22 Tiger Crochet Patterns That Will Make You Roar with Excitement

by craftyclub

Looking for a crochet tiger pattern that is sure to get you excited? Look no further! In this blog post, we will feature 22 different tiger crochet patterns that are all free to download.

Whether you are looking for a simple crochet tiger pattern or something more intricate, we have you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start crocheting some tigers today!

1. Thomas the Tiger

Thomas the Tiger Free Amigurumi Pattern
Thomas the Tiger Free Amigurumi Pattern (from Jess Huff)

Thomas the tiger is exactly what you picture when you think of an amigurumi tiger, he stands an impressive 13.5″ tall. You will need some basic crochet skills, three yarn colors and a 3.5mm size E crochet hook to give this tiger a go.

Although this is classed as an intermediate project if you are a confident beginner we are sure you could give it a shot!

2. Free Chubby Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

Chubby Tiger Amigurumi Free Pattern
Chubby Tiger Amigurumi (from Little Crochet Farm)

This chubby little tiger from ‘Little Crochet Farm’ is just too cute and the pattern is completely free online so why not add this little cutie to your amigurumi crochet collection?

When finished your chubby tiger friend will stand just 3″ tall. Like most of these tigers, you will need three yarn colors for this project, dark orange, white and brown look great but don’t be afraid to get creative!

3. Mini Amigurumi Tiger

Amigurumi Tiger Pattern
Amigurumi Tiger Pattern (from Little Love Every Day)

We know lots of you love these mini amigurumi projects and by now probably have a large collection of mini amigurumi animals. If you don’t have a mini tiger then this free pattern from ‘Little Love Every Day’ is perfect for you.

This cute little fellow will only take an amigurumi enthusiast 15 minutes to make, and a complete beginner can have this one made in around 30 minutes. This project calls for three yarn colors; white, orange and black, a 2mm crochet hook and some safety eyes.

4. The Crochet Kitty Tiger Pattern

Crochet Tiger Kitty
Crochet Tiger Kitty (from Craft Leftovers)

This pattern is as simple as they come and is perfect for a beginner just starting in the world of crochet. All you will need is some basic crochet knowledge and three different yarn colors of your choosing. If you know how to crochet in the round or are looking to learn then this is the pattern for you!

This pattern is also easy to adapt for a bigger or smaller kitty just use different hook sizes and yarn weights, if you keep your stitches tight you won’t have any issues.

5. Paper Tiger (Animal Crossing)

Paper Tiger (Animal Crossing) Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Paper Tiger Amigurumi (from Sirpurl Grey)

This unique tiger pattern is based on the paper tiger from the popular game animal crossing! With its super goofy largemouth and cute small size, it’s a great project for all amigurumi and animal crossing fans.

This pattern uses four yarn colors instead of three but due to the small size of the finished product could be made just using your leftover yarn from a bigger tiger project. You will need some good crochet knowledge and a size 6 (4mm) Crochet hook to give this one a go.

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6. Chinese New Year Tiger Pattern

Chinese New Year Tiger
Chinese New Year Tiger (from All About Ami)

If you follow the lunar calendar, 2022 is the year of the tiger so why not celebrate by making this easy Chinese new year tiger from ‘All About Ami’?

The finished tiger looks perfect and the pattern is super in-depth with lots of pictures. This is a little more complex than some of the others tho and we would consider this to be an intermediate project perfect if you’re looking to take your crochet game to the next level!

7. Tiger Applique

Crochet Pattern for Tiger Applique
Crochet Pattern for Tiger Applique (from Kerri’s Crochet)

Crochet appliques are becoming more and more popular and with their, easy flat shapes don’t take long to make, this one is perfect to sew onto animal blankets or pillows! Y

ou will need just a small amount of black and white yarn, as well as a little orange to make this tiger applique. As a bonus, this pattern also has a video guide to make it even easier to understand!

8. Crochet Tiger Toffee Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Tiger Toffee Amigurumi
Crochet Tiger Toffee Amigurumi (from LovelyCraft)

This tiger looks almost too cute to be a beginner’s crochet project, don’t you think? This project is for the brave beginner due to the size and detail but it’s worth a try. The finished tiger will be 8 inches tall and is quite straightforward to make with the in-depth pattern, expertly made by ‘LovelyCraft’ to make sure you understand each stage of the project.

9. Tully The Tiger

Tully The Tiger
Tully The Tiger (from Ariana Hall)

Tully is a unique rainbow tiger first made by the popular crocheter ‘Ariana Hall’, to make Tully the tiger you will need some rainbow yarn, black yarn and pink thread for his little nose. The recommended hook size for this project is E (3.5mm).

This pattern is very beginner friendly and Ariana explains every step in an easy-to-understand way so you could make Tully your very first crochet project!

10. Little Tiger Crochet Pattern

Little Tiger Crochet Pattern
Little Tiger Crochet Pattern (from Crochethea)

The little tiger crochet pattern from ‘Crochethea’ stands just 3.5″ tall once completed and is a great little project for snuggling or as part of another crochet scene!

This pattern uses just white, orange and brown yarn, with safety eyes. A 2mm crochet hook is recommended to keep your stitches tight so you won’t see any stuffing! Add this little cutie to your crocheted animals collection it only takes 30 minutes to make so you have no excuse to not give this one a shot!

11. Tiger Security Blanket

Tiger Security Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
Tiger Security Blanket (from Elisa’s Crochet)

Here is something a little different: a super snuggly tiger security blanket that we are sure any little ones will love! This one is made using three yarn colors, a 3.25mm crochet hook and the in-depth pattern from ‘Elisa’s Crochet’.

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This project measures 9.5” x 13” (24 x 34 cm) once completed and is the perfect cuddling partner for any little one!

12. Tiger Snuggle Buddy Toy

Tiger Snuggle Buddy Lovey or Security toy
Tiger Snuggle Buddy Lovey or Security toy (from Ravelry)

The tiger snuggles buddy toy from Ravelry is a great project for anyone looking to make something a little different. This pattern uses dark orange, white and black yarn to create the perfect cuddling partner with a hidden pocket for storing treasure! With a 4mm crochet hook and some crochet knowledge anyone can give this great free pattern a shot!

13. Simple Standing Tiger Pattern

How to Crochet a Tiger
How to Crochet a Tiger (from Hobby Craft)

This simple printable pattern for Theo the standing tiger is a great project for any intermediate crocheter, the pattern is detailed and easy to read, so no matter your crochet skill level if you like the look of this one learn how to crochet a tiger at ‘Hobby Craft’. You will need your trusty 3.5mm crochet hook, some stitch markers and of course your three yarn colors to give it a go.

14. Big Plush Crochet Tiger Teddy

Big Plush Crochet Tiger
Big Plush Crochet Tiger (from ToyED)

If you have basic crochet skills, a 3mm hook and orange, black and white yarn then you can make this tiger. He sits 12″ tall so is perfect if you’re looking for a slightly bigger project to test your skills on!

The pattern from ‘ToyED’ comes in PDF format and is quite detailed, perfect for any animal-loving crocheter!

15. Crochet Tiger Hat Pattern

Crochet Tiger Hat Pattern
Crochet Tiger Hat Pattern (from Repeat Crafter Me)

If you want to make a tiger but don’t fancy making a stuffed toy then why not make a tiger hat instead? ‘Repeat Crafter Me’ has created this free crochet pattern that is beginner friendly with detailed instructions on how to make this cute tiger hat.

The pattern comes in 0-3 month size and uses just basic crochet stitches so anyone with a few supplies and a 5mm crochet hook can give it a go!

16. Tatum the Tiger

Tatum the Tiger - Free Crochet Pattern
Tatum the Tiger (from Nicole Chase)

Tatum the tiger pattern has been created with the new crocheter in mind and ‘Nicole Chase’ has made the pattern almost no sew! Tatum stands 5.5″ tall once finished and uses orange, white and black yarn with a 4mm crochet hook.

As always the pattern is easy to follow and detailed instructions are given for every step! There is also a nice “abbreviations” section that makes the crochet terms used in the pattern easy to read.

17. Roly-Poly Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

Roly-Poly Crochet Chubby Tiger Amigurumi Pattern
Roly-Poly Crochet Chubby Tiger Amigurumi (from Anvis Granny)

This clumsy-looking cutie would be loved by anyone you gifted him to and is one of our personal favorites from this list.

The pattern is rated intermediate as it does include some more complex crochet techniques to achieve this amazing result. You will need a 5mm crochet hook and three yarn colors for this one, if you find it easier to follow patterns with lots of pictures this one has over 40! So you are sure to be able to create your very own Roly-poly tiger!

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18. Chinese Zodiac Tiger Amigurumi

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Amigurumi Free Pattern
Chinese Zodiac Tiger Amigurumi (from Anvi’s Granny)

Here’s another option if you are celebrating the Chinese new year by creating a cute crochet tiger!

The zodiac tiger is a mini friend that’s perfect to sit on the shelf with all your other amigurumi creations ‘Anvi’s Granny’ have made their zodiac tiger pattern easy to read and understand, and you can complete it in as little as 20 minutes!

19. Simple Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

Tiger Amigurumi Pattern
Tiger Amigurumi Pattern (from The Pudgy Rabbit)

This simple but loveable amigurumi stuffie from the popular website ‘The Pudgy Rabbit’ is a great project for a new crocheter or an experienced crocheter wanting something quick to make!

This tiger is made in the round and once complete can sit in the palm of your hand, to make this little cutie you will need your size F (3.75mm) crochet hook orange, white and black yarn as well as some safety eyes and a safety nose.

20. How to Crochet an Amigurumi Tiger

How to crochet an amigurumi tiger
How to crochet an amigurumi tiger (from ComplicatedKnots)

If you find it easiest to learn by watching someone else do, this video from the super popular crochet youtube channel ‘ComplicatedKnots’ is for you.

The amigurumi creations that the lovely lady for complicated knots makes are so simple you don’t even need a pattern just watch the video and follow along to create your cute amigurumi tiger in just 30 minutes!

21. The Year of the Tiger Crochet Pattern

Free Year of the Tiger Chinese Lunar New Year Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Tiger Chinese Lunar New Year Amigurumi (from Ollie+Holly)

This one is a proper celebration of the year of the tiger. Your completed tiger is all dressed up in Chinese attire with a hat to match!

This is a slightly more advanced project that includes the use of some harder-to-master techniques and multiple color changes but it’s worth the effort. The result is a Chinese new year tiger that is sure to shock anyone who sees it with the level of detail!

22. All Dressed Up Amigurumi Tiger Pattern

Amigurumi tiger in sweater free pattern
Amigurumi Tiger In Sweater Free Pattern (from Amigurumi Space)

This tiger pattern is a little different as it allows you to make a tiger complete with a sweater! The pattern from ‘Amigurumi Space’ is easy to read and follow and the result is stunning.

You will need the normal orange, white and black yarn plus your choice of colour for the sweater for this one. A 2mm crochet hook and 8mm safety eyes are also required to get going on this super cute crochet tiger!


A crochet tiger is the perfect thing to make in 2022 (the year of the tiger) and beyond! Try one of these completely free beginner-friendly patterns today and add a tiger to your crocheted animal collection!

Thanks for checking out this article and we hope you found your next crochet project!

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