Crochet Mini Dress for Doll Free Pattern

by craftyclub
Crochet Mini Dress for Doll Free Pattern

We are sharing this free crochet pattern to create a crochet dress for amigurumi dolls, this pattern is beginner friendly and easy to make, you can use stashed yarn to finish it and make it with different colors and decorate it with little pins or bows for different looks.

Materials used to make this pattern are cotton 8/4 yarn with a 3mm crochet hook, a miniature button, a piece of satin ribbon for the back, a tapestry needle, and scissors.

Stitches used in this tutorial are very simple and easy like single crochet stitch, slip stitch, and how to make increases in single crochet stitch.

Let’s get started!

Pattern by: Polinkowy Zakatek


  • Yarn (Friends Cotton 8/4 100%)
  • Crochet hook 3 mm
  • Needle for sewing
  • Scissors
  • Miniature button for decoration
  • A piece of satin ribbon to tie the back


Sc – single crochet
Sl st – slip stitch
Ch – chain stitch
Inc – increase
(…) – repeat until the end of the round


Rnd 1: 21 ch, start in the second chain from the crochet hook
Rnd 2: 20 sc + 2 ch, turn
Rnd 3: 1 dc, (inc dc) *19, 1 ch, turn (40)
Rnd 4: 5 sc, 5 sch skip 10, 10 sc, 5 ch skip 10, 5 sc, 1 ch, turn
Rnd 5: 30 sc, 2 ch, turn
Rnd 6: 1dc, (inc dc) *29, 2 ch, turn
Rnd 7: 59 dc

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Join the edges of the dress sl st. Then 2 ch and crochet in each ch from previous row.

The 8th and 9th rows are performed the same as row 7.

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