10 Of The Best Ideas For A Unique DIY Pergola

by craftyclub

What would give your garden a paradisiac atmosphere more than a pergola? It’s the perfect spot where you can enjoy your meals with your family.

A cozy place where you can all meet under the shadows of the green plants covering you, and talk about your day or future plans together. It can also be the ideal area if you are simply looking for some quiet place where you can have your glass of wine in peace while reading your favorite book or listening to music.

Everything about a pergola is fantastic. So if you are considering making one by yourself, we are definitely encouraging you to take this step. Furthermore, we have a full list of 10 of the best ideas you can adopt when designing and building your pergola. These will surely leave whoever visits your house stand in awe from their beauty.

1. Entrance Pergola

How to Build a Garage Pergola
How to Build a Garage Pergola (via This Old House)

What’s a better way to welcome your guests than under a heavenly pergola that would take their breath away?

Not only that, creating an entrance pergola can be a clever solution to use the available space in front of your garage. A wonderful photogenic area for prom, parties, or even weddings!

2. The Giant Pergola

How to Build a Wood Pergola
How to Build a Wood Pergola (via HGTV)

For high-roofs lovers, this one will require you to lift your head all the way up to take a glance at it. It’s majestic size and the huge coverage it will provide will be ideal for your outdoor couch and table.

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Say hello to a new place where you can take your meals under the soft sunshine and refreshing breeze.

3. The Backyard Pergola

How to Build a Pergola Right in Your Backyard
How to Build a Pergola Right in Your Backyard (via Popular Mechanics)

The backyard pergola is perfect for those searching for some privacy outdoors. Dedicating your backyard to a beautiful stand-alone pergola is one thing you will never regret.

Not only does it offer additional space for you to use, but it also guarantees your privacy, so you can have your alone time without anyone bothering or staring at you!

4. The Fancy-Seated Pergola

Weatherly Pergola
Weatherly Pergola (via Ana White)

This one is for lovers of sophistication. If you have a house with a modern theme and would like to add something that would boost its sophisticated look and give it a touch of luxury, the fancy-seated pergola, is the one for you.

Since your seating area will be attached to the pergola, a whole unified style will be added to your yard.

5. The Ultimate Pergola

Tutorial: Build An Amazing Diy Pergola And Firepit With Swings
Tutorial: Build An Amazing Diy Pergola And Firepit With Swings (via Remodelaholic)

Nothing says PERFECT more than this piece. It’s so huge that you can actually install swings in it!

With larger space to receive more people, can you imagine how would parties go under such a lofty pergola? Just taking a look at the picture can tell you how amazing it would be to have it in your garden.

6. DIY Box Type Pergola

How To Make A Pergola Box Type (via BuildEazy)

Looking for easy pergolas to build on your own, this one would do the trick! It’s the process of building it is simple even for the amateurs.

So don’t worry, you don’t need years of building experience to get this one done. What’s great about the DIY Box Pergola is that it can take any shape you want, whether it is a stand-alone or even attached to your house!

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7. 15 Minutes DIY Pergola

Although it may sound unbelievable to many, trust us. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time to learn how to build your own pergola all by yourself!

If you think that’s a major bonus, wait until you discover this one: It is one of the cheapest compared to the others, and also the easiest to build! No worries, there is no compromise on the aesthetic aspect in this one, just go for it!

8. The Vine Covered Pergola

How to Build a Pergola
How to Build a Pergola (via Family Handyman)

If there’s an empty patio in your house that you just can’t decide how to use it, a vine-covered pergola would be the ideal fit! You will be using your patio optimally to relax, read, or connect with your family in the middle of a calm atmosphere.

On top of that, the vines intended to cover your pergola from above will give a special touch of nature to your house. The green plants and white pergola are a pair made in heaven!

9. The A-Frame Pergola

Build a pergola
Build a pergola (via Canadian Home Workshop)

The A-Frame pergola is the definition of a matchless pergola. What sets it apart from the rest of the pergola plans? It is not that common.

Most people opt for the traditional styles when it comes to building their pergolas, that they completely forget about this one. Just the look of it is absolutely stunning. You’re definitely going to fall in love with it from the first sight!

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10. A Pergola Made Especially For Him

Modern Pergola (with Louvres) Project Plans
Modern Pergola (with Louvres) Project Plans (via Realcedar)

Our previous suggestions for DIY ideas of pergolas all had a feminine side to it. To not make the men seeking a pergola feel excluded, this one is for you guys!

Finally, some space where you can have a beer with your friends and host your famous barbecue parties that everyone loves. Suggested in a square shape that you can modify however you see fit, this pergola might be the One for your yard!

Final Thoughts

Now all you need is some last minute tips to get started with your pergola the right way. First, make sure that whatever furniture you will be using in your pergola can endure the weather changes and sun.

Second, choose your plants with care. This means that the type of plants you get for the pergola must be able to adapt to the weather in your area. It will ensure a longer life for your plants and an astonishing style for the pergola.

Finally, the materials matter. Therefore, it is important to pick the wood, cement or whatever type of materials you will need for your chosen pergola with many considerations in mind, like its durability for instance.

You have everything you need now. So, no more hesitation. Get started on designing your pergola today!

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