7 DIY Porch Decor Ideas That You Are Guaranteed To Love

by craftyclub

Summer is just around the corner, and you are going to want to show off your porch the best way possible. You are going to do anything to make it stand out in a positive way – in a way that will make the neighbors jealous of how cool your porch looks. The thing is you are concerned about the fact that you don’t have the money to spend on heavy-duty decorating.

However, the good news is that you do not need to spend an arm and a leg to jazz up your porch this summer. Because you can do so on a budget once you learn some of these DIY porch decor ideas that you are guaranteed to love. Let’s take a look at 7 of those DIY porch decor ideas right now, shall we?

1. Hang String Lights

 Hang String Lights
Hang String Lights (via Simple Stylings)

If you want to add the right kind of twinkle to your porch, then you will absolutely love this DIY decor idea. This is optional but you may want to take some light blue paint and paint the ceiling to give it an atmospheric color which livens it up instead of it just being plain white. That is up to you.

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Then once the paint dries if you have painted, you will want to start to hang string lights on the base of the ceiling and use clothespins to hold the strings while gluing them on the ceiling. Make sure the lights are hanging from the ceiling on the front of the porch so it stands out. This cool DIY porch decor idea is cheap and it will make your home stand out!

2. Liven Up The Entrance With Paint, A Wreath, And Flower Pots

My Front Porch Makeover Reveal
My Front Porch Makeover Reveal (via A Pretty Life)

Does your front door appear drab, and the steps to your porch also appear like it needs some life? You may wonder if doing a repaint job is all it takes to liven up your porch. Yes, you will need to repaint but you will need to do so in the right colors that will liven up your front entrance and your porch. Before doing your makeover, be sure to make sure that the area you are going to paint is clean, and only use medium size brushes.

For the door and porch railing, the color of paint that is ideal would be satin yellow. And, the color of the steps would be the traditional walnut color. Be sure to add 2 coats of paint, and allow it to dry overnight. Then hang a wreath in front of the door, and add some flower pots as well by both sides of the door. That is a lively and neat DIY porch decor idea that is inexpensive and appealing.

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3. Get Wicker Chairs And Refinish Them

Southern porch with vintage farmhouse style
Southern porch with vintage farmhouse style (via Anita Far Above Rubies)

Does your porch have chairs? Or if they do, are they sore for your eyes to look at? Then perhaps you will want to replace those chairs with some wicker chairs that you can find at any flea market. Why not get 3 wicker chairs, and then sand them down, and repaint them black. Place them on your front porch by your door, and you can add a wreath to your door as well.

Decorate the floor of the porch by adding white flower pots with pink geraniums. This DIY porch decor idea is cheap and perfect for you if you want to give your porch the southern style.

4. Turn Any Colander Into A Planter

How to Convert a Colander Into a Planter
How to Convert a Colander Into a Planter (via Countryliving)

Finding the fanciest planters may be quite costly, and the good news is, if you want to make your own fancy planter, then you need to be creative. The colander that you have in your kitchen will do the job just perfectly. You can also buy some colanders if you don’t have many, and paint them in any color you want. Allow them to dry for a day.

Then you will need some twine and take one that measures a half a yard. Wrap the handle of the colander tightly with the twine so that all parts are pushed together and do not allow any gaps. Once it is tied, then tie it off and add a little glue and rinse and repeat with the opposite handle. Then add some sheet moss into the lining, and put soil inside with plants, and take the four lengths of twine and tie it together. Then hang your new colander planter up!

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5. A Vertical Garden Adds Life

Diy: Vertical Pallet Garden
Diy: Vertical Pallet Garden (via Jenna Burger Design)

A great way to liven up your porch in an expensive way is to plant a vertical garden.

You will need a pallet, 4 heavy-duty hooks, and a 3-foot chain, plastic pots of the color you choose, a drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit and 3 S-hooks, as well as a vise grip. Drill 2 eye hooks on the top of the pallet and the other 2 on the bottom of the ceiling so the chain can go through them and allow the pallet to hang.

Place the S hooks on the wood pieces of the pallet so that the pots can hang from there, and then you have your vertical garden to bring jazz to your porch!

6. Add A Summer Wreath To Your Front Door

 DIY Summer Garden Wreath Tutorial
DIY Summer Garden Wreath Tutorial (via On Sutton Place)

It was already said that wreaths add a lot of jazz to your porch, but you will want to make this one seasonal.

Turn the wreath into a summer garden one by getting a ready-made wreath that is fitting for the summer from any craft store like Michaels. And you can add anything summer-related to it such as small flower pots, and decorative nests and eggs which you will want to glue together.

And glue all of it onto the wreath, and voila, you have your summer wreath which will add some jazz to your porch when you hang it on your front door!

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7. Rustic Planters Jazz Up Your Porch

Country Porch Gardening
Country Porch Gardening (via Umelecky)

Here is a very easy and cheap DIY porch decor idea. Go and get yourself some rustic planters which you can find at craft stores or at Lowes, and place them around your porch which will jazz it up quite a bit.

Clean them out and add some plants if you like as well. This will give your porch the antique look that is quite inviting.

Final Thoughts

With these 7 DIY porch decor ideas you can jazz up your porch and make your home stand out in the neighborhood in a good way when you are on a budget.

Who says you need to burn a hole in your wallet to add life to your porch? With these DIY ideas, there is no need so, go enjoy the nice weather and start decorating!

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