stands. These necessary accessories will help you to effectively and neatly organize your ensemble.

Whether you are looking for audio racks for your new sound system, you can easily buy ready-made audio racks from the marketplace or order online. However, it may not be good for your pocket as these are very expensive.

Also, you are the one who knows very well about your imagination and requirements. So, why worry about buying an audio rack that is expensive but does not fit with your dream audio rack?

Make it yourself, this article is exclusively for you!

1. Quick and Easy Equipment Rack

How to Build a Quick and Easy Equipment Rack
How to Build a Quick and Easy Equipment Rack (from MerwinMusic)

An equipment rack is a real necessity for a music studio. The neat and safety arrangement of audio rack and equipment makes your mind relax for work.

You can make your own equipment rack at the lowest cost. It will take a maximum $50, even though it is much easier and wealthier than readymade equipment racks in the market. Try with MerwinMusic and make one yourself.

2. DIY Audio Rack Progress

DIY Audio Rack Progress
DIY Audio Rack Progress (from Stereophile)

If you have several audio sets you can put them on one audio rack which has multi layers. That makes your work easy as well as an additional safety to audio sets.

Even if you have zero knowledge on crafting, this Stereophile article may help you to make an audio rack with unique colors and multi-layers. The step-by-step instructions may uplift you to a climax level of audio rack maker.

3. Cheap Audio Rack Build

Cheap DIY Audio Rack Build
Cheap DIY Audio Rack Build (from Dustin Corbin)

It is not rare to find useless wood/plank in any house. Convert this garbage wood to an extreme-level of audio rack with your own hand. You will enjoy this little build.

If you want to make one yourself, you can get the step-by-step tutorial here Dustin Corbin also buy the rack rails using the link mentioned.

4. Build a DIY Double 16u Studio Rack

How to Build a DIY Double 16u Studio Rack (from Radio Octave)

Shopping for studio equipment racks has never been easier. Though we found a better one we must spend lots of money around $ 800 to buy it.

You can try to build a DIY Double 16u Studio Rack yourself with a cost around $ 150 That is cheaper 6 times than market price. You will get to know all the dimensions, materials, tools, and instructions for your DIY double 16u Studio rack.

5. Excellent Audio Rack

Excellent Audio Rack
Excellent Audio Rack (from World of Turntables)

This is an excellent DIY audio rack made from wood and aluminum tubes. As you know, Aluminum is one of the best materials for audio rack stands. This kind of audio rack in the market costs between $600-$800, but you can build this yourself at the cost of $200 all in. The price of MDF, primer, boards, lacquer, wood filler, etc. can be covered with a budget of $200. The only thing you should realize is that only hand work has a price.

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If you think to engage in something like this, try with World of Turntables , this may help with all the instructions you will need.

6. 19 Inch Studio Audio Racks

How I Build My: 19 Inch Studio Racks
How I Build My: 19 Inch Studio Racks (from True Sound Studios)

Any mega studio or a small-scale home studio is full of sweet equipment. Most of the gears, tools and other equipment in a studio are designed to fit within a dedicated rack.

The dimensions and sizes of these racks are standardized at 19” wide. But you should have a clear idea on the space these units will require.

True Sound Studios: here you can learn how to create a full set of 19” studio racks with wheels and without wheels according to your customized requirements. These DIY equipment racks will save you a ton of money which is paying off really for handwork.

7. Equipment Rack

Building an equipment rack
Building an equipment rack (from Stereonet)

For a studio equipment rack, fixing a rail system is very important. Building a rack with wood and rails by adding multi layers is a very modern and steady design for an equipment rack.

8. Flexy Rack

Flexy Rack (with MDF Staining Tips)
Flexy Rack (from Instructables)

You may know that the usual audio racks of the Seventies aren’t that good because very heavy and prone to resonate and vibrate. Plus, you cannot always customize the height of shelves as your preference and needs.

Then you may search for a flexy rack which is looking nice and good sounding without breaking the bank, able to add many shelves as you need, Isolated from each other and independently damped, micrometric adjustment of the height of shelves and at a low budget.

Better try DIY flexy rack in this way Instructables.

9. Quality Hi Fi Equipment Rack

How To Make a Quality, Hi Fi Equipment Rack
How To Make a Quality, Hi Fi Equipment Rack (from
Tweaker man)

A correct arrangement and storage of your Hi-Fi is a must to get the best of the equipment and for it to prolong life. Basically, the equipment rack must be strong enough to bear the weight of equipment.

A good airflow between components by isolating one another will reduce the heat of components and that may increase the lifetime of the equipment. In another way that reduces the airborne vibrations and vibrations transfer through the floor.

When you consider all the above, finding and buying a quality Hi-Fi rack at an affordable price is a big challenge.

This Tweaker man will help you to make your own high-quality Hi-Fi rack at a low budget.

10. DIY Audio Rack

DIY Audio Rack
DIY Audio Rack (from Arif Saikat)

An intelligent studio owners should always give themselves room to grow in the future as well.

When thinking of an audio rack, adding, or removing rack shelves later, adjusting rack height, easy reassembly and being able to store heavy audio equipment are basic but most important tips.

Some DIY racks require more tools and machines to assemble the rack. Here, you can make a strong and smart audio rack by using only one tool which is 3/16 hex ranch.

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The simple but wise tips used for isolation and vibration resistance will wonder at you. Click here to make it yours Arif Saikat.

11. Studio Equipment Rack

How to Build a Studio Equipment Rack
How to Build a Studio Equipment Rack (from MerwinMusic)

Did you spend all your money on equipment and can’t spend any for a rack? No mention, you came to the best solution. You can easily make a DIY equipment rack and keep your money in your pocket itself.

This will only require materials that are very cheap and easy to find. The best thing is the rack is simple and easier than ever to build.

12. Industrial Shelves To A Fantastic Audio Rack

From Boring Industrial Shelves To A Fantastic Audio Rack
From Boring Industrial Shelves To A Fantastic Audio Rack (from IkeaHackers)

Industrial shelves are always strong and well-built shelves and when compared to audio racks, those are very less costly. By considering the less cost and well-built features, we designed an audio rack with multiple layers and a clean design.

Here, two industrial shelves and some machinery and tools were used for that. With the step by step guide from IkeaHackers you can build this rack in no time.

13. Flexible Diy Audio Rack

Flexible Diy Audio Rack
Flexible Diy Audio Rack (from Polk Audio)

We all know that most of the audio racks are narrow designed with layers. The main issue we are facing is the height of the rack and the space we are having for the audio equipment to organize inside the rack.

As a solution, we have an audio rack design that is twice the size of a traditional audio rack with adjustable layers and a very steady structure.

It seems very smart and nice look, but only to be follow a very simple process to make it yourself and please check the step-by-step guide from Polk Audio.

14. Design Your Own Audio Rack

Design your own Audio Rack?
Design your own Audio Rack (from Naimaudio)

Designing your own audio rack always gives the freedom to implement the favorite feature that you love in the audio rack setup, some live full covered racks or less space-consuming design or multiple layer options as per our requirement.

Here, we built a rack with three layers with more space for equipment and used the glass for isolation. The design was so clean and modern. Check the blog for step by step guide from Naimaudio.

15. How To Build a Rack for Home Studio

How To Build a Rack for Home Studio
How To Build a Rack for Home Studio (from HomeStudioToday)

In the market we have multiple home studio rack products from low-end to high-end price wise.

The less costly racks are not strong enough to hold all our audio equipment. The stronger racks are more expensive.

Therefore, we build an easy and less expensive home studio rack with rack rails that can be added to the layers as per the preference. Check out the blog for detailed DIY instructions from HomeStudioToday.

16. T-slot Aluminium Extrusions DIY Audio Rack

T-slot aluminium extrusions DIY audio rack
T-slot aluminium extrusions DIY audio rack (from Audio Science Review)

As we all know aluminum is one of the best materials for audio rack stands. That is basically because of its strength, capability to reduce airborne vibrations and ease to handle. 80/20 T slot aluminum extrusions are simply stated to construct anything virtually. Also assembling the extrusions is easy and simple.

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17. Hifi Equipment Rack

Hifi Equipment Rack Build
Hifi Equipment Rack Build (from SoundBlab)

Hi-Fi Equipment rack build, as per the title represents, we build a full range and closed Hi-Fi rack by adding all the required features inside the rack, like fans for airflow, space for cable management and one major power socket for all audio box power requirements.

In this rack we include detachable racks and a transparent door for nice finish and look. You can check the full video tutorial for the step-by-step guide from SoundBlab

18. DIY Hi-Fi Rack from Ikea Lack Tables

Build a DIY Hi-Fi Rack using Ikea Lack Tables
Build a DIY Hi-Fi Rack using Ikea Lack Tables (from Audio Appraisal)

HI-FI racks are always a bit expensive. The main reasons for that are, strongness to hold heavy audio systems and should be steady enough to manage the vibrations the system creates and finally it needs the space between our system for better airflow to reduce the heat issues.

Buying a quality Hi-Fi rack by considering all the facts is too expensive. Therefore, we build a DIY HI-FI rack with less cost at the same time well build and strong setup. You can check the blog for complete guide to build the HI-FI rack by using an IKEA coffee table, from Audio Appraisal.

19. Diy Audio Rack

Diy Audio Rack
Diy Audio Rack (from Audioshark)

Audio rack is a unique tool for our audio setup. Because a well-designed audio rack always gives a clean and beautiful appearance. But the standard options we have in the market are not that much appealing, though an enchanting one is at an unaffordable price.

But do you know that you can build your dream audio rack by yourself at a low cost with a simple process of building. It’s a 3-layer rack with wood finish.

Check out the blog for full detailed instructions.

20. Mini Audio Rack

Mini Audio Rack
Mini Audio Rack (from Diy Audio Blog)

Nowadays finding the best audio rack is a bit difficult, especially a mini audio rack. because the options we have in the market are so limited. Mostly we end up with some default size audio rack to our audio system, it may not fit our space or mismatch with the setup we build.

When we decide to buy a mini audio rack for the setup we have, most of us have a full computer centralized system setup, for gaming or multimedia editing or any number of options available to you. The main issue we face is space. How much space we have for our audio rack.

By considering that, we build a mini audio rack that consumes less space and can be used with any audio setup option in the market. In addition to that we use wood for the rack. It adds a very clean appearance to the rack. It’s relatively very easy to build and less expensive.

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