Which Plants Attract Money? Discover the Best Ones for Your Home

by craftyclub

Hey there, fellow garden enthusiasts! Today we’re going to dive into a fascinating topic that’s sure to pique your interest: plants that attract money.

Yes, you read that right – certain plants are believed to have the power to bring wealth and prosperity into our lives.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking – is this just superstition or is there actually something to it? Well, whether you believe in the mystical properties of these plants or not, there’s no denying their beauty and ability to enhance our living spaces.

So let’s explore which plant could potentially help us manifest more abundance in our lives.

The Power Of Indoor Plants

Welcome to my garden blog!

Today we’ll be discussing the power of indoor plants. Not only do they add a touch of green to your home, but studies have shown that having plants indoors can improve air quality and boost productivity.

Indoor plants also have a calming effect on our minds, reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation. They’re perfect for those who are looking to create a peaceful oasis in their homes or offices.

But did you know that certain plants are believed to attract wealth and prosperity? That’s right – incorporating these specific plants into your space may help bring abundance into your life. Keep reading to find out which plant is considered to be the ultimate money magnet.

The History Of Money-Attracting Plants

As gardeners, we strive for abundance and prosperity in our lives. One way to attract wealth is through the use of plants that are believed to bring good fortune and financial success.

The history of money-attracting plants dates back centuries, with many cultures believing that certain herbs, flowers or trees have mystical properties. For example, the Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) is said to bring luck and prosperity into your home.

This plant has round leaves resembling coins and it’s no wonder why it’s considered a symbol of wealth. Similarly, the Jade plant (Crassula ovata) is another popular choice because its rounded leaves resemble jade stones which are also associated with good fortune.

These plants are just two examples of how nature can help us manifest our desires for abundance and financial freedom.

The Science Of Plant Energy

I’m so excited to talk about the science of plant energy and how plants can attract money!

First, let’s look at the vibration frequency of plants – some say that plants emit energy at a certain frequency and this can influence the energy of their environment.

Then there’s the fascinating process of photosynthesis – plants take in energy from the sun and convert it into the food they need to survive.

It’s truly amazing how these two processes can help plants attract money!

Plant Vibration Frequency

If you’re looking to attract prosperity and abundance into your life, then it’s worth exploring the plant vibration frequency.

Every living thing has a unique energy signature or vibration, and plants are no exception.

Some plants vibrate at higher frequencies than others, which can affect our own vibrational state when we’re in their presence.

The concept of plants having healing properties is not new, but recent research shows that certain plants emit vibrations that can positively impact our mood and well-being.

Plants like lavender and rosemary have been found to reduce stress levels, while peppermint can increase focus and productivity.

By choosing plants with high vibration frequencies, you may be able to create a more harmonious environment that supports financial growth and success.

So why not incorporate some of these money-attracting plants into your home or office space?

Plant Photosynthesis

So, we’ve already talked about how the vibration frequency of plants can affect our mood and well-being.

But have you ever wondered where this energy comes from?

It all goes back to plant photosynthesis – a process that converts light into chemical energy.

During photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and water and use sunlight to produce glucose (a type of sugar) and oxygen.

This is why having plenty of natural light is crucial for healthy plant growth – it’s their main source of fuel!

The glucose produced by photosynthesis fuels everything the plant does, including producing essential oils and emitting vibrations.

So if you want your money-attracting plants to thrive, make sure they’re getting plenty of sunshine!

The Role Of Feng Shui In Plant Selection

When it comes to plant selection, Feng Shui can play a crucial role in bringing prosperity and abundance. The ancient Chinese practice believes that the energy or chi of our surroundings affects every aspect of our lives, including finances. Therefore, choosing plants with positive energy can attract wealth and financial stability.

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One popular choice for attracting money is the Jade Plant. Also known as the Money Tree, this succulent has round leaves resembling coins and symbolizes good fortune and success. Placing it in the southeast corner of your home or office is said to bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

Another great option is the Bamboo Plant, which represents growth and resilience. It’s believed that having bamboo in your home or workspace will help you overcome obstacles and achieve success in all aspects of life, including finances.

The Top 5 Money-Attracting Plants

Money-attracting plants are a great way to bring some extra luck and wealth into your home. They have many benefits, from decor to providing a sense of well-being.

Popular money-attracting plants include Jade, Lucky Bamboo, Money Trees, and Citrus Trees.

So why not give these a try and see if they work their magic for you?

Benefits Of Money-Attracting Plants

Hey there, fellow gardeners! If you’re looking to attract more wealth and abundance into your life, then you might want to consider incorporating money-attracting plants into your garden.

Not only are these plants aesthetically pleasing, but they also have numerous benefits that can help bring prosperity and good fortune.

One of the main benefits of money-attracting plants is their ability to purify the air around them. This not only promotes a healthier living environment but it also helps to clear any negative energy that may be blocking financial success.

Additionally, many of these plants are easy to care for and require minimal effort on your part – making them an ideal addition for those who lead busy lifestyles.

So why not give it a try? Incorporate one (or all!) of these top 5 money-attracting plants into your garden today and see if they make a difference in attracting abundance into your life.

Popular Money-Attracting Plants

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of money-attracting plants, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular ones to add to your garden.

First on our list is the Jade plant, which is believed to attract wealth and prosperity due to its round leaves resembling coins. This low-maintenance succulent thrives in bright, indirect light and only requires watering once every 2-3 weeks.

Next up is the Money tree, also known as Pachira Aquatica. Legend has it that this plant brings good luck and fortune when placed near entrances or windows. It features braided trunks and shiny green leaves, making for an eye-catching addition to any indoor space.

Other popular choices include lucky bamboo (which can be grown hydroponically), basil (known for attracting financial success in business ventures), and mint (believed to bring abundance in multiple areas of life).

Incorporating these top 5 money-attracting plants into your garden not only adds visual appeal but also helps create a positive energy flow towards financial prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo

When it comes to plants that attract money, one of the most popular choices is Lucky Bamboo. This plant has been used in Feng Shui for centuries as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

It’s easy to see why – with its tall stalks and lush green leaves, this plant adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any space.

But there’s more to Lucky Bamboo than just looks. According to Feng Shui principles, the number of stalks on your bamboo plant can have different meanings.

For example, three stalks are said to bring happiness, wealth, and longevity, while five stalks represent the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

So not only is Lucky Bamboo a beautiful addition to your home or office decor but it also has some interesting cultural significance as well!

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) is a succulent that is believed to attract prosperity and good luck. It has thick, round leaves that resemble coins, which is why it’s also known as the “Money Tree” or “Dollar Plant”. Many people keep this plant in their homes or offices because of its reputation for bringing financial abundance.

Aside from being an auspicious plant, the Jade Plant is easy to care for and can thrive in various conditions. However, it needs bright light to produce flowers and maintain its compact form. Watering should be done sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Overwatering can cause root rot, so make sure not to let the plant sit in standing water.

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When planting your Jade Plant, choose a well-draining potting mix specifically made for cacti and succulents.

Fertilize once every two weeks during spring and summer using a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength.

Prune regularly to promote bushier growth and remove any dead or damaged leaves.

With proper care and attention, your Jade Plant could grow up to three feet tall and become an attractive centerpiece in any room. Display it on a windowsill where it can get plenty of sunlight or place it on a desk where you work. Not only will it bring beauty into your space but possibly some extra cash flow too!

Money Tree

As we learned in the previous section, the Jade Plant is a popular choice for those seeking to bring good luck and prosperity into their lives. But what about attracting actual money? Look no further than the Money Tree!

The Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) has become a beloved houseplant due to its reputation as a harbinger of wealth and financial success. Native to Central and South America, this tree can grow up to 60 feet tall outdoors, but it remains much smaller when kept indoors – making it perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone who wants to add some greenery to their workspace.

Its braided trunk adds an extra touch of aesthetic appeal, while its glossy leaves create a sense of calm and tranquility wherever it’s placed. Plus, caring for a Money Tree is relatively low-maintenance, so you won’t have to spend too much time worrying about keeping it alive.

But why do people believe that having a Money Tree will attract more money into their lives? Some say that its five leaves represent the five Chinese elements: wood, water, earth, metal, and fire – all crucial components for creating abundance. Others simply appreciate its symbolism as a reminder to stay focused on their goals and work hard towards achieving them.

Whatever your reason may be for bringing home a Money Tree, there’s no denying that this plant has gained popularity among those looking to manifest greater financial stability and success in their lives.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It’s easy to care for and can be grown both indoors and outdoors, making it a great addition to any garden or home.

Not only does this plant have numerous health benefits, but it’s also believed to attract money and good luck. In feng shui, Aloe Vera is known as the ‘plant of immortality’ because of its ability to survive in harsh conditions. This resilience is thought to bring financial stability and abundance into your life.

Additionally, the thick leaves of the Aloe Vera plant are said to resemble stacked coins, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Whether you’re looking to improve your finances or simply want a beautiful and low-maintenance plant, Aloe Vera is an excellent choice.

Peace Lily

As we learned in the previous section, Aloe Vera is a great addition to any garden. Did you know that according to a study by NASA, this plant can also purify the air of formaldehyde and benzene? This makes it not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional in improving indoor air quality.

Moving on to our next topic, let’s talk about the Peace Lily.

Known for its beautiful white flowers and green foliage, this plant has been said to bring peace and tranquility into any space. In fact, it was given its name because of its resemblance to an elegant white flag waving in the wind.

The Peace Lily is also known for attracting good luck and prosperity, making it a popular choice among those who believe in Feng Shui practices.

Caring For Your Money-Attracting Plants

Watering your money-attracting plants is key to keeping them healthy and vibrant! Don’t forget to keep an eye on them, as they’ll need more water during hotter months.

Pruning is also important – it’ll help keep the plants looking their best and encourage new growth. Make sure you’re only removing dead or diseased foliage and don’t go overboard!

Fertilizing is another great way to keep your money-attracting plants healthy and strong. Look for a balanced fertilizer with all the necessary nutrients it needs. Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the package for best results!


When it comes to caring for your money-attracting plants, watering is an essential aspect.

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You might think that all plants require the same amount of water and frequency, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Each plant has its own specific needs when it comes to watering.

Some money-attracting plants such as lucky bamboo prefer their roots to be submerged in water at all times while others like aloe vera only need to be watered once every two weeks.

It’s important to research each plant and learn about its watering requirements to ensure optimal growth and manifestation of wealth.

Remember, overwatering can be just as detrimental as underwatering so finding the right balance is key.

Keep these tips in mind and watch your money-attracting plants flourish!


Now that we’ve covered the basics of watering, let’s move on to another essential aspect of caring for your money-attracting plants: pruning.

Pruning refers to the process of removing dead or overgrown branches and leaves from your plant. It not only enhances its appearance but also promotes healthy growth.

Regular pruning can help prevent disease and pests as well as improve air circulation around the plant. When done correctly, it can even encourage new growth and increase the overall energy flow in your space.

To start, identify any dead or yellowed leaves and remove them using sharp scissors or shears. You may also want to trim back any leggy or overcrowded branches to promote a more balanced shape. Just make sure not to cut off too much at once as this can shock the plant and hinder its ability to attract wealth.


Now that we’ve talked about watering and pruning your money-attracting plants, it’s time to dive into another crucial aspect of plant care: fertilizing.

Fertilizer is like a vitamin supplement for your plants, providing them with essential nutrients they need to thrive.

When choosing a fertilizer, look for ones specially formulated for indoor plants or those containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – the three most important nutrients for plant growth.

You can apply it every two weeks during the active growing season (spring and summer) and decrease frequency in the dormant season (fall and winter).

Make sure not to overfertilize as this can lead to burned roots and hinder your plant’s ability to attract wealth.

Always follow package instructions and use less than recommended if you’re unsure.

With proper fertilization, regular pruning, and consistent watering habits, you’ll have healthy money-attracting plants in no time!

Final Thoughts On Planting For Prosperity

As we wrap up our exploration of planting for prosperity, it’s important to note that the key to a successful garden is patience and persistence. While there are certain plants that have been associated with bringing good luck and financial abundance, ultimately it’s the effort you put in that will yield results.

If you’re looking to attract wealth into your life through gardening, here are four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose plants that resonate with you and make you feel happy.

  2. Keep your garden well-maintained and free of clutter.

  3. Use feng shui principles to create an optimal layout.

  4. Stay positive and visualize success as you tend to your plants.

Remember, while the act of gardening itself can be therapeutic and enjoyable, don’t forget about the bigger picture – creating a space that fosters growth and abundance in all areas of your life.

Happy planting!


So there you have it, folks! The secret to attracting money may just be in the plants we keep in our homes and offices.

As a garden blogger who has seen firsthand the transformative power of indoor plants, I can attest that incorporating these green beauties into your space not only adds aesthetic value but also helps promote positive energy and abundance.

And here’s a little anecdote for you: A friend of mine was struggling financially and decided to try out some of these money-attracting plants. She purchased a beautiful peace lily and placed it near her work desk. Within weeks, she received an unexpected promotion with a significant salary increase – talk about planting seeds for prosperity!

So why not give it a try? Whether you choose an aloe vera or peace lily, remember to care for them properly by providing adequate sunlight, water, and nutrients.

And don’t forget the power of intention – set your sights on financial abundance as you incorporate these plants into your space. Who knows what kind of growth and success could come from this simple yet powerful addition to your life!

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