10 Diy Decorations For Valentine’s Day To Inspire You

by craftyclub

Ah, love is in the air.

Valentine’s Day can be more chaotic than romantic – people in a rush to get a reservation to the best restaurant, the best hotel, or simply to deliver the best gift money and thoughtful intentions can buy. However, one thing is almost certain – a private celebration within the walls of your own home has the potential to be even more extraordinary and intimate than anything else the world may offer.

Create cherished memories with your sweetheart and turn your home into a temple of love by checking the following 10 DIY home decor ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. DIY: Flower heart decoration

Hanging Flower Heart DIY
Hanging Flower Heart DIY (via A Beautiful Mess)

To create that fluffy, dreamy Valentine’s Day vibe you seek, few things are better than a combination of the three greatest icons for the date: hearts, flowers, and reddish hues.

This incredible tutorial will teach you how to use them to your favor, creating an elegant and expensive – looking heart out of nothing.

2. DIY Heart Branch Tree

DIY Heart Branch Tree
DIY Heart Branch Tree (via The House That Lars Built)

This plant-like decoration is unlike anything you’ve seen – the whimsical hearts and birds, coupled with the elegance of the branch tree, make for a very classy yet still deeply romantic decoration that can make your entire house smell like Valentine’s even before that chocolate treat is done.

3. DIY Gold Heart Piñata

DIY Gold Heart Piñata
DIY Gold Heart Piñata (via Studio DIY!)

The whole gentle and romantic atmosphere isn’t exactly for everyone.

If you’re all about the fun, why not decorate that party you’re planning with a big heart piñata? I cannot think of something more exciting than crushing one to get the treats, therefore you have to follow this tutorial for a fun Valentine’s day with your friends and family!

4. DIY Votive Candle Holders for Valentine’s

DIY Glittery Valentine’s Day Votive Candle Holders
DIY Glittery Valentine’s Day Votive Candle Holders (via Practically Functional)

The bright moon in the sky, the smell of a decadent chocolate dessert, and the face of your beloved only visible through the flickering light of a candle.

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? A good first step to achieve that – other than having a partner! – is to make this delightful set of votive candle holders.

5. DIY Floral Valentine Mailbox

DIY Floral Valentine Mailbox
DIY Floral Valentine Mailbox (via Design Improvised)

You are never too old to want letters from Cupid himself, so why not bring this classic back and make a mailbox for Valentine’s Day?

Follow this tutorial to get a delightful Valentine Mailbox, be it as a playful decoration for the children, a quirky party, or just to stuff it with love letters towards that special person.

6. DIY Mini Balloon Love Messages

DIY Mini Balloon Love Messages
DIY Mini Balloon Love Messages (via Balloon Time)

Being in love makes you feel like you’re floating in the air, your heart swelling and going up the skies.

But make sure it doesn’t pop, though, by having these balloons being the ones bursting out of a chest. Believe me, I can keep the puns going, but I’m going to stop now because you seriously have to check this tutorial right now!

7. DIY Succulent Valentine Box

Trade That Box of Chocolates for These Cute Succulents
Trade That Box of Chocolates for These Cute Succulents (via Good Housekeeping)

Every single one of us has a green thumb deep down, make this Valentine’s the perfect day to bring it out of you or your loved ones.

This easy tutorial exchanges the classic chocolate box for a gorgeous set of succulents, to add an aesthetically pleasant twist to the day’s clichés. The best part? It can be either a gift or a decoration!

8. DIY Pink Paper Garland

Pink Paper Blossom Wreath
Pink Paper Blossom Wreath (via The House That Lars Built)

Valentine’s Day is the holiday for delicate decorations – soft pastel colors, gentle flowers and, overall, that whimsical, sugary-sweet style some of you can’t get enough.

This lovely garland is just what you need to decorate your home during this holiday, a touch of delicacy that is far too lovely, and far too easy.

9. DIY Branch Heart Wall Art

DIY Branch Heart Wall Art
DIY Branch Heart Wall Art (via Shades of Blue Interiors)

This magnificent ombré driftwood ornament is equal parts rustic and delicate, bringing personality and that different touch to the most classic of Valentine’s decorations.

The best part? Odds are you won’t have to spend a single penny on this DIY project, as most of the needed supplies are readily available in most homes.

10. DIY Valentine’s Trail Sign

Valentine’s Trail Sign
Valentine’s Trail Sign (via Stow and Tell U)

Some of us live the corny life every day of the year, but Valentine’s Day is the day when you are allowed to take the cheesy levels up to eleven.

And the cutest way to do so is with this homemade trail sign, to point your Valentine exactly where the road to your heart is – don’t fear the corny!

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