10 Dreamy Diy Kitchen Island Ideas

by craftyclub

Odds are you spend a lot of time in your home’s kitchen. Whether it is cooking, eating, or both, kitchens are the heart – or stomach! – of a house.

Kitchen islands have become a staple choice when it comes to interior design. However, they are not always done right – the wrong one can be a nuisance instead of a useful workspace, or a corny decoration instead of a visual masterpiece.

Avoid the risks of having an ill-fitting kitchen island by designing it yourself from scratch. Spark your creativity and check out our favorite DIY kitchen island ideas.

1. Design Your Kitchen Island from an Old Dresser

Ken’s Diy Kitchen Island
Ken’s DIY Kitchen Island (via Hallmark Channel)

Don’t save that old dresser for the next garage sell – give it a second chance at being the star of your home decoration by transforming it into a functional and beautiful kitchen island with minimal effort.

With minimal effort – and a careful study of the aesthetics of your kitchen – —this tutorial guides you on the step-by-step process of restoring any dresser to its former glory and make it the centerpiece of your kitchen.

2. Include Trash Storage!

DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Storage
DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Storage (via Shades of Blue Interiors)

If you are designing your own kitchen island, why not make it highly functional and practical for your daily cooking routine?

Trash storages are as essential as they are unsightly – no one really enjoys being near organic waste, after all. This ingenious tutorial explains how to create a kitchen island with built-in trash storage hidden within, allowing for the quick disposal of any residues, without being in open view to visits.

3. Create a Kitchen Island with Salvaged Wood

Diy Kitchen Island With Salvaged Wood
DIY Kitchen Island with Salvaged Wood (via Rain on a Tin Roof)

Using salvaged wood is a favorite for DIY projects, and not without reason. It is a cheap alternative that allows for the smart use of available resources, and it’s as eco-friendly as it can be.

If you are seeking a wooden kitchen island, or if you have access to salvaged wood, make sure to check this incredible tutorial. If you have access to carpentry tools and enjoy working with the material, you’ll find this project a delight to work in – with beautiful results.

4. Go for a Rustic Bar with a Galvanized Metal Top!

Kea Hack Rustic Bar With Galvanized Metal Top
Ikea Hack Rustic Bar with Galvanized Metal Top (via Remodelaholic)

Building projects from scratch is always a fun activity, but remodeling furniture to suit your particular tastes is equally satisfying.

This original tutorial makes use of low-priced, out-of-fashion IKEA furniture and transforms it into a unique bar that can easily double as a kitchen island if so you wish. The rustic design comes from the clever use of cedar wood planks, making it both rough and chic at the same time.

Best part? The total cost does not go beyond $300!

5. Build a Kitchen Island Inspired by Pottery Barn

Kitchen Island Inspired By Pottery Barn
Kitchen Island inspired by Pottery Barn! (via Shanty 2 Chic)

It’s an indisputable fact that I love everything Pottery Barn. Their elegant style and innovative products are incredibly eye-catching and upscale – makes sense their prices are equally high.

However, if their furniture is outside your budget range, don’t despair – we have the solution at the reach of your fingertips. This tutorial explains how to build your own Pottery Barn kitchen island from scratch – for less than $85!

6. Roll Around with a Kitchen Island Cart

DIY Kitchen Island Cart
DIY Kitchen Island Cart (via Deeply Southern Home)

Not all kitchens are spacious enough for a standard island – some are small, while others have a shape that difficult the positioning of any piece of furniture at the center.

If you have this concern, worry not – kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes, and this tutorial is specifically aimed towards those that have little space to work with. This kitchen island cart requires minimal effort and a budget under $100, and it can be moved around and reorganized according to your needs.

7. Save Space with a Drop-leaf Kitchen Island

DIY Drop Leaf Kitchen Island / Cart
DIY Drop Leaf Kitchen Island / Cart (via Bachelor on a Budget)

However, if you have a small kitchen but a disdain towards kitchen island carts, we offer you an alternative – drop-leaf furniture.

The original design shared in this tutorial is formulated to save space whenever possible. Subsequently, this drop-leaf kitchen island is the perfect solution for small apartments without space for proper dinner tables – fold it and store it when you’re done, as easy as that!

The estimated cost is around $300, but could be even less!

8. Include Pantry Storage!

Kitchen Island with Pantry Storage
Kitchen Island with Pantry Storage (via My Love 2 Create)

Talking about smart designs that help you save space – why not combine the benefits of a kitchen island with the practicality of pantry storages?

Maximize the storage potential of your kitchen area by designing an island that holds as many crates as possible, allowing for maximum storing capabilities and peak practical benefits.

The design, likewise, remains chic and pleasant to the eye, while retaining that rustic charm we associate with cozy and welcoming kitchens.

9. Pick the Butcher-Block style

How to Build a Butcher-Block Counter Island
How to Build a Butcher-Block Counter Island (via This Old House)

It’s not wrong to go for the classics – they are successful precisely because they work.

This tutorial goes back to the root of kitchen islands and focuses on them as a table-like, broad central area. Perfect for you to work in. The butcher-block counter look makes it sturdy and rustic, yet minimalistic enough to work with any style.

The project itself costs around $500, but is simple enough to make – and the tutorial includes detailed plans and prints!

10. Go for a Vintage Look with a Repurposed Vintage Desk

I Turned an Antique Desk Into an Island
I Turned an Antique Desk Into an Island (via MacGIRLver)

Vintage is in and the delicate aesthetics of past decades is highly sought after as a fashion and decoration choice. Of course, this is the perfect chance to bring new life to that antique desk you inherited or found at a second-hand store.

This idea takes advantage of the age of the desk and turns it into a retro, yet modern masterpiece – complete with appropriate panting techniques that make it look like a stylish item.

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