How to Clean Your Oven Rack – Step By Step Instructions

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How to Clean Your Oven Rack

Cleaning a grimy oven is universally acknowledged as one of the most annoying and unpleasant household tasks. This is especially true when the shelves are caked with burned-on grease, grime, and food remnants. You can expect residue to build up even if you only use the oven occasionally. If you put off washing your oven racks, you’ll end up with a mess that’s much harder to clean.

Listed below are the top 5 methods of cleaning that you need to try.

It is crucial to understand how to clean your oven racks and to do so regularly, regardless of the type of oven you own. If you know the right method, cleaning them is a breeze. Here are five approaches to help you finish the task quickly and easily.

Washing-up Gel and Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets in the bathtub make quick work of cleaning the oven racks. Cover the sheets with the oven racks, fill the tub with warm water just to cover the racks, and add a half cup of dish soap.

Just give it a rest for the night. When you’ve emptied the tub in the morning, just use drenched dryer sheets to thoroughly clean the shelves. Dryer sheets’ antistatic properties weaken the bond holding food to the racks, allowing for easier removal, and the fabric weakening agents loosen the baked-on food for easier removal. The method is simple to clean up after you’re done with the oven racks because it takes place in a bathtub.

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Soak in a Baking Vinegar and Soda Solution

The bathtub is also used in this technique. Place the hangers in the bath without filling them with water. Sprinkle baking soda, which serves as a cleaner and deodorizer, over the racks after they have been set up, and then drench them with vinegar.

Once the foaming has subsided, fill the tub with hot water until the racks are submerged, and leave them there overnight. Use an old dishtowel to wipe down the shelves first thing in the morning to eliminate the grease and gunk accumulated overnight. If any baked-on dirt or grime persists after cleaning, try scraping it off with an old brush or a soft cloth with firm bristles.

Kosher salt can be added for a more aggressive washing system on particularly tenacious stains. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the racks before reusing them in the oven.

Garbage Bags Filled with Ammonia

This is the most common and easiest “no-mess” approach but also the riskiest. To clean the racks thoroughly, you’ll need a water source, a hose, and a big plastic garbage bag.

Put your dirty oven racks in a big, unused garbage bag to clean them. One-half quart of ammonia should be added. Place it securely in a trash can after you have tied the bag shut. The next day, give them time to settle. The vapors will disperse and kill the mold without having to spray the racks with ammonia. However, some have had more success by laying the racks flat in the trash bags while they are still wet, allowing the ammonia to penetrate more deeply.

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If you decide to give it a shot, you’ll want to ensure the bags are completely airtight before putting the ammonia inside. Remember to keep the trash can outside, so the toxic gases don’t seep into your home. The garbage bag should be opened the following day in an open area.

Avert your eyes and nose from the ammonia and vapors!

Washing the dishes with soap

A bathtub, dishwasher granules, old towels, and a couple of sponges will do the trick for this method. Just lay some used towels down in the tub to use this easy technique. Also, to protect your tub from scratches, you can place some old foams in the corners where the oven racks will rest.

Set the oven racks atop the bath towel or sponges in the bathroom sink. Then, add enough hot water to the tub so that the racks are submerged. Put in a cup of dishwasher powder. Overnight, soak the racks.

It’s best to clean the shelves in the morning. In most cases, a firm rubbing with a sponge or tidy fabric will remove the stains completely.

If the marks remain after following this advice, you may need to resort to a more abrasive method, such as a dish scourer. When cleaning an enameled oven rack, use caution not to scratch the surface. In addition, keep the products away from the racks for long periods. Scrubbing the edges and getting rid of old scorch marks might be easier with an old toothbrush. After a good washing and drying, put them back in the oven.

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Using Products for Cleaning Industrial Ovens

If you must use a commercial oven cleaner, do so only in a well-ventilated area outside the oven, and keep in mind that the fumes from the cleaner may be harmful to you and anyone else in the vicinity. To protect your desk, use plastic curtains or newspaper. Arrange the oven racks in tiers. Wearing protective rubber gloves, spray the inside and outside of the oven racks with an oven cleaner product.

Do not touch them for a minimum of ten minutes or the time specified on the packaging. Use a toothbrush or rag to scrub the racks, then rinse them off under the hose and put them back where they belong.

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