8 Best Spring Cleaning Tips And Ideas

by craftyclub
8 Best Spring Cleaning Tips And Ideas

It’s that time – spring cleaning. We all need to do it, but this year we can make it more fun and more effective. With these eight spring cleaning tips and ideas, you’ll keep up your tidiness year-round.

1. Get Inspired

These days there are a ton of sources for cleaning inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, television – it’s everywhere! Watching a show about somebody cleaning up their cluttered mess can give you just the jump-start you need to clean yours!

2. Try a New Method

If your house is a disaster zone right now, maybe your current methods aren’t working. Try something new! This list is a great place to start. Remember, not everything works for everyone – make changes and modifications until you find a cleaning system that works for you and your house.

3. Keep a Journal

It doesn’t have to be a journal wholly dedicated to cleaning- a spot in your planner, or a small notebook will do the trick just fine. Keep a list of everything you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to keep your place in order.

This takes out the guesswork. You will know exactly what you need to do everyday, and by doing your tasks in a timely manner, your home will never be messy!

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4. Clean Thoroughly the First Time

It’s easy to “tidy up,” but it’s more difficult to deep clean. This is what we need to be doing the first time.

Take out everything inside the space and only keep what you use, need, or love. This eliminates any clutter that way things don’t start to pile up and make a mess all over again.

5. Focus on the Wasted Space

There is so much space in our home that is probably being wasted right now. A very common one is the space above our heads. Try putting shelves in high-up places like the top of a closet. It’s the perfect place for items like holiday decorations that you don’t reach for all the time.

Underneath space is another area that can be used effectively. Under the bed, under tables, under cabinets- these are all valuable storage spaces!

Try screwing in a hanging fruit basket underneath your kitchen cabinets. This utilities air space and gets your food off the countertops.

6. Pick a Theme and Stick to It

It’s hard to have a themed home because we are all drawn to so many different things. One day it’s a blue chair, and the next day it’s an orange rug. To make our home seem cleaner, more put together, and more uniform, try to decide on only three colors to utilize. One or two should be neutral shades like tan, gray, white, or black. The other one or two can be your pops of color- the fun part.

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This will make it much easier to shop for your house; you’ll always know exactly what will match the rest of your decor. This makes your home look professionally decorated!

7. Give Everything a Home

You can’t clean your house until everything in it has a place. Even down to the tiniest Bobby pin, everything needs to have a home. Utilizing small boxes inside of drawers is a super easy and cheap way to make sure everything has its own space.

A “cleaning” cabinet isn’t specific enough. You should have a precise location for sponges, rags, cleaners, and anything else you keep in there.

8. Make Old Things New

It can be expensive to completely redecorate, but by utilizing what we already own we can make old things feel new. You can do this in many ways including:

  • repainting a picture frame
  • moving around furniture
  • changing out pillow cases
  • making DIY decorations

With these tips, your place will look pristine, but most importantly- stay pristine. It’s time to finally have a home you’re proud of this spring!

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