Cute Little Rompers Pattern

by craftyclub
Cute Little Rompers Pattern
Cute Little Rompers Pattern

In this tutorial, we have a piece of doll clothing, it is a crochet doll romper pattern,  you can use it for any similar size doll or toy.

We often fill our closets with beautiful and fashionable clothes, so why not do the same for our stuffed toys and animals?

You can make this romper from stashed yarns instead of throwing away leftover yarns, and turn them into this adorable romper.

This tutorial is very easy to follow and takes no time to finish; all you need is to follow the below-detailed instructions.

Let’s get started!

Pattern by: Dudefsworld


Sc – single crochet
Ch – chain
Hdc – half double crochet
Sl st – slip stitch
St-sts – Stitch-Stitches
BLO – back loop only


First if all, crochet the first leg of the rompers and cut the yarn. In the same way crochet the second leg and continue crocheting by combining it with the first leg without cutting yarn.

Round 1: Ch 25 and sl st in the first loop. Ch 2, turn and starting from the st we sl s into: 25 hdc
Round 2: 25 hdc

Hold the legs side by side, ch 2 and join the legs by making 1 sl st into the first leg.

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Round 3: Hdc in all sts around including the ch sts we made while joining the legs; 54 hdc
Round 4-10: 54 hdc
Round 11: BLO; 25 sc

Don’t cut the yarn. Ch 36, sl st into the 9th st from your hook (formed a buttonhole), sc in all sts end of the row. From the waist part of the rompers 8 sc (look at the 8th photo).

Again Ch 36, sl st into the 9th st from your hook (formed a buttonhole), sc in all sts end of the row.

The romper hangers are finished. Sew the buttons.

Cute Little Rompers Pattern tips 1
Cute Little Rompers Pattern tips 2
Cute Little Rompers Pattern tips 3

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