7 Ideas To Apply When Building Your DIY Retaining Wall

by craftyclub
Stone retaining wall with curved shape

The trick about retaining walls is that they are an element that doesn’t always get much attention. Not until someone finally notices that they actually need one.

Since you are here, you probably already decided to build a retaining wall by yourself, which is a decision we always encourage.

Having a retaining wall can be a must in some cases to prevent downhill erosion, soil, or if your house was built on a sliding hill.

Not only that, having a retaining wall in your garden or yard can add an unmatched aesthetic touch to your whole property.

However, building them can be a bit challenging, especially since you will be battling the gravity force !

For this reason, we dedicate this article to give you 7 effective ideas you absolutely MUST remember when building your DIY retaining wall.

1. Concrete Blocks First, Then Add The Stone Facade

How to Build a Retaining Wall
How to Build a Retaining Wall (via BHG)

Yes, we know. The concrete blocks and stone facade have different sizes, but that’s exactly what will contribute to enhancing the beauty of your landscape. The somewhat random distribution of the stones and their asymmetric look are the secret factors in this equation.

Make the base out of the concrete blocks for a strong foundation, then add the stone facade and notice the aesthetic appeal of your retaining wall. Everyone will be loving it !

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2. Make A Unique Shape! 

Stone retaining wall with curved shape
Stone retaining wall with curved shape (via
Cathy Schwabe Architecture)

Retaining walls are attractive all by themselves. Yet, a uniquely shaped retaining wall, besides the straight one we are all used to seeing, can add a lot of originality to your garden or yard. The eye-catching landscape of your retaining wall will be the first thing people will notice when they are around.

In addition to that, more functionality can be added to it by making it an open space where you can spend time with your family on a summer night, or host one of your famous barbecue parties !

Forget about the one-line straight retaining wall and unleash your creativity with a curved shaped one. You can go for an S or a C shaped retaining wall, or any other shape you might find appealing and will contribute to making this area of your property a cozy one !

3. Recycle Your Old Tires In Your Retaining Wall

Recycle your old tires in your retaining wall
Recycle your old tires in your retaining wall (via NZherald)

This is actually not a tip you must go by, but a special idea for an outstanding retaining wall. Got some old tires that are just sitting around occupying space ? Put them into use ! Not in your vehicle, but in your retaining wall !

You will not only be displaying a great initiative for encouraging an eco-friendly environment, but the final look can really surprise you.

The arbitrary superposition of the tires will intensify the ornamental aspect of your garden. For increased beauty, you can even paint the tires, either in a single color or as many as you want !

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4. Flagstones For The Sophistication Enthusiasts

How to Build a Fieldstone Garden Wall
How to Build a Fieldstone Garden Wall (via In My Own Style)

If you are on a tight budget when designing your retaining wall, flagstones would probably not be the best material to use in your garden, considering the fact that they can be expensive.

But if you are all about the look and indifferent to the costs, flagstones are definitely a great pick for your outdoor material.

Building your DIY retaining wall out of flagstones boosts the modern appearance in your garden. It gives it a luxurious hint and exquisite style.

5. The Boulders And Pebbles Combination 

 The Boulders and Pebbles combination (via Pinterest)

For the natural facets fans, this can be the perfect retaining wall for your garden. If you love gardening and having plants, you are welcomed to the club as well.

This retaining wall can serve many purposes. The random look of the boulders and pebbles will provide the whole area with a natural rough and rocky style. More so when plants will be added in the gaps between the rocks!

6. Treated Pine Sleepers

Build A Retaining Wall
Build A Retaining Wall (via Handyman)

If you couldn’t really find yourself in the suggestions above, this one might be «it» for you, especially if you are more into soft styles.

Treated pine sleepers are nothing like the rocky or random-looking retaining walls. By adding these to your space, you will be sure of increasing the contemporary aspect of your garden or yard.

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On top of that, treated pine sleepers can resist insects and rots, so you will have some strong material for your retaining wall that will withstand the test of time, and weather!

7. Concrete Retaining Wall

Concrete Retaining Wall
Concrete Retaining Wall (via Singing Gardens)

This one is for a simple, timeless, yet chic retaining wall. A plain concrete retaining wall never gets old !

For more uniqueness, you can paint your retaining wall with some abstract shapes and attractive colors, and add some outdoor furniture for extra-space where you can enjoy your evenings or morning with your loved ones, or simply go out there to read a book and have a sip of coffee!

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to go beyond your budget to have a retaining wall. By simply recycling some materials you might already have (like the tires suggestion), you end up having a fascinating retaining wall in your property, that everyone will be asking you about when they visit.

Otherwise, if you are not under any restraints and only choosing a DIY retaining wall out of fun during summer, you can set your creativity free, get the best materials and build the retaining wall of your dreams.

In both cases, what matters is that it serves the purpose of protecting your property, all while offering a potential cosy area for some quality time with your family or guests.

Start setting your plan for building your retaining wall from today!

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