9 Incredible Tutorials For Diy Outdoor Furniture

by craftyclub

You did it – you finally have the outdoor space of your dreams.

Whether it is a porch, a garden or a patio, you can finally enjoy the fresh breeze and the refreshing weather within the borders of your property.

But your outdoor area does not just exist – you have to equip it accordingly, adding the furniture needed for you to get the maximum enjoyment. Otherwise, it is merely another pretty piece of land.

Achieving this goal is not easy, but it does not have to be hard either. Check the following DIY tutorials and design your splendid outdoor furniture from scratch!

1. DIY Tree Bench

How to Build a Tree Bench
How to Build a Tree Bench (via This Old House)

If you are lucky enough to have a tall and proud tree in your outdoor area, odds are it is the focus of all stares, so it’s natural to make it the star of your decoration.

Enhance your tree’s natural beauty and turn it the centerpiece of your outdoor decoration by designing your furniture around it

How so? With a tree bench, of course!

This grand project requires time and effort—it is not easy to execute, but the final result will be a cozy area that will become the family’s favorite spot.

2. DIY Grass Bed

DIY Grass Bed Offers a Cozy Green Oasis
DIY Grass Bed Offers a Cozy Green Oasis (via My Modern Met)

If you have a concrete backyard, patio or porch, odds are you have come to terms with the lack of grass in your life. No naps under the sun, or soft grass to meet your hands as you read a good book.

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But it does not have to be like that – meet the grass bed.

This tutorial explains step by step how to build the bed frame from scratch, and then how to prepare the ground and grass for the most relaxing spot to soak in the sunshine.

3. DIY Copper Cabana

Diy Mini Cabana: Cool Copper Pipe Project For Your Deck
DIY Mini Cabana: Cool Copper Pipe Project for your Deck (via The Home Depot Blog)

No, this is not a pun on the famed Rio de Janeiro neighborhood – though it’s almost as close to it as you can get from your backyard.

This creative tutorial reimagines a new use for copper pipes and transforms them into a gorgeous mini cabana, a small oasis of relaxation within your outdoor spaces. However, you are free to let your imagination run free – add as many customizations and modifications as you need, and turn it into a haven suited for your particular circumstances!

4. DIY Modern Plywood Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Plywood Pretty: Diy Outdoor Sectional Sofa Tutorial + Building Plan
Plywood Pretty: DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa Tutorial + Building Plan (via Remodelaholic)

Boasting of a modern L-shape and storage to keep cushions dry during rain, this beautiful sectional sofa is amongst the best options for those seeking high-quality outdoor furniture.

The tutorial provides a list of plans with dimensions, making it much easier for you to handle the project at home. While the project might be lengthy and not meant for beginners, the resulting sofa will turn your deck into an area worthy of any magazine display.

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5. DIY Movie Theater Seats

Outdoor Movie Theater Seats
Outdoor Movie Theater Seats (via Not Just a Housewife)

Are you a fan of outdoor movies? Do you enjoy enjoying blockbusters at the comfort of your backyard? If so, improve your experience by designing lovely outdoor theater seats from scratch with this handy DIY tutorial.

These plywood seats have a simple but effective design that makes them rather easy to put together, making it easy to assemble as many as possible. The cushions are not part of the tutorial, but you can always purchase them or sew them yourself for extra customization points!

6. DIY Backyard Privacy Wall

How to Build a Simple Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall
How to Build a Simple Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall (via DIY Passion)

Enjoying a breeze is nice, but we must never neglect our privacy.

For those particular cases, nothing is better than a privacy wall – they limit curious eyes, without restricting our enjoyment of our open spaces. Luckily, the best privacy walls are the ones we make ourselves, designed to suit our tastes and needs. This tutorial, then, aids you during the process.

With a budget of around $150, this modern and creative design is a perfect match for most outdoor spaces, regardless of decoration.

7. DIY Herb Garden Coffee Table

Herb Garden Coffee Table
Herb Garden Coffee Table (via A Beautiful Mess)

Every porch needs a small coffee table – enjoying the outdoors is just much more pleasant when you have where to place your snacks and books. Why not add a touch of Mother Earth as well?

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This DIY tutorial features a table with a mini garden at the center, meant to plant herbs or flowers, according to tastes.

Not only does this transform a regular coffee table into an innovative piece of outdoor furniture, but it also allows you to have fresh herbs for your afternoon tea right in front of you, at all times.

8. DIY Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Outdoor Chaise Lounge
Outdoor Chaise Lounge (via Build Something)

Soaking under the sun is one of the main advantages for a backyard, so it’s essential to find the perfect resting spot.

This DIY Chaise Lounge could be the ideal one.

With an elegant and classy design that stands the test of time, this chaise lounge boasts of an ergonomic design meant to mold to your body shape and ensure your relaxation.

The best part is that you can complete this project within a single weekend – and enjoy the results for many years to come.

9. DIY Backyard Bar

DIY Backyard Bar
It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (DIY Backyard Bar) (via Turtles & Tails)

Summer is the time for vacations, relaxation and enjoying the sun as much as we can.

Problem? The weather is hot. Super-hot. Solution? A backyard bar full of refreshing drinks, of course!

If your backyard is small and doesn’t have space for an imposing bar, don’t give up – this tutorial teaches you how to build a fold-down bar that won’t clutter your backyard and can set in a matter of minutes. The construction process might take a while, but the result is worth it.

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